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    Frustrations of a guitar student.

    I am someone who has played on again and off again for many years. Unfortunately the offs happen a lot more. So my playing hasn't really progressed past strugling through whatever song, and knowing a few scales and chords. The biggest problem I have with teachers is a lack of structure...
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    Question for those who use EMG pickups.

    How do EMGs impact a guitar? I'm not really asking if you like their tone or not. I'm more interested in do active pickups impact natural aspects of the guitar such as the way wood type or neck-thru vs bolt on might impact tone. Is it pointless to find a guitar that sounds terrific and...
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    Looking for a guitar tech in Atlanta.

    I tried a place off of 85 north of the perimeter and was less than satisfied with the work. Any suggestions of were I can go to get my LP fixed from my last attempt?
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    I took my first lesson in 18 years today.

    I'm in my mid 30s, picking a guitar back up after 18 years off. First Lesson today *cry* OMG what have I gotten myself into. My lack of chops is only surpassed by my skill at freezing up and not being able to play what I do know in front of people. Brutal. Hopefully thuogh I'll stick...
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