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    I want a les paul that isn't a gibson.

    Mike Shishkov is making a killer dual humbucker guitar
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    Any Tenacious D fans here?

    Sidehatch is my fav
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    Are you "that guy" in the band?

    I am that guy and proud of it. I don't make unreasonable demands on anyone, I can't tolerate the ******** passive aggressive rationalization that seems to be the common trait of these lazy wanna be's. And I say so
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    Keith Urban busts out his old tele in selfie vid

    That is arena playing baby. I think he smokes
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    Still of the Night on American Idol

    The rest of Caleb's band is waiting up in the sticks above Asheville North Carolina for him to win. if he does I'm afraid those boys are going to be in for a rude awakening
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    Who plays bass as well as guitar? Just dusted mine off again..

    I play bass on about 40% of the theater tribute shows Im involved in. I really love it and actually chose bass if Im the music director on a show. Bass sets the tone and style and I like that as a director. Recent bass gigs were a classic country show, british invasion(huge fun on bass), CCR...
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    What one song defines Rock and Roll to you?

    Riff Raff from If you want blood you got it
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    Post ONE photo from your last gig - Part 2

    rehearsal shot from the Journey/Air Supply show at the Flat Rock Playhouse
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    Your Favorite "The Black Crowes" guitarist

    Brendon OBrian
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    Asheville NC 4-27

    sounds like you've made the trek from indo before. I dont have anything from the 4th to 6th but Im sure you can find some great music, lots of talent in town
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    Asheville NC 4-27

    I'll be playing at Barley's Tap Room with my band Big Block Dodge. 730 to 1030
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    What am I supposed to play in this score?

    Last measure a C chord on beat 1 2 and 3 ringing through beat 4. The half note diamond shaped thing is a rythmn marking that happens to be on the 3rd staff line but is not a note
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    Anyone here tired of "Indie"

    In hindsight I thought it was going to be more obscure and esoteric. Ended up sounding like bad REM outtakes
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    Zeppelin: How the West was Won

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    Zeppelin: How the West was Won

    Live Page is my fav. Among the bum notes, brushed open strings and general havoc there is always something that gives me chills. I think he was amazing live even when fubar
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    The worst chord progressions: country and bluegrass

    Giant Step changes aside, post your antidote to I IV V.
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    On The Patio Guys!

    Make sure there is some type of shade. Ive baked in the late afternoon winery gig, it's taxing
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    Neil "Spyder" Giraldo Rig Rundown (Pat Benatar)

    Great player. I love his stuff and dug the vid. Man up and play guitar, yes he does
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    Dave Mustaine and the San Diego Symphony- Ouch

    this is my take away from any Megadeth
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    Dave Mustaine and the San Diego Symphony- Ouch

    scads of children pull this off at the rate of 100 youtubes a minute, no excuse to suck like that IMO, he shoulda got the tab LOL
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    The last time you performed, what song...

    Dont stop believing. No surprise there
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    Extremely Demanding Band Leader

    ****** deal. You guys pay for most of his project cost. Dont see the appeal
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