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    Kemper learning curve? Is it plug and play?

    The best analogy I can come up with is: it's like an 8-armed sweater. You just cut off the six arms you don't need. It can be instantly plug-and-play, or very deep....your choice. There is plenty of instant gratification (the 2 arms you use). But, there is a lot of power available to craft...
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    What's Next for Kemper?

    I am looking forward to morphing amp profiles.
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    Kemper Kabinet (~$450) & Kone ($165) end Q1 2020

    I'm pretty sure that they have the speakers ready to go. What they are waiting on is for the current beta firmware to become stable and issued as a "release" version. Since they will be making some (perhaps substantial) changes to the firmware to allow the "Imprints" to be allocated per rig...
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    Eliminating hum in a Kemper profiling amp?

    I use this with my Kemper, and I left my hum problems behind. Between the Ebtech, the ground lift switches, and the noise gate, everything is dead quiet.
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    Quick question about future Kemper updates

    I do believe that they have been working on the ODs for some time NAMM is in less than a month We'll know more then They have said that the Kemper Kone is ready and I suspect that they are waiting for the editor to be stabilized before adding another variable that needs to be managed I...
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    Choptones Kemper Profiles

    Wait. Whut.......?!
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    Kemper Stage as Midi Controller for Ventris?

    Try putting it in the loop with settings you like/use, and then toggling between it and the Kemper delays while you dial them in. You may have to stack the delays, but I bet you could get pretty darned close. You can toggle between 2+ effects positions (including the loop) with one of the...
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    Kemper v. Amp: Which to get?

    I agree with the powered Kemper. Amps, pedals, etc. are a never ending bottomless pit of tone chasing, IMO.
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    Kemper Profiler Stage

    With the upcoming ability to share effects' settings, there will be an explosion of different settings and effects chains available.
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    Kemper Profiler Stage

    In my experience, those are two words that do not belong next to each other......:p
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    Kemper Profiler Stage

    Oh yes! The well-known German humor strikes again.
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    Some thoughts from a new powered Kemper owner

    Since you are both a bit new to the Kemper, you might want to look at the YouTube videos from last year's summer NAMM. They announced the Kemper Kone, which is a 1X12" cabinet with a relatively flat speaker. It has a frequency range similar to a normal guitar speaker - but flat. The Kemper would...
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    Kemper reverbs are out

    NAMM starts Thursday and Kemper will be there.
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    New Jay Mitchell-designed monitor in the works

    Several years ago Jay showed a way to control high frequencies in a guitar speaker with a foam doughnut attached to the grill cloth. I'm just guessing that this is an extension of that method with other refinements.
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    On the fence...Helix or Kemper for Praise and worship rig?

    I do use the remote. As I believe someone else said earlier, there are premade performances available. You can find out about them on the Kemper P&W Facebook group. They are sublime.
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    On the fence...Helix or Kemper for Praise and worship rig?

    I am willing to bet that the Kemper has dozens of amps he DOES NOT have.....it also has dozens of amps that the Helix does not have. And, he won't have to tweak them endlessly to get them to sound wonderful....but, if he really wants to he can. The effects routing is VERY intuitive on the...
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    Toast ME: Unoffical Kemper Editor

    This looks fantastic, but where is the new Spring Reverb? :p
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    Just Bought a Kemper - Looking for Profiles and Advice

    I really want you to profile your UG30 too!
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    Who are the best Kemper and Axe-FX demo artists?

    Your argument is totally ignoring a very important factor in the decision process for the major artists you are referring to: Endorsement Deals. I personally know of players that would prefer to play "brand x", but don't because of the lucrative nature of their side money from amp companies...
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    I like my Helix so much, I ordered a Kemper

    You should really take this over to the Kemper Forum. What you would like to achieve is very doable....you would receive much better/faster advice there.
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    Kemper - NAMM 2018

    Could happen..........
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    Is helix on the same level as Kemper for half the price?

    You mean like what any effect pedal in front of a tube amp does?
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    Line 6 M13/M9 on the way out. What's on the way in?

    In previous years, they've announced new products in the fall, before NAMM - not at NAMM. I would guess that they use the announcements as a way to "pre-drive" sales and create demand so that they can write more orders at NAMM. Pretty smart really.
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