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    Well guys...I feel like a moron. I'm stuck and have no where to turn.

    I can record. I can listen to those recordings. But I can't multitrack. The reason for this is simple. I can't seem to monitor through headphones. :o The headphone amp on my MOTU comes through but it's not loud at all and I'm doing everything in one room. The headphone amp in my...
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    I'm about to build a desk!! All ideas welcome

    Taking priority second to building my new puppy a doghouse. :cool: This weekend I bought an unnecessarily large recording console for my tiny recording room. So I'll need space for that as well. That may be built as a separate flat top table desk, then I'll have my workstation desk where...
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    Hi folks...wondering if I could get some opinions on 002 vs. Fireface

    So there I was. My brand new computer bought "Allensteined" and about to drop the dough on on the Digi 002r and never mess with the Yamaha minidisk 4 track again. I searched long and hard to find which piece would be right for me, and I eventually came to the conclusion of the 002r for a few...
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