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    Brown Note Amps?

    ouch, I can't defend the poor service, but I am working on improving our response and delivery times. I've been working like a madman in the shop getting caught-up on back-orders, and will be more active in public discussions once the folks that are hanging in there get taken care of. If you...
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    Help me name our newest amp!

    That IS an awesome name ;) ...why not just call it the "Reeves Van Halen Marshall?"
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    Sacramento, CA - recommend some stores

    These guys still around? I heard good things a while back. Lincoln Street Music 105 Lincoln St (916) 786-5761 Roseville CA 95678
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    Is it safe to run a 5751 as a preamp in an AC15?

    Do you mean you're off to the workbench to rewire the tube socket? The AC15 uses an EF86 preamp, which is not plug'n play with a 12AX7 or 5751. It probably won't fry the amp immediately, but it may short through the 12AX7 / 5751.
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    Brown Note Blue Monkey 88 - EJ tones

    Just checked in here and saw all these nice comments, thanks folks! Hey Chuck! (Toneranger58) you will notice right away that the G1265 sounds much darker and smoother on the top end than the G12H30, which tends to be a bit crunchy when paired with the BM88.
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    Dumble - Thanks

    Wow, this is a cool discussion. Well thanks to Norm who alerted me to this thread (happy birthday btw!) I haven’t had much time to keep up with TGP and the www in general. The fist time I heard of Dumble was in the early 80’s, and I have always been fascinated with the man and his...
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    Worst album cover?

    Best or worst?...you decide: http://www.4xcafe.com/albums/
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    Sleaziest guitar riff ever?

    Did anybody say Focus Hocus Pocus? OK ,maybe not the sleaziest, but the tweakiest? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpV5InLw52U
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    Speaker reconing services in San Francisco Bay Area?

    If you want the absolute best in vintage restoration Neal's is it! No hype. he has the original Jensen cones, coils, dust caps, everything. I'm speaking from experience. He works out of his garage in a residential neighborhood and has been collecting and storing original parts for decades. Low...
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    Brown Note - Blue Monkey 88 demo

    Thanks for posting that Rich! Matt sounds great! He's pulling some nice tones out. Try replacing the V4 tube, that's the PI/Driver tube and if it's not 100% it will have that effect. Unfortunately, new production tubes can be a little iffy. Pop in one of those spare preamp tubes that came with...
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    Recommend Me Some Good Eastern Music.

    http://www.raquyandthecavemen.com/ I have the Jordan CD. Listen to Sandansko and tell me what the time sig is...it's a time bender.
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    Finally finished the 100 watter

    I like those bezels you used on the switches, where do you get them?
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    Best punk album of all time IYO

    Part Time Christians - Rock 'n Roll is Disco
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    Dumble amps and Strats, GO or NO GO ?

    I was mainly testing out a new video camera, but... Here's a crappy video of a strat straight into a D'Lite44 GTO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB_4gvpR7MI&feature=channel_page
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    Monster cable = tone sucker????

    I got hyped on monster about 10 years ago too and I bought the gold, black, and white. The definitely suck tone. The vovox completely blew me away from the first note: http://www.lavacable.com/vovox.html I've tried many high end cables, and they were all better than than the monster, but the...
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    Low Wattage Dumble Clone

    Sure, email or PM me and I can tell you anything you want to know about features, etc. I don't think there's really a need for a low power mode with the '22'. If anybody disagrees, please jump in here, but it's well suited to quiet applications...the preamp works very well with the master volume.
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    Low Wattage Dumble Clone

    Hi, I just wanted to jump in here and say that we don't offer assembled kits at this time (but we will soon). The kit line is a high-quality, simplified version of the amp line, designed as a no-frills amp platform that a builder can expand on. The production amps have more features and...
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    Looking for an Amp Kit Website

    This fits your description: AX84 P1 Tube Guitar Amplifier Kit http://shop.dobermanamps.com/product-p/kit-p1.htm
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    Rec. a SoCal Amp Repair etc

    Tracy Norton Vintage Tube Amp Repair & Restoration (626) 296-8339
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    brown note D'lite 22/33 hows the clean channel ??

    FWIW, we're doing a bunch of new clips...the clean examples on the site only cover a small portion of it's range. The ODE and Blue Monkey amps have cleans that we're extremely happy with...big bottom and lively harmonics, great headroom. So many people have been asking for SRV/Mayer/Schofield...
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