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  1. CowTipton

    If Tommy Emmanuel and Paul Gilbert were playing on stage together...

    ...who would be having more fun? Are there any other musicians who always seem to be enjoying what they’re doing?
  2. CowTipton

    Favorite acoustic/electric for the money?

    Among electric guitars it's fairly well accepted that the PRS SE line of guitars (and a few others) give you excellent value for the money. You can pick them up used for under $400 regularly and they're very good instruments. Is there an equivalent among acoustic/electric guitars?
  3. CowTipton

    Sold Wampler Sovereign Distortion *Price Drop*

    For sale: Very good condition Wampler Sovereign Distortion Very versatile pedal, from light OD-ish sounds to full saturated distortion. Check out Brett Kingman's demo on youtube. Velcro on back. Pedal only, no original box or paperwork. $$$SOLD$$$ IMG_0674 by CowTipton posted Nov 2, 2018 at...
  4. CowTipton

    Sold Line 6 Sonic Port (for iPhone, iPad)

    Line 6 Sonic Port In good condition, works perfectly. Both cords, the original box and paperwork included. Great interface for your iphone or ipad. See pics for condition. $$$SOLD$$$. IMG_0673 by CowTipton posted Oct 30, 2018 at 2:40 PMIMG_0672 by CowTipton posted Oct 30, 2018 at 2:40...
  5. CowTipton

    Sold Korg Pitchblack Poly Tuner *Price Drop*

    Selling two pedals: EHX Soul Food. No mods. In good condition, works perfectly. No paperwork or extras included just the pedal. See pics for cosmetic condition. Velcro on back. $SOLD$ Korg Pitchblack Poly Tuner In good condition, works perfectly. Can tune individual strings or strum all 6...
  6. CowTipton

    Sold HBE Detox EQ (Paul Gilbert)

    Used HBE Detox EQ (Paul Gilbert) Works great, a few dings and scratches. A little leftover sticker material on the outside of the switch and velcro on back. See pics. What makes this pedal different is that if you set the level low it works as a clean-up for a dirty amp like rolling your...
  7. CowTipton

    The Rocky Mountain Way on AXSTV

    If you didn't get a chance to see (or record) this last week, it will be on again later this week. Check your listings. It's a concert that took place in Colorado with Joe Walsh and Barnstorm, Garth Brooks, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and several others. Worth watching for Walsh alone, he sounded...
  8. CowTipton


    https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/msg/d/custom-unique-one-of-kind/6611220923.html How would you disinfect it?
  9. CowTipton

    The Big 3 - Beatles, Rolling Stones, and.....?

    Zeppelin? The Who? Van Halen? Honestly I think it's AC/DC. If we're talking worldwide sales and touring, has there ever been a more successful band? What do you think?
  10. CowTipton

    Sold MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay

    Green sparkle body Carbon Copy No original box or paperwork as I bought it used Works great Cosmetically good, just has some small scuff and nick marks like it's been stepped on or something Velcro on back $80 (firm) PP shipped via UPS Ground with signature confirmation Not interested in...
  11. CowTipton

    Decent headphones for home practice/fun?

    I'm in the market for a decent pair of headphones as substitutes for my small monitors when playing at odd hours when noise must be kept to a minimum. The vast majority of the time it'd be through a HD500X. Once in a while through a THR10 and more rarely through my iPad with the Sonic Port. I'd...
  12. CowTipton

    CMA Music Festival on ABC tonight

    Lots of nice gear so far. Eric Church is currently playing a blonde Gibson with P-90's.
  13. CowTipton

    Stadium brand guitar picks

    Anyone using these? One of my employees made me a small tin with Van Halen colors and a few of these picks inside (very nice of her.) They feel similar to Tortex but a little rougher. I like 'em even if they are made in China as I suspect. If anyone knows where I can buy a few dozen of the...
  14. CowTipton

    Sammy Hagar live

    Just saw 'em in Naperville, IL. Sammy Michael Anthony Vic Johnson Jason Bonham Good show, albeit a bit short. They played 4-5 Zep songs along with a mix of solo Sammy and Van Halen stuff. Vic was mostly playing a Les Paul Axcess through Blackstar heads but also brought out a beautiful...
  15. CowTipton

    Strat fingerboard dots greying out

    Hey all, I recently noticed that the inlay dots on my Strat are greying out giving an odd cat's eye effect as the black underneath peeks through only partially. I assume it's the lacquer or whatever they used to coat it starting to come up from the neck. Pic below: It seems to be cosmetic...
  16. CowTipton

    Nice little trick: Pseudo Feedback from your HD500(X)

    Okay so I'm not sure if it has been posted already but here's a really cool little trick you can do with your HD500(X): Set one of your effects blocks to Pitch Glide Make it +12.0 (one octave higher) Now go to Controllers and set your Pitch Glide to the expression toe switch and Exp 1...
  17. CowTipton

    Has anyone ordered a Jet Slide lately?

    I ordered one from the site last Friday and haven't heard anything yet. I Paypalled immediately and left a phone msg for Gary a few days ago but haven't received any shipping info or even a confirmation of the order. Any previous experience from our TGP members?
  18. CowTipton

    Marshall JCM800 4210 combo - newbie question

    My power switch works but does not light up. Can anyone point me to a reliable replacement that I can swap in? I've ended up leaving the amp on a few times because I don't see any glow and I'm absent-minded.
  19. CowTipton

    Howard Leese is the man

    Watching this Bad Company concert on AXS TV and Howard is doing all of the heavy lifting musically. Also, his performance on the self-titled Heart album is among the greatest lead performances ever, in my opinion of course. Up there with Friedman on RiP.
  20. CowTipton

    Black 3-way pickup selector switch for Charvel So Cal

    Has anyone ever replaced one of these? If yes, might you have a part # from StewMac or Allparts? I need a new one and want to be sure to order the correct item. I emailed Charvel but haven't received a reply yet. Thanks
  21. CowTipton

    Experiencing an error with HD500x

    Seems almost every time I load it up one patch will have been copied across to another set list or two. For example, patch 2A will have been copied from set list 1 over to set lists 3 and 5 into the 2A slot overwriting what was there previously. Luckily I've been saving my set lists so I...
  22. CowTipton

    Matte featured in April 2014 Guitar Player magazine!

    Page 58. Nice!
  23. CowTipton

    Splittable HB that matches well with Area 58/67 (neck/mid) ??

    I'm looking to switch out my HSS superstrat pickup set. I'd like to go with the Area 58 in the neck and 67 in the mid. Anyone had any success pairing a splittable HB in the bridge that might be a good tone/output match? Open to suggestions. Thanks.
  24. CowTipton

    Line 6 DT25 combo vs Blackstar ID:60 or 260

    I've narrowed it down to one of these choices. Anyone wanna offer advice on why or why not to purchase either of these models over the others? Pros - Cons?
  25. CowTipton

    Are you in the 36 to 39 year-old age range?

    Nobody cares what you've been listening to over the last 14 years. :puh
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