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    Dumble vs Two Rock, stupid comparison.

    My tech told me dumble used the fender twin as a platform. slide man
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    Fractal Audio Axe-FX - this thing is a Monster

    This thread is like a soap opera! I will give you guys credit for staying civil. I dread the day a certain someone gets one and compares it to his Bruno:crazyguy. Any way I was just wondering weather the HAD model, or Trainwreck model was better. :Devil Now that should keep things going for...
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    I saw Marc Ford playing a Headstrong Prima Saturday night. It sounded great, absolutly nothing like the clips on their website. He was also playing a Stuice or something like that, but it seemed as if most of his sound was coming from the Prima. Slide man
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    Fractal Audio Axe-FX - this thing is a Monster

    Hey Scott, Why did you pick the JBL PRX speaker, over say the EON speakers? Do they have aditional features, other than having more power? Slide Man
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    Best Hard BluesRock 15-25w 1x12 combo

    VHT Pitbull 45, 2 channells, portable, versatile, used around $800. I'll sell you mine:eek:! Slide man
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    Trainwreck Liverpool Clone clip

    I have a Liverpool Clone Built buy Allymey, It is pretty much about as close as a clone can get to the originals. I have to say this Ceriatone captures what my amp does. I agree with Guitarpicker in that the clones seem a little more aggresive. One of the thing I like about thes amps is how...
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    Any Judybox updates?

    I have one of the new judybox amps. Myself and some others had some problems with Al a few years back. When he resurfaced we went after him, to make things right. Basically they sent us one of their new amps. I am not really overwhelmed with the amp. But I am pretty spoiled buy boutique and...
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    High priced POWER CORDS...any experience? Any Difference?

    MMMMMMMMMMM donuts, I want one of those cables. Slideman
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    A real Trainwreck/Ken Fischer thread

    I just love these threads! I spoke with Ken once shortly after I purchased a Komet 60 (Great Amp). At that time , if you purchased a Komet they would give you Kens Phone #. Anyway the guy was one of the most passionate and sharing people I have ever spoken to. Most of what he said on technical...
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    Should I get an attenuater?

    I have had great success with my Ultimate Attenuator. Alot of buiders don't trust them. But I have yet to hear of a amp failure attributed to this product? Maybe by me mentioning this, we will get some negative feedback. I would recomend buying it from Ho Electronics in Canada as you will save...
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    Trainwreck liverpool clone at band practice

    I got a 100 watter with two volumes, a bright switch, a bedroom switch, and a foot pedal for switching the volume on the fly, shipped. I think I payed around $500 or really close to it. It was at least two hundred cheaper than the USA dealer. Slide Man
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    Trainwreck liverpool clone at band practice

    The ultimate attenuator with two volume controls, footswitchable is the way to go. I have been using it for a couple of months with my liverpool clone with great success. If you get the Ultimate Attenuator from the guy in Canada you can save alot! Slide Man
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    Brad Paisley got himself a Trainwreck

    I recently got a Liverpool Clone that was based on the ones for sale on Ebay. I have to say this thing sounds great. It is a very sensitive amp and responds to everything, tubes, playing style, speakers etc. I would recomend anybody that has one try to get some tungsram 12ax7s, and if posible...
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    blues - recommended listening...?

    Duane Allman, Peter Green, These were the guys that BB use to say made him sweat. Peter was great at Constructing meaningful solos, and writing great songs. Duane is overlooked a lot nowadays other than his slide playing, but I think his regular lead playing was sensational. Get the Duane...
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    Good combos that AREN'T too darn heavy?

    I palyed a Reinhardt amp at a music store the other day that sounded great. And the sales guy recomends I lift it. I swear the thing wasn't any heaverier than my Princeton. I am sure it was his 36 watter but I don't remember the exact name. Every time I play or hear one of his amps I am...
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    Judybox Any Luck?

    I have to report that I recieved the new Revival amp today! It is not the amp I ordered, but it is a generous gesture. I have not been able to play it yet as my music room is being painted today and I can't get to anything. But I will review the amp as soon as I can play it. Unfortunatly I don't...
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    Judybox Any Luck?

    I was wondering if anybody was having any luck with Judybox? I thought things were going to get rectified. But now it seems like I am getting some of the old runaround! Slide Man
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    Aiken Invader -- quite impressive

    Aiken 30 watt invader has been my go to amp for 5 years. It's a shame he had to discontinue them. I personally think they were the best buy in the boutique market. My good friend has criticized my tone with the Aiken for years. He says ITS TOO GOOD? He always says it makes my other guitar player...
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    Looking for a good book to learn slide.

    I will second the Leroy Parnells dvd. I have quite a few video's and I feel like I learned the most from Leroy's. He covers a lot of the major styles, and the sllepwalk tune is a great exercise. To play that tune well with a somewhat overdriven amp, you will learn most of the technique you will...
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    Amp on Standby damaged by not having speaker connected?

    Thanks John. You know come to think of it it does seem to sound like a ground type hum. It really reminds me of the hum I would get when I tried to use a Plex in certain venues. Slide Man
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    Amp on Standby damaged by not having speaker connected?

    John or anybody else for that matter. I was recently working on an amp and I unkowingly turned it on and tryed to play it with out a load for probably at least thirty seconds before I figured out why I wasn't getting any sound. When I finally did figure ou what was going on I cut the amp off...
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    Timmy! Oh Timmy! Oh!Oh!Oh!, My dear Timmy!

    I have owned A Tim for like 4 years. I rarely used untill recently now it is pretty much my #1 pedal. Most of my amps don't really need a pedal for gain (Aiken, Liverpool clone) But when I play a amp that needs a pedal the Tim just spoils you. It is just more natural or something. When I use...
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    If you have had problems with Judybox

    Lovesmusic they are regrouping doing assembly in China. That is why I say act now because they have other people involved and they want to rectify the past. Or at least that is what they told me. Slide Man
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    If you have had problems with Judybox

    One more thing. Do not post a discription of your problem, as we do not want to creat any problems for this great forum. Slide Man
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