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  1. Larry Mal

    What is the guitar on "I'm Only Sleeping?"

    The reason I ask is, I always thought it was a Gibson J-45. And now I'm not sure why I believe that. Does anybody actually know?
  2. Larry Mal

    Can anyone tell me about the Gibson J-15?

    I have a potential fun trade for one, and don't know all that much about them. Can anyone tell me what I need to know about this guitar? Thanks.
  3. Larry Mal

    Anybody know how the new Les Paul Deluxes compare to others?

    Hi all, I recently got to play what I found out later was a '79 Les Paul DeLuxe, and I just loved it. What a great playing guitar, super low frets and action, it was just perfect for me. I like the mini hum buckers also. Only thing is, these Norlin era ones are pretty expensive, and a lot of...
  4. Larry Mal

    Will a G&L Legacy tremolo block fit in a Fender Stratocaster?

    Because I have two that I'm not using, and would put them on eBay so someone could get some use out of them if so. But I don't think a lot of G&L users would need them, however they'd be a great upgrade for a MIM Strat, I would think. Thanks!
  5. Larry Mal

    Any downside to installing a backplate Ilitch system on my G&L Legacy?

    Hi all, I have a G&L Legacy, a 1993 I think, it has the swimming pool route like I think they all do. I like the guitar, but even after shielding it's fairly noisy for my liking. In my research I came across the Ilitch noise reduction system, and a man in my city has one he bought and never...
  6. Larry Mal

    I'm looking for a very specific tuner. Any thoughts?

    Does anyone know where I can find Schaller mini-locking tuners with the single pin, like in the picture? I know they exist! Thanks for the help.
  7. Larry Mal

    Will anyone tell me about their Gibson ES-135?

    I've got a trade possibility going on, a nice Taylor 410 for a Gibson ES-135. It's a 2002 model or so, the one with the trapeze tailpiece (which I like) and the '57 hum buckers and not the P100s. I'm on the fence about it, I'd like to have a 135, but then again, I'd need to replace the...
  8. Larry Mal

    Where do I go with my Mustang?

    Hi all, I have a 1993 MIJ Mustang. I bought it off a buddy who needed to raise some money for some reason, I had pulled the guitar apart about a year ago and put in shielding paint for him, then he sold it to me kind of cheap and I put it away. I had bought some new wiring for the guitar, and...
  9. Larry Mal

    What is this pickup and what is it worth?

    It's a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails, right? I see they sell new for around $80, so what could I expect for this on eBay? I will never use it for anything. Also, I'm getting Ohm readings with my multimeter. But can anyone tell me how to best do this, in order to show that the pickup is...
  10. Larry Mal

    G&L Legacy rebuild.

    Hey all, I have what I just found out is a 1995 G&L Legacy. I've had it since winter, so not long. I had a Fender Twin amp that I just did not need, and what I decided to do was to put it up as a trade, to see if I got something fun. That took a while, and after a point I needed the money more...
  11. Larry Mal

    Locking mini tuners for Taylor 12 String?

    Hey all, I have a Taylor GA3-12 model 12 string guitar from 2010. I want to switch out the tuners on the guitar for some locking ones. I hate changing strings without locking tuners, plain and simply. I've had no success finding tuners that will fit this guitar, hopefully as a direct drop in...
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