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    Nash s 63 w Lollards pickups ....dull?

    Just recently pulled a set of Lollar Blondes out of a 62 thin skin reissue. Installed a set of Seymour Duncan Psychedelic Strat Pickups wound by the one and only MJ. I think she winds some great pickups. Quite an improvement to my old ears.
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    How to reconcile balancing an expensive guitarist hobby with life, bills and responsibility?

    I don’t know your age. Myself, I was in my early 40’s before I felt I could buy really nice anything for a hobby. By then there was always money left over. Before then it just would of caused stress trying to pay for it on top of all the necessary stuff for the family. Being debt free is a...
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    Why do so many people not like thin wizard necks?

    I don’t play a guitar with that neck but I wear a XXL glove and much prefer a slim neck. Fat necks are just uncomfortable and slow. A guitar with a slim neck seems to put out a lot more vibration which makes sense. Stiff fat necks seem to dampen vibration and the sound is duller to me. I can...
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    Boutique pickups are BS - Change my mind

    Someone call Virgil Arlo and get the absolute truth on this subject :crazyguy
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    Boutique pickups are BS - Change my mind

    I think boutique pickups sound really good. Almost as good as Duncan’s.
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    PRS Guitars only! What is your favorite model PRS.

    Stripped 58 I chose it over the SC because I don’t like neck binding. Great guitar but then I think the 57/08’s would shine in any guitar.
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    PRS McCarty - What Pickups?

    My Custom 22 can't handle long leg pickups. If your McCarty can handle the long legs so you can get them low enough I would install a set of Duncan Seth Lovers. I bet you will love the results with the type of tones you mentioned. For slightly less output go with a set of Duncan Antiquities...
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    When do you all believe music started to decline?

    The 70’s had disco. How could you get any worse than that?
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    What Pedals Have You Bought in 2021?

    The only thing I’ve bought is a Source Audio Nemesis Delay. Been messing around with it getting some good sounds but if the truth be told it is not even close to the sound quality of my Strymon Timeline.
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    Your ALL-TIME FAVORITE set of strat pickups

    I think these pickups and guitars fly way under the tone radar. They are awesome.
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    Delay Recommendations

    I should of got the Timeline first instead of all the others I bought.
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    What’s “wrong” with my 1998 Historic R8?

    I was just gonna say it’s a Gibson and that would cover everything :p
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    "the sound" of heavy and light les pauls

    All I know is if you play sitting down the heavy one will make your thigh sore. Being a heavy Les Paul if you let go of it even for a second the neck will slap you in the face as it instantly rolls back off your leg. With a sore leg and face I’m afraid that would bias my decision about the tone.
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    Strat Pickup Rabbit Hole: Help!

    I have Lollar Fralin Klein Raw Vintage D Allen Mojotone Duncan Antiquity II Surfs Right now the Surfs are my favorite of the bunch and may be what you’re looking for with the hotter bridge pickup. Sweetwater sells antiquities without the cosmetic aging and that’s what I have. You mentioned...
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    I'll admit it. Brand matters to me

    All kinds of people. I have a buddy that doesn’t play guitar but every time he buys anything he has to try something different. He thinks it would be boring to buy the same brand over and over. Boy has he been through new trucks and golf clubs. I occasionally try different things but if...
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    NGD Xotic XCS 1

    The first scratch or ding is a non-issue. Really I like Xotic guitars and Raw Vintage pickups.
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    Anyone use their DD-500 for almost EVERYTHING, like me?

    I have a 500 and do think it’s a great delay pedal although the programming can be really time consuming. I’ve messed around with the options but generally use it for delay. I later bought a Strymon Timeline and still use both but the Timeline has become by my favorite of the two. If I hadn’t...
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    PRS DGT Not Sure The Pickups Are For Me

    Do you know what value pots and caps are used in this guitar? That could be a factor with the dark tone.
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    David Allen Pickups gone?

    Glad you received them. I have a set of Tru 62’s that are good pickups but I seriously doubt he had anything to do with winding them. But then some of the greatest strat pickups the world has ever heard were probably wound by some totally unknown person working in Fenders winding shop. I hope...
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    POLL : Is there REALLY any animosity on TGP for PRS Players, or for anyone that has a guitar with a nice top?

    If you don’t own or want to own a PRS guitar why would you start threads on the subject? Just pot stirring?
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    POLL : Is there REALLY any animosity on TGP for PRS Players, or for anyone that has a guitar with a nice top?

    Your big thread turned out to be one radical, irrational guy on some kind of crusade against PRS. Everyone else was pretty sane. This thread is just you trying to keep the ball rolling.
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    $2500 budget and want to buy a PRS

    Since you’re interested in used and not wanting a trem I would try to check out the SC 58 or Stripped 58. I like the bridge and stop tail on these and with the 57/08 pickups they Sound great clean or dirty. I have the Stripped 58. My favorite PRS.
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    New Pickups in 60 Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster

    I wouldn't change these pickups without trying to adjust to the sweetest spot. Fender makes some great pickups.
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