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    Celestion G12M-65 Creamback is great!

    I put a pair of these into a new 2x12 combo cab and I must say that I also am really really pleased with the great tones produced by the "Creambacks". At $159.00 ea. This is a great price for a U.K. built speaker. I have noticed that they,ve really dropped the price on the Heritage also.
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    65Amps London Pro through a 1x12?

    I have to agree with distorted noise.A Gold is the way to go.You can also log in to ustream and ask Dan @ 65 amps live today at 1:00 P.M.
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    Carp Amplification Jumping In.

    Thanks Guys!!!
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    Carp Amplification Jumping In.

    Hello J D, Thanks for the inquiry. I will do my best to answer your questions. I am doing my best to keep up with the web site. It currently has over 23 pages of pictures, sounds, and magazine write ups and artists videos. The moonfish series does need a lot more web presence I agree. I have...
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    Carp Amplification Jumping In.

    You guys are great!! This feels just like family. "Blanket Jackson" I should have used your Carp Pic instead of my Logo
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    Carp Amplification Jumping In.

    Hello, Thought I might jump in here and introduce myself. My Name is Eric Carpenter and I own Carp Amplification. All friends call me "Carp". Yep just like the smelly slimy fish. Please come vist my website http://www.carpamps.com and give me some feedback. I also have a youtube site at...
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    Noodling on a Carp Amp

    Hey Thanks Rick, Here is a rough little recording of the Moonfish 4valve http://www.youtube.com/embed/RLdgfG3rcCg Thanks for the listen and "Congrats on the weight loss Rick" I will be posting pics and updates in the Builder's & Retailer's Forum Thanks. Carp
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    Low watt amp for Country Tone

    Hi Brian, Great thread. Rick thanks for the props.(www.carpamps.com) I lurk on this forum alot and love to read all the input. You all have shared many good builders. I feel Teleluvver and RupertB nailed it. If you have any questions P.M. me. Carp
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    Egnater Renegade

    I run an AlNico Blue and a G12h in my cabinets. Probably not enough wattage for the Renegade. You could do a Gold and a G12H and that would cover your needs. I think the gold has a little fuller sound anyway. Good luck, Carp
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    Carp 1030....loving the tone on this thing!

    Hey guys thanks for the props. Here is a shot of the new 1030C. Carp
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    My Problem with Matchless Amplifiers

    Macmax77,Thanks for the response. Quoting celestion101 I beleive Phil/Matchless is working on it. It was also neat to see the Matchless supporters out there. I also feel the way you do about their products and hope they continue to produce great amps as they always have.
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    My Problem with Matchless Amplifiers

    Wow tough title to start a thread with. Sounds like you should have called Matchless instead of starting an angry thread. I got a chance to speak with Phil at the amp show while he was displaying the Avalon 30. He was approachable and and nice to talk to. On another note. I got a chance to hear...
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    I need a Lonestar head cabinet

    I have a Blue/silver head cab and a blue/silver 1x12. I was using them to put some custom builds in. PM if interested. The head shell is in the picture area at gertrudeamps.com. Carp
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    Yet another 10" Eminence question

    Telbert: IMHO, You might want to wait for the new Celestion 10" Alnico Gold.It should be out soon. It sounds great. I"ve had the pleasure of hearing a Dr.Z Stingray with a 4x10 cab loaded with the new golds. I will be replacing some of my Ragin Cajuns.
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