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  1. GuitarToma

    Npd! Musicomlab Efx Mkiv

    Daisy chain, no problem. That's what I did with my big three Strymons. Just make sure you set the midi channel on each pedal. And yes, those right angle midi cables from btpa rock. There's a slight learning curve in the programming (just like anything really), once I figured it out programming...
  2. GuitarToma

    Ovation Guitars

    Here's my 1967 Ovation Legend. It was initially owned by a salesman for Kaman music who kept it stored in a music store in one of the towns he made sales calls to. He just wanted to have something to play when he was in town. When I was in my young 20's, I helped out with music at my church's...
  3. GuitarToma

    Great builders no longer in business

    Soulsonic FX hit a sweet spot for me. At some point he just built per order, but is no longer building at all now. I feel lucky enough have his Shizzle Deluxe, a wonderful Fuzz/OD - and it's a great looking pedal to boot.
  4. GuitarToma

    Want to clear coat back of LP to protect Slash signature

    I don't have any pics to post that shows the 3M clear. It does not have any effect whatsoever on the ink, nor does it collect moisture or anything. I have seen people shoot a clear coat and have it melt the sharpie ink however. Clear coat is solvent based and can make the sharpie ink run.
  5. GuitarToma

    Les Paul HP II - thoughts?

    Bumpin this up - anyone?
  6. GuitarToma

    Les Paul HP II - thoughts?

    Hey peeps - the more I look at the new 2018 HP II Les Paul, the more I am digging it. I'm having trouble finding thoughtful reviews though and am curious if any of you fine folk own one or have played them? I haven't played one yet, can't find one in a local store. I like the idea of the wider...
  7. GuitarToma

    Want to clear coat back of LP to protect Slash signature

    3M Clear Vinyl. Like the kind they use to wrap cars. Works like a charm. I have a 90's Jackson that is signed by Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson.
  8. GuitarToma

    I need some new guitar cables..

    I can't say enough good about Sinasoid. Custom made cables without the super high cost. I have bought a few cables from them and they are superb. www.sinasoid.com They have a virtual cable builder too. It's pretty cool. http://www.sinasoid.com/v/builder.html
  9. GuitarToma

    Any Alesis Quadraverb love? How does it stack up to modern reverb pedals?

    My 90's Rig consisted of a Carvin Quad-X with a Quadraverb in the effects loop. Ran that all through a Mosvalve Power Amp into a Crate 4x12. The Crate had two inputs to run both sides of the cabinet as left and right. It sounded amazing!!! I used a Midi Buddy to change the patches on the...
  10. GuitarToma

    Does anyone use a wireless from pedalboard to amp?

    I had long considered using a wireless system to go from board to amp, solely for the need to isolate the amp for low stage volume. I never did try it out though. Would love to hear others' comments about the possibility.
  11. GuitarToma

    I need a new guitar cable, suggestions?

    I really like Sinasoid. They're a relatively new company out of Seattle. They have ready made cables but will also custom build a cable for you. Their online cable-builder is pretty cool. I have a few cables from them and they are very well made. Pricing is very reasonable as well...
  12. GuitarToma

    Coolest guitar strap companies?

    I really dig Anthology. https://www.anthologygearwear.com Pricey, but dang they are nice.
  13. GuitarToma

    PSA: DOD Boneshaker blowout for $39.99 with free shipping direct!

    $40? Why the heck not. PULLED THAT TRIGGER!!! Oh yeah. What does this pedal do anyway? ;-)
  14. GuitarToma

    Zendrive - orginal or fake?

    Interesting that the chip's numbers weren't scratched off either, unless someone swapped out the chip which is entirely possible.
  15. GuitarToma

    Show your small board! Swiss army knives and leathal weapons only!!!

    Oh I love it. I mainly use it for a boost, but when I want a nice gritty clean - it's wonderful!
  16. GuitarToma

    Show your small board! Swiss army knives and leathal weapons only!!!

    This is my Gilmour/Rock board. Nice array of OD tones and simple delay. That's all I need for what I'm doing right now.
  17. GuitarToma

    So is there really an advantage/use for having a Tuner Out?

    The tuner out is generally always on, so you don't need to mute the signal to tune. Personally, I really like having the tuner on all the time.
  18. GuitarToma

    UPDATED: Pedalboard Design Inspired by Temple Boards

    You might want to consider getting a set of these:
  19. GuitarToma

    UPDATED: Pedalboard Design Inspired by Temple Boards

    Nice build. Do you know how much it weighs?
  20. GuitarToma

    Cable Direction--an objective test

    Man, what a funsucker. ;)
  21. GuitarToma

    Cable Direction--an objective test

    So I've heard the argument is that if you use a cable continually in one direction the atoms begin orienting themselves in that direction. So you need to duplicate this test after using one cable in one direction for like ten years. Then turn it around. You will totally piss off all those...
  22. GuitarToma

    New band, new board. Really happy!

    Nice! I really am loving the simplicity of a small board.
  23. GuitarToma

    New band, new board. Really happy!

    That's pretty awesome. Very cool man.
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