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    Liquid Lead vs Lemon Drop - how are they different?

    School me. Im pretty keen to get a "Zep" pedal, and its one or the other. Can the LL cop the LD tones or are they quite different?
  2. K

    Gimme some dirt!

    OK, Ive been swapping pedals like its going out of fashion recently and need some help here guys. Im playing a PRS custom 22 soapbar through the pedalboard below, into a Mesa .22+ with greenback. THe luther drive (swirly paint job), and BSIAB2 (VH paint job) is now gone, as is the...
  3. K

    Loud hum - P90 vs pedal noise vs old tubes?

    I have a custom 22 soapbar with the original Seymour Duncan pickups on it. My amp is a boogie studio .22+. I run through a number of pedals depending on what Im doing. Here's the problem - when its on a clean signal I can use any pu position, the hum is manageable. When I stomp on for...
  4. K

    The coolest rat you will ever seen

    How is this for cool? This is a rat clone with a choice of 'turbo rat', 'clean rat', and 'you dirty rat' with the 3 way switch. The box is covered in genuine all naturally tanned New Zealand pure possum skin, paint and laquer The knobs are are- gain=hair, filter=squeak and volume=plague...
  5. K

    Barber Direct Drive Mod PCB vs Barber Super Sport Overdrive: Whats the diff?

    Educate me. Arent they based on the same pedal?
  6. K

    OK, got the H2, now what software?

    just looking for a simple one to clean up recorded track, maybe to snip of the ends for a cleaner take, not really looking to do multitracking etc. can i do this in garageband? or is there another recommended download out there somewhere? Used to have a coopy of Protools Free but it seems...
  7. K

    Loving my Custom 22 Soapbar all over again

    I dont usually play electric nowadays, its almost acoustic all the way with some jazzbox thrown in. picked up the cu22 soapie todays, plugged it through a mesa .22+/greenback, and OH MY GOD. we made such beautiful music together :D:D:D:D kick in the drive channel and this combo just screams...
  8. K

    merry christmas to me!

    oh dear lord, what have i done... after staring at the pictures, i just gravitated towards my email and $$ seem to magically flow out. Got a good price for this though (not whats listed), considering how rare these things are, and also considering how long ive been looking for one. now the...
  9. K

    Benedetto Benny - whats a fair used price?

    Whats a fair price for a used, pre FMIC, Benny (meaning he built it all by himself)? no cosmetic problems at all except of rchecking in the top finish. any ideas? are we talking about 5k, 10k etc?
  10. K

    Pulling the trigger on a Bourgeois JOMC

    Following the earlier thread about a taylor my friend is looking to offload, Ive looked around and found a great deal (I think), on a Bourgeois JOMC - a couple of year's old, standard appointments, except for the bearclaw spruce top - going for 2400. Clean as a whistle, bought by a collector...
  11. K

    Should I, shouldnt I? Taylor 914ce

    Hi all, i just played a 6 months old taylor 914ce today (rosewood back/sides and spruce top). its played and sounded LOVELY! its a friends instrument, and he's looking to sell it for about 3.2k in USD. is this a good deal? guitar itself seems in good condition, as is the case..... tone wise...
  12. K

    please recommend an acoustic

    Hi all, im looking to get an acoustic guitar that i will use primarily for strumming and some slide work (minor) for acoustic (usually blues) sessions. i have a very strong preference for jumbo bodies, as I tend to like the bigger bottom and throatier sound (at least thats how they sound to...
  13. K

    List/ show some good sub-600 guitars, new or used.

    c'mon Gents, lets see em. Im diggin the Godin offerings, and the fender japan stuff. anything else out there?
  14. K

    is EL84 the only 9-pin tube?

    Specifically, for use in tube amps?
  15. K

    Gibson LP doublecuts, whats the scoop?

    Ive always wondered why you dont see more of these around. Whats the lowdown on these guits? are they not LP enough? does the 24 frets throw people off? 2 horny? :P Im looking for variations on the LP theme, and these are under consideration as well, seems good value for money. For similar...
  16. K

    Myka #25 tone report

    man o man.... this is a thing of beauty. first off the pics are here: http://www.mykaguitars.com/instruments/025/default.htm here are my initial thoughts in an email i sent to David: Played primarily through a mesa blue angel, through a 1x15” open back cab or 1x12” detuned cab. Sparkle...
  17. K

    PRS Santana I

    Howdy folks, what are your thoughts on this? Have been offered one in orange, have yet to check it out but am quite keen to do so. I know the general specs (24.5, 24 frets, quirky switching system etc), but how do they differ from the Santana II and III models? Im expecting it to be quite...
  18. K

    Tools for building cab

    Hi all, Im thinking of building a couple of cabs to house two spare 12" and 15" speakers. what tools do I need to get started? Im thinking of bare essentials here: jigsaw - variable speed (black and decker?) drill - (B&D as well) ruler - of the long and L shaped variety clamps? this...
  19. K

    how much do you need to know to build an amp?

    Ive been toying with this idea forever (well, last 2-3 years). read up on it extensively, and generally speak I'm very keen on all things guitar related. My stumbling block is that I have zero electronics experience/knowledge, other than what I have learned from my recent readings. I can read...
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