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    DAT to PC

    Hey Guys, I have an interesting project here at work where we need to get audio off a Sony DT-120 tape and get it to CD. I can do this in my home studio but I need a DAT recorder/player. Does anyone know what type of DAT recorder I should be looking for? I know it's a stupid question. I just...
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    Boost for already high gain

    Hey Guys, I am in the market for a boost pedal to run in front of my Mark IV. Alot of tunes we play in my band are mostly high gain (esp the leads) when I go to play a lead I usually stomp on my barber but it doesnt seem to give me a decible boost just fattens up the tone and may even take...
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    Motu 828 Mkii

    So I think I am going to pick one of these up. My question is, how well does is handle simultaneous tracking? I do alot of live recording in my band an need around 8 channels simultaneous from various mics in front of cabs, drums, etc. Has anyone had any experience with this? I will be...
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    Where is the "How Zeppelin was recorded" Post?

    Does anyone remember this post? I think it was about When The Levee Breaks and how it was recorded. The guy who recorded it posted here. I am dying to read that again. If anyone remembers where it is or what it was called I would appreciate it. Thanks -MattB
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    Home Recording on a Laptop for CHEAP

    Hello, I am looking into getting something to do some tracking of new songs I write at home, before I bring these tunes to the table for my band. I want something that is either USB or PCMCIA compatible. I will probably only record a guitar track and a drum beat from a drum machine. It...
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