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    Please recommend source for pickup wire

    Hello TGP. I want to add a new Seymour Duncan pup to my telecaster. The wire gauge that comes with it is very thin. What gauge are you using? Where are you buying it from? If you would kindly suggest an affordable solder station, too, it would be appreciated. I have an iron and it will not...
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    Amps that have features to half power or lower the power and the impact on tube lifes

    Lately, I have seen amps that allow the user to half the wattage or make some adjustment downward. It is an interesting concept, especially for pushing the tubes harder at lower volumes. However, does a feature like this burn the tube out faster? My sense is that it does. Anyone with some tech...
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    The Egnater fad run its course?

    Between some build/reliability issues and questionable choices like the lousy idea for a parallel fx loop in the tweaker, is Egnater on the way out?
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    Do you mix delay and reverb?

    I have expanded my board recently. I have two delays, boss dd7 and mxr carbon copy; my reverb is a digitech rv-7. I have had some success with mixing spring verb and a fast, subtle repeat on the cc. I use this with clean passages. When I play alone, adding some dirt, an mxr custom OD, it...
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    If your pedals are boutique, what about the wife's lingerie?

    My gear is mainstream and I get wifey stuff occasionally from boutiques, but mostly vicki's, the Boss of lady's evening wear.
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    Help with boss dd7 and tap tempo

    Just acquired a boss dd7 and tap tempo. So, help me here, it appears the tap tempo only sets the beat and does not turn on the pedal? So it is two steps? Tempo tapped, step on pedal? The reverse works too, have the pedal on and then tap.
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    Hard rock Guitarist in search of a interesting gig: anything out there beyond...

    When I was in college, gigs were plentiful. I had original music, played some jazz, classical and went to blues jams. Twenty years later, it is me and my DAW. I find most rock gigs filled with the same covers, different band. I was about to join one of these recently but backed out, as I am not...
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    Behringer pb1000-mods for better 2nd row access

    Hi folks. I have a behringer pb1000 that nicely holds all my pedals. However, accessing the second row is tough, as it is same level as the first. Has anyone moded one of these? Thanks in advance and I am not interested in another brand.
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    Marshall dsl guys question about speaker

    Hi everyone, I just added a dsl15c to the studio. It is a nice piece of gear. The speaker is a special celestion g12e 60w. I contacted celestion and received a very vague response, stating only that the speaker is a special design for marshall. I am wondering what is special about it? How does...
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    Modding an end in itself?

    Modders, you know them, I know them. Someone has a NAD and a modder will sound off, suggesting new tubes, speakers, or whatnot. While I think some of it is well intended, and useful should a person be seeking a certain sound, modding is a compulsion at times. I frankly wonder why folks suggest...
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    Hovering GC Salesman

    Was at local GC to try out an Egnater amp. I asked the sales guy if I could use a les paul, which he said was fine. Well, they had music blaring and I could not get into the amp, let alone properly tune. So I asked if I could move into one of the glass enclosed showrooms. He paused but then...
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    Blackstar Amp Enthusiasts Sound Off

    Hi folks, I have been using a 5 watt Blackstar ht-r with a 1x12 for studio work. I am getting amazing dirty tones. So much more flexible than my old JCM 800. I love the sonic variety from the ISF. What is your success story?
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    Guitar ID Help: Mark Kendall of Great White 80s

    Would someone kindly tell me the builder/maker of the the red guitar played by Mark Kendall of Great White in the 80s? I have looked high and low without success. Thank you in advance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ_IBtwYTYM
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    Mark St. John of Kiss - what model Jackson did he use?

    Does anyone have info on Mark's Jackson guitar? Model? Specs?
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    Distortion Pedals -- Bass Signal Cut

    Hello Everyone, Would someone please explain this sonic phenomena and offer a solution, if possible: I have a an MXR Classic Distortion and an Ibanez Tube Screamer, which I place in front of my Blackstar 5 watt tube amp. The amp's gain is gorgeous (to me) on its own. The output is well...
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    Greetings from Washington, DC

    Hello and greetings! I'm a musician living in the Washington, DC area. I started guitar when I was around 8 and have been playing ever since. Due to a good job, these days, I have had the fortune of exploring gear and guitars, I otherwise could not afford. The Internet and publications, such as...
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