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    bedroom practice: Yamaha THR or small powered monitors/laptop?

    I've become intrigued by the Yamaha THR 10. Anyone using one for bedroom/home practice? I had bought a VHT special 6 but it was just too loud for bedroom use, I want something I can get some gainy tones out of but at reasonable volumes. The AUX input is cool too, on the THR and I could...
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    Fuzz Face with Humbuckers: GE or SI?

    I'm kinda of wanting a FF type circuit but I'm wondering if a GE or SI based FF would be "better" suited for use with humbuckers. Have you notice any differences?
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    Modded VP Jr. vs MVP. Also; tuner out

    Thoughts on a modded VP Jr. vs the new active VP from EB? Also, does the T1M and other VP Jr. mods address the tuner out tone suck?
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    good recorder/field recorder, for recording band practice

    My drummer friend and I resumed playing recently after a few years hiatus. I used to use my laptop for looping as well as for recording our practices, both simultaneously. This put a little bit of limits on our playing ability because if I stopped the DAW, it stopped the recording. I haven't...
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    Roland JC-55

    Seems like a cool little amp. I've owned the JC-120 in the past: sounded good but wasn't what I wanted for loud/live playing. I think the JC55 however would do well for a bedroom/low volume practice situation. Thoughts?
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    Yamaha T100c: Thoughts?

    Looking into one. Soldano designed... A good bedroom destroyer? Clean channel good too?
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    Will a buffer help with tone suck? Rebuff a "meh" buffer?

    I'm using a Behringer US600 Ultra Shifter. Great pedal for the money. My only gripe with it is the buffer; there is some definite tone alteration when bypassed. I built a Klon buffer and I've been using it at the beginning of my chain. If I make the US600 first and then go into the buffer...
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    Where to get the Dr. Scientist Bit Quest?

    I don't even see it mentioned on the DS website. Where did people get theirs?
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    Good lil amp for guitar AND bass? SS OK

    I just got a bass vi and my bedroom amp is an old 90s SS squire champ (8'' speaker). I want something inexpensive ($150 or less, used) that I can use both guitar and the bass vi with. Solid State is fine, I don't need any effects, bells or whistles. Just something with a good/decent sound...
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    Will Digitech release a single sized Octave/harmony pedal?

    No; not like the harmony man. Like the DROP size but basically the Whammy V without a treadle. And with an EXP jack in case people want to use it like a normal whammy. And also add a blend control. The Whammy V is awesome and tracks great but what really killed it for me is the inability...
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    Bass VI owners: Different tunings/string gauges?

    I just got a Squier Bass VI and it is pretty sweet. I've wanted a baritone for some time. I'm not sure if I want to keep it tuned to E-e and I'm wondering if I should try a different string gauge for a different tuning. Anyone use a different gauge and tuning on their bass six? Any...
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    Boss RC-300

    Anyone own/use one? You thoughts on it? I'm currently using an Akai E2 and Digitech Jamman Stereo.
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    Dr. Scientist Bit Quest: How it compares to other bit crushers

    I mean the Bit Crusher Algo in it. I've owned a Iron Ether Frantabit in the past. It isn't a bad pedal by any means but I wasn't a fan of the Bit Reduction behavior. The Sample Rate reduction control worked well, but I found the BR to be too drastic - it go too crazy too quickly. I'm hoping...
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    Jamman Stereo FABE; how durable is it?

    Anyone have a FABE for their Jamman Stereo? I usually play standing up and I don't have to have to be extra careful to use it. Its made of rubber and I'm not sure how sturdy it is. The demos don't really show it being "Stomped."...
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    FS: Black Arts Toneworks Clone, Digitech FS3-X, Boss PS-6 Harmonist

    Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Clone: Controls: Volume, Fuzz, Tone and Highs control. Switch for input sensitivity. 3-way switch for choosing different clipping diodes - silicon, no diodes and germanium. Wired True-bypass, top mounted jacks. Runs on 9V adapter (Boss type) only. No Battery power...
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    Clear Nail Polish for dents; buffing the area

    I've used clear nail polish before to fill small dented areas on a neck. This was done on necks without color/painted. My SG has two small dents I filled with nail polish. I'm going to sand the area with very fine sand paper and then a micro fiber pad (3M). What can I use to buff the area...
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    Guitar capacitors: Good yet not $14 a cap.

    I'd like to get some better quality caps in my SG and Aria Pro II. The SG has stock ceramic and the poly in the Aria. I know there are bumble bee caps and other stuff that is NOS and $12 a piece. Though it isn't lots of money, it is still more than I want to spend for a capacitor. Any...
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    Behringer US600 rules and pwns you all

    bypass is poo but nothing a TB looper can't fix. You can find them used for pretty cheap - got mine for $25 shipped from the Emporium. I think they're like $49 new on Amazon. Does it handle crazy polyphonic chords? No, but it handles 5ths and simple chords well and does some cool stuff...
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    Shipping a guitar with case

    Where do you get your shipping boxes? How do you pack it all?
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    Eventide H9 and Factor preset availabilty

    I recall reading some time ago that not all of the effect types from the factor series were available for free with the H9 - that Eventide only gives you access to a certain amount, and you have to buy the rest. Is that true?
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    FS: 80s Ibanez Roadstar II RS335 MIJ with case

    Selling my roadstar II. These are great guitars if you don't already know about them. Made in Japan, play great. This has some dings, paint chips. This is what looks like a finish crack on the rear of the stock. It doesn't appear to be in the wood. I've had the guitar for 4 years, with the crack...
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    SG neck joint crack - just finish crack?

    Note, the heel and body - that doesn't appeal to be a crack, there is just some crud on the neck.
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    Echo Park: It's no joke.

    I've had maybe 3 over time. Used it paired with other delays or when I downsized from multi-preset delays. For the longest time now I've just been using my modded DD-5 but wanted something else. I got a line a EP for a good price so I got it. What a freakin sweet pedal, it has it all; good...
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    FS: Custom Pitch Vibrato/Chorus (Demo inside)

    This is a pedal I built that combines part of the circuit of the Mid-Fi Electronics Pitch Pirate and the Electric Druid Tap LFO. It's a pitch vibrato and chorus. The controls are (Upper Left to Bottom Right): Blend, Depth 1 (Ppirate circuit) Bottom row - Speed, Wave form select, Depth 2 - of...
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