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  1. outtahear

    Revivaldrive Compact: what I've Learned

    One more, if you please.....
  2. outtahear

    discussion about guitar kits

    Bargain Musician has a parts delete option....check the coupons link... https://www.bargainmusician.com
  3. outtahear

    What is the most obscure brand guitar that you own?

    Loic LePape double cut. Hollow steel body, mahogany/rosewood neck, WCR p-90 and V.I.P. pots.
  4. twwyls637enrlehxjtkk.jpg


  5. outtahear

    Sold used but strong matched pair of GE 6L6GC

  6. IMG_20210213_171946.jpg


  7. outtahear

    AVOID Anton Luvana/VintagecollectionsAU

    Purchased "Brass Saddles and plate -Andy Summers TELE/telecaster models" from him through Etsy. https://i.etsystatic.com/13951512/r/il/63d1f0/2774141907/il_794xN.2774141907_sbv2.jpg this arrived today Chromed steel, (yup-that's a magnet stuck to the plate. Saddles steel as well) sprayed...
  8. IMG_20210213_164002.jpg


  9. outtahear

    Sold THORPY Camoflange #77 $300 all in!

    Yep-screwed the pooch, need $$ now! NEW CONDITION! Box paperwork, etc. Early issue with us made chips from lovetone honcho Dan Coggins' stash! Best flanger ever, non swoosh and hiss division. Number 77 made. $300 includes shipping, no taxes ($30 in CA)! P.M. if you wants......
  10. IMG_20201210_152401.jpg


  11. outtahear

    Silicon Tonebender MKII roundup

    This! Got an Animals Pedals (Japan) version of this, fun pedal!!
  12. outtahear

    Any new, small builders from last 2-3 years you’ve take a chance on and won?

    Loic LePape... This 'un's mine. Hollow steel body, mahogany neck. Early Jim Wagner dogear, VIP pots. Been fan of his work for a year before this one coming up for sale, really an impulse buy. Hard to explain, but haven't been this inspired by a guitar since I played Jimmy Scott's 24 fret...
  13. outtahear

    Show your custom-built guitars Thread!

    Hollow steel body, mahogany/rosewood neck. WCR P-90, VIP pots, Pio cap.
  14. outtahear

    Help Me Name Some Pedals

    "Gai-jin and tonic" brit hi gainer "Tonebento" fuzz "Easysqueezyjapanesey" compressor
  15. outtahear

    Help Me Name Some Pedals

    Gwen Dibley's Flying Circus. You can' t name a pedal "Cornflakes".
  16. outtahear

    About Gibson lp junior

    ^Dem's iz fartin' words!!!!^ (Maybe 3 pickups is a specialer special?).
  17. outtahear

    Rick Turner “Strat Killer”

    Got a bit of a BURNS Bison thing going, design wise.. (my wallet really didn't need to see this.....)
  18. outtahear

    Why did J.Mayor dump FENDER for PRS??

    Taters Swift acttually got her butt hurt by JM, 1 song. JM dumps Ferden, 131 posts.
  19. outtahear

    Orianthi Signature Plexi Pedal

    like the woman who inspired it.
  20. outtahear

    lumpy's tone shop?

    Anyone get any updates?
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