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  1. goldtrek

    NPD - King of Tone in antique silver finish

    Yeah this is the color for me
  2. goldtrek

    Need Dirt pedal for Carr Impala Suggestions

    I was getting a great sound thru my Greer Lightspeed with my Impala.
  3. goldtrek

    Strobostomp HD Screen Protector

    CloneTone, I just noticed your first picture above when you said you should have left well enough alone. Mine looks a lot like that, slightly bigger wedge shaped bubble, but exact same shape and same spot. I don’t think it’s worth the hassle or risk for me trying to replace or fix it.
  4. goldtrek

    Strobostomp HD Screen Protector

    Just installed mine. There’s a pizza slice-shaped bubble on the lower left corner of mine I can’t get out. Kinda annoying but I’ll probably leave well enough alone. Hopefully it will remind me of pizza and not a bubble.
  5. goldtrek

    UAFX Power issues thread. Owners weigh in.

    Would you please explain why the aforementioned Mondo would not work to sufficiently power your friends Astra pedal? Here are the Mondo specs- Outputs:4 x 9V/12V 400mA, 2 x 9V 400mA, 2 x 9V 100mA (with sag), 2 x 9V 250mA (L6), 4 x 9V/12V 100mA. Based on reading the Powering UAFX info from the...
  6. goldtrek

    UAFX Power issues thread. Owners weigh in.

    I hope the info gathering window is smaller than my return window.
  7. goldtrek

    Leather guitar straps

    I have 3 brands and I like them all. All on the more expensive side, but if you buy used you can find ok deals and I think it's worth it. Moody leather reminds me of how the leather seats inside a Bentley would be...taffy-supple. Scuffs easier, but oh so comfy. El-Dorado and especially Brookwood...
  8. goldtrek

    Oddfellow Caveman OD V1 vs. V2

    I have both versions. Planned on a/b'ing them and sending back or selling one I liked the least. But I decided to keep both because the tonal qualities are different enough and were both very usable. To me, V2 sounds tighter than V1 when trying to adjust to identical tone, more of a higher...
  9. goldtrek

    The Newest Waza Delay Thread...

    The distortion didn't sound organic to my ears, at least not in a pleasing way. I'm not real familiar with the original so maybe they did nail it. :dunno Regardless, not my :drink
  10. goldtrek

    The Newest Waza Delay Thread...

    I also heard this "faint distortion in...trailing notes." Took mine back to the store as well.
  11. goldtrek

    Last pedal i will ever buy - Caveman love

    Did you guys have to sign for your pedal when USPS delivered? Not sure if Oddfellow requires that. Mine is supposed to arrive Friday and I won't be home.
  12. goldtrek

    Last pedal i will ever buy - Caveman love

    Just wondering if you guys got any notice or contact about your initial payment arriving/ thank you for your purchase/ pedal is 10 weeks out for completion/ ....or anything like that?
  13. goldtrek

    Mate for a Timmy?

    No, but I do play the Stigtronics Rodent with my Timmy and it sounds phenomenal.
  14. goldtrek

    Stigtronics Rodent?

    The genuine article (I'm assuming you mean a real RAT) uses the LM308N chip and is not in the units currently produced. So, getting the genuine article means buying older ones. I wonder, as this Stig pedal HAS the right chip, maybe it's the best of both worlds. New pedal & stellar build quality...
  15. goldtrek

    Stigtronics Rodent?

    bump.... there's gotta be more of these out there.
  16. goldtrek

    Stigtronics Rodent?

    Anyone else have or try this pedal?
  17. goldtrek

    TV Jones pu's in a Duesenberg? Anyone taken the plunge?

    bump... just saw this and would love to hear if anyone since has tried swapping PUPs in their Doozys.
  18. goldtrek

    Catalinbread Montavillian

    Anyone get theirs yet? Curious about this one.
  19. goldtrek

    Wampler Analog Echo Vs. Wampler Tape Echo (vs mad prof dbd)

    I added some info about the Mad Professor DBD, one of my faves that I used to own. So waters, you would recommend spending the extra $10 for the modulation and getting the tape echo over the analog echo? Any experience with the DBD, and if so, how does the tape echo compare? Thanks!
  20. goldtrek

    Wampler Analog Echo Vs. Wampler Tape Echo (vs mad prof dbd)

    Looking to pick up a new delay pedal. I've had the Ego Compressor and really like Brian's stuff. But I also love and used to own a Mad Professor deep blue delay pedal. (HW) The Wampler Analog Echo, Tape Echo, and Mad Professor DBD CB are all right at $200 which is my spending limit. Just...
  21. goldtrek

    What's Up With Skreddy?

    Got a Lunar Module in the mail today... now I get the hype. Very cool.
  22. goldtrek

    Stigtronics Tremolo?

    Let me know what you think once you get it. Anyone else have one of these. Really surprised there isn't more discussion here on this pedal.
  23. goldtrek

    Stigtronics Tremolo?

    Just got mine today. I LOVE it. Really sounds like a tube-driven trem. Never heard a trem pedal sound this warm. Reminds me of the Swart AST amplifier trem. As for the aesthetic appeal, I was anticipating a sort of ugly orange pedal, but was pleasantly surprised when I got it. It's more of an...
  24. goldtrek

    Diamond Compressor - anything like it?

    ...? Maybe they do compare favorably then?
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