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    How Rare Are Black Bottom Strat Pickups In 1973?

    I have a '73 with black bottoms, too. I also was confused when I got it and tried some research, but there's not so much info on the web. However, a well reputated collector convinced me that BB's were used by Fender in the early 70's, especially in '73. The theories vary from 'leftover from the...
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    Did Gibson ever make a R9 Gold Top?

    That's what I thought. The Gibson 'pre-Historics' serial scheme follows a different pattern than the later Custom Shop Historics. Gibson obviously tried to follow the 50' s numbering scheme where the serials started with the year ('9' for '1959') followed by the number. This applies to the...
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    Do you leave your strat's tremolo arm on while storing it in the case?

    in rectangular cases, I do leave it on, in the molded case, not. Guess it's time for a pic for better understanding....and strat showoff this trem arm has been left on since 1972..
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    Pron - Fender Custom Shop guts...

    google is your friend. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restriction_of_Hazardous_Substances_Directive
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    Show your CBS-Era Fender Love!

    I stumbled across this thread which makes me happy because I always love to show my 70's Strats around: '73, '72, '75, '76. My favourite is the black '76.
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    Show me your vintage Strat

    since the 70s stuff seems to be vintage already I am happy to contribute: left 2 right: '73, '72, '75, '76
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    Let's See Some Fuchs Amps

    N00b here, but...proud Fuchs ODS 50 owner. Plz disregard the VJ...:D
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    Big-headstock Strat lovers of the world unite!

    thanx. from left 2 right: '73, '72, '75 (Hardtail), '76.
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    Big-headstock Strat lovers of the world unite!

    I'm not a regular over here but this thread needs to be kept alive..
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    Show us your guitars

    Hi, I'm new here. But never too young to show off....:dude 1972, 1996 CS relic, 1972 1968 Tele, 2003 Suhr T 2001 LP jr w/Lollar, 1987 'pre-Historic' Goldie w/Timbuckers headstocks...
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    Show off Your Gibsons

    03 R9 Murphy aged [/IMG] l2r: 1987 preHistoric 57 RI, 2000 R9 plaintop, 89 Std [/IMG]
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    Germino Club 40 in da house! (pics+clips!)

    Since I am in Europe (Germany) too I am interested how you got your Germino. AFAIK Germino Amps are not distributed in Europe, so can you order directly from Greg (being outside the US that is..)? Does yours work on 220V (Greece has 220V, right?) or do you have to use a step-up (down?)...
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    post your suhrs

    plz disregard the board & amp...;) [/IMG]
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    Help, P90S or single coils on Tstyle

    thx, it is hawt indeed. The most responsive guitar I ever had. The combination P90/neck-broadcaster/bridge-fat neck/rwfretboard is a total winner. here´s another shot: [/IMG]
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    Help, P90S or single coils on Tstyle

    comin´right up... [/IMG]
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