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    Would a Dremel 4000 be perfect for little guitar projects?

    Many times I've thought I should have a Dremel for this or that. Would it be better to get a multi speed like the 4000? This is on the service award list at my company so I could get the 4000 kit for free. Anyone use the 4000 and love it?
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    What guitars and gear have become your standards (mostly)?

    I've tried a lot of stuff but some things just work and I have settled on these things are for me. Just kind of lost interest in chasing other stuff both big and small. (mostly:D) Fender and PRS guitars (I have one Gibson and one McInturff that still get a little use.) Two Rock amps, I run a...
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    PRS Custom 22 - enlarging the switch hole and getting rid of the rotary switch.

    I have seen this question asked a few times. It's very thin where the hole goes through the guitar top. I took a round pencil and wrapped #100 sand paper around it about 3 wraps. Inserted this in the hole and rotated the pencil with the outer edge of the wrap going forward to make it swell and...
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    Strat picking up static electricity from the back of the guitar?

    The static is through the wood. If I take the guitar away from my shirt there is a static sound in the pickups. If I rub my hand across the wood on the back of the guitar there is static in the pickups. It is worse when I first pick up the guitar and play. I have had static problems with many...
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    Mojotone 59 Clone strat pickups - WOW !

    I took advantage of the $100 special for any set of new pickups Mojotone offered at their Arlington show booth. The 59's are the stuff. Put the neck and middle pup's in a 99 fender lonestar strat after pulling a set of klein s-5's. Been comparing them to 2 other strats I have with a set of klein...
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    Enlarging the switch hole in a PRS Custom 22?

    I want to get rid of the rotary switch. What did you use to enlarge the hole? Many warn that a drill bit will chip the finish. Has anyone here done this with a tapered hand reamer? Any pointers to protect finish?
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    Guitar players. Who has had a hearing test?

    My wife has hearing damage in one ear from an infection and had to get a hearing aid. I got to thinking about my own hearing since I play electric guitar and am 51 yrs old. I went ahead and sceduled an exam. I know I have lost a little bit of hearing but my test showed everything is still in the...
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    Have you ordered from Pedals Plus+ before?

    Good transaction? Good reputation? Reliable service? I haven't used Pedals Plus+ before but they may be the only dealer that has the pedal I want in stock. Your comments would be appreciated. Thanks, John
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    Problem with 6th string intonation on new 62 reissue strat.

    I just bought this strat a week ago and have not noticed any problems with the low bass 6th string. Today I put the 5 way switch in and installed the extra springs on the trem to hold it to the body since I dont use it. I restrung with 9-46 strings and went to tune it up and check intonation...
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