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  1. HellRot

    NPD:Sola Sound Tonebender MKII 90's Ri

    Hello. Do you still have that pedal?
  2. HellRot

    Effectrode Glass-A Triode Buffer

    I’ve had it since 2012 or so. Still on my board. Beautiful piece of gear.
  3. HellRot

    Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall vs Analogman ARDX20

    I have both and still love my ARDX more
  4. HellRot

    Sold Analogman ARDX20 w/Amaze1

    "Post pictures shortly"... :) I've read that many times before :)
  5. HellRot

    Sold RYRA Klone

    I got beautiful cherry sparkle RYRA. New, in box.
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  9. HellRot

    Sold Analogman Juicer

    Buy a Analogman Dual Mini Comp. Kill two birds with one stone.
  10. HellRot

    Sold Chase Bliss Audio: Warped Vinyl HiFi Limited Edition Orange

    Hi, can you, please, send more pics of WVHiFi. Interested. Thanks!
  11. HellRot

    Eric Clapton's late 80's - early 90's Tone

    Yeah, and now we have John Mayer using the same rig for his last LP.
  12. HellRot

    Mac or PC For Home Recording?

    I’ve been recording since the 90s with Cakewalk on PC; then I switched to Mac with Logic Pro. Then tried Cubase 7.5 around 2011 - didn’t really like it in terms of the learning curve. But then a month ago my friend, a professional studio guy, urged me to upgrade to a Cubase 10! Wow, it’s much...
  13. HellRot

    Spaceman Orion Reverb?

    I powered up mine with the GigRig virtual battery - became very quiet!
  14. HellRot

    Two Rock + Klon = meh...

    You’re not the only one. My Klon does sound thin.
  15. HellRot

    New Analogman AMAZE1

    Amazing how the prices for the old one went crazy up! ))) $350-400.
  16. HellRot

    New Analogman AMAZE1

    Digging out the topic. Mike, your Box is full, so writing here: what is the exact difference between Amaze0 and Amaze1? Should I get a new version for my ARDX20 or old will work better? Thanks.
  17. HellRot

    EVM-12L lore

    Time to dig out this great thread. Rise!
  18. HellRot

    Sold Jim Kelley/suhr maple hardwood ltd combo mint

    What if I just wanna jerk off to the greatest amp ever? ;)
  19. HellRot

    Sold Jim Kelley/suhr maple hardwood ltd combo mint

    Can we have pics here also, please? Thanks!
  20. HellRot

    Sold Allyn Meyers Concorde - NOS Tubes - Bubinga / Quilted Maple KF50 Headshell

    Frankly, I can't think of the components better than those used in Komet.
  21. HellRot

    The OFFICIAL Trainwreck thread............

    Resurrect! :)
  22. HellRot

    Sold GasPedals Carb, Timmy, Weehbo JCM !!

    Hey, bidding for the gal. :)
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