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  1. talpa

    AC30 (JMJ) - Carb, Varidrive or Zendrive 2 ?

    heard Paisley uses/used a ZD2 into Vox type circuits, amongst others. would u prefer a Carb, Varidrive or a Zendrive 2 (12AT7 loaded) into Vox type circuits? classic rock/alt-country stuff. TA!
  2. talpa

    Hey Beyer M-201 - good choice for 4x12 ?

    Was this a good purchase for my pre-Rola cab (G12-H) ? Best placement on cab. We play medium-loud rock (Germino/Engl heads) ? Will women be sliding off their chairs ?
  3. talpa

    Pigtronix Dual Expression to control Mothership/Lex compatible ?

    Interested in the Pigtronix Dual (output) Expression pedal to control a Pigtronix Mothership synth along with Strymon Lex (Leslie sim) pedal, for some inverted ufo crashing stuff lol. Is this a compatible rig ? I have the Lex; need the Pig stuff; 2nd hand (they are discontinued correct?) but...
  4. talpa

    stock early production EJ Strats - still enjoy their tone/quality ?

    When the the biz announced the new EJ strat in Nov/Dec 2004, I placed my order right away w/ Music Zoo. Of course they promised they would get me one of the first ones - should have know the power stores would score first (GC,MF, etc.) I waited all spring/summer/fall 2005 & I got one of the 2nd...
  5. talpa

    When The Levee Breaks - correct lap steel tuning ?

    * make that pedal steel, not lap - I believe JP played a Fender 1000 steel on WTLB (along w/ the other guitars used) - anyone know what is the correct tuning on that cut for the steel guitar used ? I understand the 12-string is in Open F. The only clear piece of steel I can hear alone, is...
  6. talpa

    Marshall 50th Anniversary Stack

    I caught this on a chance visit to Marshall website cabs section late last night - Winter NAMM per SW. Pricing is crazy...beautiful though. I assume that is not Collins cloth..? http://www.marshallamps.com/products/cabinets/50th-anniversary-stack/ Sweetwater's link...
  7. talpa

    Gibson Grohl/Trini Goldtop - one off for DG ?

    Imus played some clips from the Veterans Day gig w/ Springsteen, Grohl, Brown et.al. this morning. Grohl was playing a gold top Trini Lopez-like guitar, but with a black 335 pick guard. Anyone know the dirt on this unit ? Must be a one-off ? Looked cool...sorta.
  8. talpa

    any 911 Porsche owners - will a vintage Marshall 4x12 fit into the front boot ?

    just curious...such a waste but always my dream car. but not if a cab won't fit :(
  9. talpa

    stream Logic mixes thru Apple Airport Express ?

    can my Logic Express tracks be streamed thru my Airport Express wireless to Audioengine speakers back in my studio ? My MBP is in another room in the house, so I do stream all Itunes content just need this capability - has this been hashed out ? tks -
  10. talpa

    Using my '72 Sunn Concert Lead for bass ?

    I still have my old Concert Lead head (SS) I bought new back in the day. I only use proper plexi type amps for guitar nowadays, but want to start to get into bass for recording, so: 1.) Can I safely used the Lead head for a bass amp ? 2.) I still have the 6x10 cab, crappy stock speakers...
  11. talpa

    Apogee Duet - My new PC ASUS m/b has a Firewire port - am I good go ?

    I have a new Maingear PC with a newer ASUS x58 motherboard that HAS a Firewire port on the back...so Will the Apogee Duet work with this setup ? I assume I need to purchase just a basic firewire connection cable, not the one supplied with the Duet, correct ? By that,I mean the port on the...
  12. talpa

    How do I polish brass case latches ?

    Need some advice on how to polish my "brass" guitar case latches ? I suppose they are not really brass, but they look dull and need some work, just don't want to damage anything...any suggestions ? tks - Jim
  13. talpa

    Gov't Mule - Imus In The Morning 6/2/10

    Didn't anyone catch them this morning ? I only caught part of their 1st song (I think 1st). Never heard the song before, called Broke Down On The Brazos. Hopefully someone will post on YT. Man they were great...Warren was just getting warmed up that early in the morning....super band.
  14. talpa

    new LSL tele

    "Emma" aged T-Bone SP - sugar pine body 6.5lbs super fat neck, best sustaining guitar i ever owned. pickups are great - highest recommendation
  15. talpa

    STP-SexTypeThing-need help on the turnaround - Deleo is a madman !

    I've been playing a long time - consider myself an excellent "by-ear" methodoligist...yet the Deleo bros. are getting to me again. I cannot for the life of me and all the youtube videos, figure out the post-chorus turnaround ascending chords: "here i come i come i come i come"... you know...
  16. talpa

    Celestion G12-65 repair question:

    Bought a pair on flebay, of course one is damaged...never fails. The lead that goes from the cone to the post is broken just off the cone. Is this repairable if the actual connection at the cone is not seen ? Do the leads just connect "anywhere" on the cone per se ? How do I fix it ? TIA
  17. talpa

    If I detune a 4x12:

    Is it preferable to remove the top 2 speakers or the bottom 2 - and WHY ? Next, in a 2x12, which is preferable for more bottom + 3D, rear-ported (Dumble) or detuned ? Or a detuned Port City style approach ? Just dipping into the ported/detuned river.
  18. talpa

    63 Vibroverb RI upgrade suggestions ?

    1st post thanks - Have a stock '63 VVRI bought new in 1990, early serial #. Can I get some pro solutions on the best upgrades for: speakers - tubes - OT/PT - board mods or kits available - any other variables - Am thinking of adding a matching 1x15 bottom cab. This is...
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