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  1. groovemeister

    van damme pro classic xke instrument cable...any good?

    does anyone use this cable for patch cables for their pedalboards? a local guy makes patch cables at a great price with this cable but i can't find alot of reviews on it, other than it being fairly low capacitance. cheers
  2. groovemeister

    blues hippo versus analogman chorus for vibratone?

    loving the blue hippo for a faux vibratone sound but get annoyed by the lack of a blend knob. has anyone done a shootout with the hippo & am chorus? if so, which do you prefer for this application only?
  3. groovemeister

    rmc 11 or bmf to replace area 51?

    i've rocked the area 51 for about 8 years now and really dig it but the narrow sweep s&%*s me.. mine is an early one without any tweaking options. it is a classic sound but all the action happens in such a tiny band... I was reading how the new rmc 11 has a wide sweep and then i listened to the...
  4. groovemeister

    keeley aurora versus omni reverb - is the plate the same algorithm?

    looking for a simple reverb to be mostly always on -not an ambient guy - hate spring - love plate & room - i play mostly blues & classic rock. Anybody compare the two Keeley's? omni is cheaper but i'm wondering if the plate is as good as the aurora?
  5. groovemeister

    champ options in australia

    tossing up between a 57 custom champ & and the achillies tweed champ - how's the achillies? any other options down here? cheers
  6. groovemeister

    am i the only one who thinks the stock speaker in the 65 drri sounds superb??

    i notice alot of peeps throw different speakers in these - are they bored or really just don't vibe on the jensen c12k speaker? i also seem to go against the flow by liking the bright cap lol
  7. groovemeister

    let's see your blues rock machines of modern funk

    here's mine....the space on the top row is for an sp compressor when it arrives
  8. groovemeister

    anybody else replace their univibe with a phase 95?

    i love my classic vibe cv-2.... but after doing a side by side with my phase 95 on 45 mode with script on & the dial at midday, i'd be damned if i can hear that much difference lol..... and if you add a touch of tremolo to the 95 it sounds even closer. the univibe I guess has a bit more...
  9. groovemeister

    sch-1 versus blue hippo for leslie

    anyone play both? just wondering which one is better for leslie tones on the cheap?
  10. groovemeister

    holy crap....the yellow side is a superstar

    so his majesty the king of tone came today....superb pedal. the high gain red side is great but the yellow side is the real superstar - best boost i have ever heard and so transparent - you really do hear your guitar & amp. there is something very alive in this pedal - an energy and a rawness...
  11. groovemeister

    tube screamer before or after king of tone

    so the king is finally on its way to my joint and i'm curious as to how many peeps run their tube screamer before the king and how many after? obviously, I will try both when it arrives but love to see the ways peeps are using the two pedals
  12. groovemeister

    phase 95 for leslie??

    digging the versatility of this pedal and wanna pull the trigger but i'm curious to hear if it can pull a poor mans leslie tone? i know the 45 does a decent uni vibe approx but how is this 95 pedal in 45 mode with the script button pushed down for a leslie imitation ?
  13. groovemeister

    bad bob with gain knob option?

    anyone have the bad bob booster with the gain knob option? just wondering if the range of the gain turns the pedal into an overdrive pedal or if it merely makes bobby dirtier as a boost lol?
  14. groovemeister

    ditto x2 is a piece of crap - massive volume issue, switch issues

    k so i play in an acoustic duo and was using a boss rc1 - great simple little looper that never failed me. i was told the x2 ditto had superior loop playback quality to the boss so i thought i'd give it a try. After 6 months i've had nothing but trouble with - every third gig or so i'll press...
  15. groovemeister

    boss rc 3 question

    hey looper peeps....so i'm playing in an acoustic duo with my rc1(only guitarist in duo)and so far its perfect for what i do... i record a live loop on the fly in the verse then solo over later in the song but I'm at the point where i really want to store some loops-some songs the chord...
  16. groovemeister

    what is the best replacement footswitch these days?

    I'm having a nightmare time with footswitches at my last couple of gigs. my catalinbread sft is the main offender having to hit it about 10 times before coming on and then my dls mk3 but not as serious YET!!! then my korg pitch-black - i actually had to press it with my hand to get it to work...
  17. groovemeister

    fly rig plexi- fly rig brit -much difference?

    my duo is going electric and i don't wanna lug an amp/pedalboard anymore, so i'm thinking bout the fly rig as a moron friendly simple set up to plug straight into the pa... i figure this will make self mixing on stage with the backing tracks, vocals etc...a hell of alot easier too than with the...
  18. groovemeister

    best capo for string benders on acoustic??

    i'm playing in an acoustic duo where many songs we do, i play the guitar more like an electric - i have 11's on my acoustic and play big bends on leads, often on songs with a capo....any suggestions for the best capo for this application?
  19. groovemeister

    weird looper question -live tap tempo?

    does the rc 2 or 3 let you sync the tempo of a pre-recorded loop on the fly? e.g. i play in an acoustic duo, i would like to use short pre recorded loops to solo over but sync them in time to the tempo we're currently playing -ie: i don't want to tap the tempo at the start of the song- i wanna...
  20. groovemeister

    dumb voltage doubling question....

    so i just borrowed a dude's sl drive to see if i wanna buy it. anyway, i'd like to see how it sounds at 18 volts but am scared to plug it into the 18volt tap on my power supply. the reason i'm worried is that i see exotic sells a special voltage doubler for this pedal. anyone know if it must...
  21. groovemeister

    dls mk3 noisy switch

    had this pedal on my board for a couple years now and still digging it as much as the day i got it but.....it seems to have developed a noisy switch.anyone else have the same problem? it has always made a little click when you turn it on but now it seems to make a bit of a fizzy, crackling noise...
  22. groovemeister

    purple plexi for high gain??

    thinking of adding a second marshall in a box to my board. i wanna keep the dlsmk3 in super bass mode on my board and am tossing up between putting an sl drive in super lead or a purple plexi next to it to be used for high gain. i notice alot of peeps seem to dig the purple plexi but is it a...
  23. groovemeister

    anyone know what happened to the argentinian dude?

    wondering if sabbadius pedals still exists? can't seem to get onto their website.....
  24. groovemeister

    shootout for high gain spot.....rat v sl drive

    i've got a spot on my board now for high gain but can't decide......rat or sl drive? which one rules supreme and why?
  25. groovemeister

    is there a dm-2w user in the building that previously had an aqua puss mk2??

    anyone go from aqua puss to dm-2w? which to you like the best for slap?
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