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    Asheville NC 4-27

    I'll be playing at Barley's Tap Room with my band Big Block Dodge. 730 to 1030
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    Big Block Dodge " Erik's Johnson"

    here's a track from my band Big Block Dodge. live to 2 track funky instrumental we call Groosion, hope ya dig it /2_UQKo5GsEU
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    Booked a solo gig at a Christmas party, oh yeah a Hellecaster is invited!

    Got a call for a private party gig, awesome! Talked to the client today, and " yeah one of those guys from the Hellecasters is invited" no pressure! LOL
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    Tokai es120 w Voodoo 59s

    MIJ es style w voodoo 59s wQ_tPANzDXE
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    DiMarzio Area T neck

    Area T neck /VT9-pMpTUzI
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    Death Letter

    heres a cover of Son House' Death Letter ?v=6ZWppXywsDY&feature=share&list=UUQE00uQw1YdgiS-_a1Vq02g
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    Old school power trio vids, Trower and Top

    really digging this new combination of players, were just gonna do what we know, 70s rock w/ a fun approach KEx-eD4LCd0 iE1EBh_mBc8
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    Latest project available for download!

    I co produced this show and live recording w/ award winning poet Keith Flynn and it's finally available for download, very artsy and different http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/keithflynnandtheholymen
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    some vids from a Journey and Air Supply tribute I played on

    NxEBWN1aHMo xyziVzuI1GE AwfoKYeJnWI
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    No discussion of Gibbons?

    I suppose Im way out of the loop but what's up w the other thread locking ? Is his famous LP the one we're not suppose to mention ny nickname?
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    Vids from a John Denver tribute I played on, not very TGP but pretty good!

    http://youtu.be/IZZt11nkM9A http://youtu.be/TJs3lP1zxxk http://youtu.be/MmaGr6XVOKE http://youtu.be/GmnPj2l5Mzs
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    CE 22 love!

    http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.188268677886380.42142.100001097460089&l=487d6f7b7c Blown away by a recent ( and first ) PRS purchase, the CE 22. Totally dig the 5 way knob and didnt think I would. Heres the only pic I've got, a gig the second day I had it!
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    HD update weirdness

    updated my hd400 and really like the warmth and clarity of the new update BUT maybe Im imagining this but the output seems a touch lower overall even at max setting, I can deal w/ that but the output on all the ODs seem over the top. I hook up my RAT in front of the unit and it sounds great, the...
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    Tech 21 British= direct success!

    I do a theatre gig every year and this year were going direct and wireless. Ive tried several unit and always liked Tech21 stuff so I grabbed a British from the emporium. I was amazed at the results using my existing pedals into this thing, feels like an amp sounds like an amp. It's made...
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    Ash w/ tru oil, shellac grain filler OK?

    I've got an ash tele I'm finishing, I'd love to do a tru-oil build up then buffed out, do I have to se a grain filler/ sealer? are filler and sealer the same product? can I use shellac to tint and fill at the same time? thanks guys
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    American Fish Hand, fingerpickin tele clip

    DiMarzio area T bridge pup z6vwZWbxCtQ
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    DiMarzio Area T neck pup demo

    my nocaster clone w/ Area Ts into an old Rockman stereo echo ( very low mix ) and my 78 deluxe reverb VT9-pMpTUzI
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    "I Know a Little" into w/ parts tele Area Ts

    nocaster clone w/ Area Ts into my old rockman stereo echo and deluxe reverb, hats off to the main main Steve Gaines! f_hO0khNanc
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    Baritone guitar users sound off

    I've been doing a gig that features some detuned stuff, been using my tele but feel like it's just too flappy. Decided to build a baritone esquire, what are you guys using for low stuff? I'm going for swampy spacey Twin Peaks type sounds
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    Chopped tele bridge, any users?

    anyone using a chopped bridge w/ the pickup mounted into the wood? couldnt resist ordering this thing for my Nocaster clone. I'm gonna do a before and after vid.
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    Blk Orpeus plus funk and the Claw

    just a vid w/ my new camera, Tokai es120 into 78 deluxe reverb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ_tPANzDXE
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    Tokai es120 w/ voodoo 59s, deluxe rvb clean tones

    here my es 120 w/ voodoos straight into dlx , love this clean tone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ_tPANzDXE
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    Tokai es120 w/ Voodoo 59s-maxon 808-deluxe rvb

    here's a shorty clip of my 2005 Tokai es120 w/ voodoo 59's into a Maxon od808 and 1978 Deluxe reverb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJqtuPuG4mw
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    raw track from live album I did last month

    here's a raw track from a live album I did last month. The project is Keith Flynn and The Holy Men ( I hate the name ). Flynn is a poet I worked w/ years ago, this tune is a hard rock number turned acoustic. voice, acoustic guitar and drumkit, we are commeted to keeping it really stripped down...
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