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    Sold Fractal FM3 with Headphone Jack

    I am the original owner. I just bought it in mid-December. It will ship in the original boxes/packing material. It has never left my desk and it's in flawless condition. I'm just not using it enough to hang onto it. SOLD shipped UPS Ground. I'll cover all of the shipping and PayPal fees. I'm...
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    Sold Line 6 Helix Floor

    I bought this from Sweetwater a little over a year ago. I used it for about a month and then put it back in the box when my playing situation changed. It's an awesome piece of gear, but I just don't need it. I have the original box and the Sweetwater shipping box, so it should be kept safe in...
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    Sold Voodoo Lab Pedal Power - Voodoo Lab 4x4 - Power Supply

    The Pedal Power is the original version. All outputs are 9 volt and 100 milliamp. It's in very good shape and it functions perfectly. It comes with plenty of power leads and a power cord. The 4x4 is in very good shape and it functions perfectly. It also comes with plenty of power leads and a...
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    Sold Turbo Tuner Mini - Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal - DOD 250 Overdrive

    All pedals are in excellent condition and function 100% as they should. The DOD has paint missing on the bottom plate from velcro removal. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees. No trades. Turbo Tuner Mini - $105 - SOLD MVP - $75 - SOLD DOD 250 - $35 - SOLD
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    Sold Keeley Compressor Plus

    I just bought this Keeley Compressor Plus a few weeks ago. It's in perfect shape and it works great. SOLD.
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    Sold Strymon Flint

    I just bought this Strymon Flint from Sweetwater a few weeks ago. It's in mint condition. Comes with the box, power supply etc. SOLD
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    Sold Fractal Audio AX8

    I bought this about a month ago to try out. I've decided to stick to the old gear that I'm used to using. It will ship in the original packaging. It works perfectly. SOLD
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    Sold Bondi Effects Sick As Overdrive

    Mint condition. Only a few hours use. Side jacks. No trades, please. $179 shipped in the USA.
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    Sold Warmoth Strat Neck - Roasted Maple - Stainless Frets

    I've had this neck for about 2 years. I parted out the guitar a while ago with plans of using the neck again, but I'm probably not going to get around to it. The neck is raw roasted maple, which has a great feel to it. It had Hipshot locking tuners on it. I was able to get nice, low action...
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    Sold Source Audio Nemesis Delay - SOLD

    I bought this Nemesis Delay new this spring and I've used it for only a few minutes. It's in perfect shape and it works 100% as it should. I'm just not using it. It comes with the original box, paperwork and power supply. $220 shipped in the continental USA only. I'll cover the PayPal fees. No...
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    Sold Suhr Classic Pro - HSS - Olympic White

    I've decided to sell my Olympic White Suhr Classic Pro. It's been a great guitar for me. It's in near flawless condition. It has one minor ding on the top (pictured) from a guitar cord strike. Other than that, it's perfect with no issues. It has stainless frets, so no fret wear. It has a nicely...
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    Sold Neunaber Expanse Series with ExP Controller

    I bought these a few months ago and I haven't had much time to use them. I'd be surprised if they have more than 10 minutes of use. I just need to pass them on. I'm not looking for any trades. They are both in pristine condition. $285 shipped with Priority Mail (I'll get you the tracking...
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    Sold Moog MF Delay - Analog Delay

    I bought this just a few months ago and I just haven't had time to mess with it. I've only had it out of the box to verify it works. It's in mint/unused condition. I ship quickly with Priority Mail. $150 shipped in the continental USA only. I'll cover the PayPal fees. No trades, please.
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    Sold Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Recording Interface

    I bought this a few months ago with the intention of actually using it. I powered it up when I got it and I haven't touched it since then. It's in mint condition with the original box. $75 SOLD shipped in the continental USA only. I'll cover the PayPal fees. No trades.
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    Sold Rare Analogman Big Box Memory Man - 4x MN3005 Chips - 1 Sec Delay Time

    Up for sale is my Analogman modded big box DMM. I've had this pedal for years and it's a fantastic delay. I'm downsizing some gear and I think it's time to move this one on. This is the model that originally had 4 of the MN3008 chips. Analogman swapped them out for 4 of the legendary Panasonic...
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    Sold Sonic Research Turbo Tuner

    I have an extra Turbo Tuner that I don't need anymore. It's in great shape. There's no scratches that I can see. It functions perfectly. It has velcro on the bottom, but I also have the stock, unused foam material that I'll include. $89 shipped in the continental USA only. I'll cover the...
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    Sold Bearfoot Pale Green Compressor - V1 - SN 008

    This compressor has been a staple on my board for years. It's an always on pedal for me. It adds sparkle and tone shaping without squashing the tone. I'm changing some things up, so it's time for a new home. The pedal functions perfectly. As you can see, it does have some chips on it, as well...
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    Sold Neunaber Slate V2 with ExP Controller

    Up for sale is my Neunaber Slave V2 with the ExP Controller. Both are in mint condition with only a few hours of use. Both pedals have velcro on the back. Also included are the original boxes, manuals and the cable to connect the pedals. SOLD No trades.
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    Musikraft 60s Style Stratocaster Neck with Nut and Tuners

    Up for sale is my Musikraft Strat neck. It's finished in tinted lacquer (not sticky) with an aged "F" logo applied. It has a very nicely grained, dark Rosewood board. The frets have been leveled, dressed and polished. They don't show any wear. The nut is Graphtec. The tuners are high quality...
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    MJT Aged Stratocaster Body - 3 Tone Sunburst - Lightly Aged - Light Weight

    This is a great body with a great, lightly aged finish. It's a two-piece Alder body. There is long finish checking throughout the body. It's hard to photograph, but it gives it a really great look. There's a few other wear marks here and there. It looks like an old guitar that was well taken...
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    Rocketfire Total 60s Strat Pickup Set - Aged Magnets

    Up for grabs is a set of Nick's Rocketfire Total 60s Strat pickups. Magnets aged by Rocketfire. Aged covers included. These pickups are amongst the best you can get for that 60s Strat tone. SOLD
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    Blackstar HT-1 1x8 1 Watt Tube Combo Amp SOLD

    This is the Special Edition for Musician's Friend. I've provided the link below for all of the specs. On the website, they mistakenly list this amp with an MP3/Line Out. This amp does not have that feature...
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    SOLD - MJT Aged Telecaster - Blonde / Rosewood - 6.5 Pounds

    Up for sale is my MJT Telecaster in Blonde with a Rosewood fretboard. It weighs in at just 6.5 pounds! The guitar has had a pro setup which included having the frets crowned, leveled and polished. No fret wear. It's very light and resonant, but not neck heavy. The AP neck is a great shape...
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    Wakarusa Amps 5e3 Tweed Deluxe Clone - 6V6 or 6L6

    Up for sale is my Wakarusa Amps 5e3 Tweed Deluxe clone. It was built for me by Todd Shock, of Wakarusa Amps (Wakarusa on TGP), back when he had his shop in Indiana. I’ve never met a more knowledgeable guy than Todd when it comes to building amps. He is especially nuts when it comes to...
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    Valvetech Hayseed 15 (Vox AC15 clone) - EF86 - Celestion Blue - SOLD

    Up for sale is my Valvetech Hayseed 15 combo. It's dated 2013 inside the chassis. It has the EF86 option, master volume on the back and an English made Celestion Blue speaker. It's in nearly flawless condition with a few minor white marks on the tolex. It's an amazingly good sounding Vox-style...
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