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  1. wpawley

    Bass tone differences between indoor gig and outdoor gig

    Here's the setup: Presonus 16AI, Yamaha 15" and Peavey 15" speaker cab's run in Parallel, Bass running DI through an 11 Rack, Crown XLS1500 amps. No Sub's used this time. Transitioned from an indoor gig to an outdoor gig (big sliding doors opened-think Hanger Doors). Bass was sounding choice...
  2. wpawley

    Fender and Reverb Problems

    One of my guitar players has a FENDER TWIN AMP (also been known to be called the "Evil Twin", not to be confused with the Fender Twin). His Reverb seems to have a mind of its own, sometimes works, sometimes not. He has re-tubed the amp and the problem stays the same. Amp sounds good without...
  3. wpawley

    Sterling Ray 35 selector switch trouble

    I have had my Sterling Ray 35 for a couple 3 or so years now. I use it mainly just for practice/rehearsal but it is showing it's weak point now. Lately, the selector switch has been wanting to come apart. When I took the cover off, I found out that it is just "pressed" together and the only...
  4. wpawley

    American Audio Line Array

    Yesterday, I saw a small Line Array system at Southern Music (Cordele, Ga) made by American Audio. It's a Powered system consisting of 2 sets of dual 5" mid/high drivers X 1 3/4" Horn driver (4-stack on each side) and (1) 15" Sub. According to the salesman, the system is 800 watts, power amps...
  5. wpawley

    Roland VS 2480 DVD Recorder/Mixer

    Anyone using one? I know it is old school but I have one that hasn't been used in a long time and was just wondering if anyone still had one in use.
  6. wpawley

    On Stage Hearing Protection

    Live Giggers, what are you using? I keep some of those Orange Foam ear plugs and use them but they take out so much tone. I was looking at some ear plugs that are supposed to keep the tone but drop the sound level 5-19 DB (frequency dependent). Before i go out and spend money on something...
  7. wpawley

    Eleven Rack being used LIVE

    Are there any videos of members here using their 11R's LIVE? Really would like to see someone using theirs live at a gig. This video is from a while back but the BASS is running through my 11R into FOH and into my amp.
  8. wpawley

    DAW operation slow down Win 7/Win 10

    I know there is a lot of people running Windows 10 on their PC's that are not having any or hardly any problems with their DAW's. I am still running Windows 7 Home Premium but a few days ago, I had to bring my recording PC in to change out a bad Hard Drive and update all my software. So, after...
  9. wpawley

    Song Tempo Change in PT11

    Here is what's going on. I have a friend that wants me to lay down a "complicated" Bass track for a song he is working on. He has recorded it on PT8, saved it as a WAV file, brought it to my machine running PT11 and it loads just fine. There is a part where the Bass and Lead Guitar are...
  10. wpawley

    Mic Mounts for Drums

    For those that mount mic's on drums for Live or for Recording, what type mounts do you use? I have some CAD mic's and I have 2 that have gone bad. I have some i5 Audix mic's that I Floor Stand (boom) for recording drums and I want to go from the floor boom stands to actually mounting them on...
  11. wpawley

    Looking for a Case for my PreSonus SL 16.4.2AI

    Don't want to go way overboard (as in super expensive) but need something to transport my Mixer in to gig's. Been looking at all the ad's but nothing is popping out and saying to me that it is what I need/want. There is not a place around me that deals a lot in road cases. Got any...
  12. wpawley

    Recording on one system and Mixing it on another.

    Sort of a "What If..." deal here but I'm hoping before I go spend money, someone can answer this: Say I record a session on Pro Tools through a PreSonus 16AI but want to mix it down at a different location, not in the studio but on a different computer without the 16AI being present, just using...
  13. wpawley

    Fender Wireless units on Sale at Sweetwater

    Anyone using Fender Wireless for guitar/vocals? Been wanting to get a wireless unit for at least doing sound checks, being able to get a ways out front to hear what the PA is spitting out. Sweetwater has the Fender Wireless units on sale and just wondered if anyone on here has used them and if...
  14. wpawley

    Windows 10 Audio Not Working

    Anyone else run into this problem? I have tried everything I know to correct this and I still can not get any Audio from Win 10. In the control Panel, I have speakers/headphone selected and I can see the meter moving, but still no Audio Output to headphones. I have tried both the front and...
  15. wpawley

    Headphone Amp search

    I'm looking for a headphone amp to use with my PreSonus board (16AI). Just need it to take the Aux input from the board and give the listener his on mix, just a simple headphone amp, no multi inputs. Anyone got a source or web page for something like that?
  16. wpawley

    Homebrewing Speaker Cab's

    I got this "itch" to build some PA speaker cab's. Yeah, I know, I can buy prebuilt almost as cheap but I got the itch to make some sawdust and if I'm going to get hot and sweaty, I want to make something useful. My idea, good or bad, is to make a Sub-woofer cab with (2) 15" speakers and a Top...
  17. wpawley

    Monitor Wattage

    How much power is too much for a stage monitor system? Right now, I have 600 watt power amps running stage monitors (that's 600 watts to every monitor, not total power). It's over-kill so I'm thinking about reducing the amount of amp wattage, say, down to about 130 watt's/monitor. Sure, I...
  18. wpawley

    Eleven Rack and wireless operation

    Looking into getting a wireless system for my guitar/bass. I haven't run one in a long time and was wondering if anyone here has a wireless setup feeding the 11R. What do you all recommend?
  19. wpawley

    Bass: wanting to go wireless

    What's the best affordable (sub $400) wireless for a Bass? Been looking at a Line 6 G 50 system but don't want to jump into it before getting other opinions about other systems.
  20. wpawley

    Pro-Tools 11 "Saved" Files Disappear

    Running Pt 11.1.2 on a PC (windows 7, 3.6Ghz, AMD Athalon, 8Gb Ram, 500Gb HD). My band recorded some Demo songs and we mixed them down then bounced the Wav and MP3's to disk. Today, my lead guitar player wanted to do some revisions to some of the songs we recorded and when we went to bring up...
  21. wpawley

    Pro Tools 11 "How To" question

    Okay, so I record a session on PT 11 but I want to use another computer to start doing the mix-down. I get the contents copied, put it on the other computer but don't have the board to mix back through. Question is: How do I set up the PT output to use my Computer Soundcard as the output? I...
  22. wpawley


  23. wpawley

    Wireless and Bass Guitar

    I have been thinking about going wireless for my Bass. I have talked to several different sales persons at different dealers (GC, MF, Sweetwater) and I get three or 4 different answers. The first question is: Is there a difference between a regular guitar wireless unit and one designed for...
  24. wpawley

    Harbinger V2115's

    I bought a pair of these Powered speakers to use as stage monitors from Guitar Center a week or so ago. Last night my band played a gig that was supposed to have been outside but due to weather concerns, was moved inside. Not needing the "big" PA, I set up the Harbinger V2115's as the mains...
  25. wpawley

    Monitor power vs Mains power

    How much wattage are you pushing for your monitors and your mains? I am looking to re-work my PA rig and wonder just how much power I really do need for running my monitor cab's. I'm thinking instead of running 300 watt's per monitor, dropping it down to say about 100 and upping my Main's...
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