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    I bought a used Tech21 Power Engine 60 to go with my kemper

    I really enjoying the sound I am getting from this affordable FRFR cabinet. I get a pretty decent price for it and I am glad I did. I think it's an underrated as a FRFR solution
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    Do you need a Suhr to own a Kemper ?

    Every video I watch about kemper, everyone is playing a Suhr guitar ? Did I miss something ?
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    Why do you not like the Headrush Gigboard or PedalBoard ?

    I've seen a lot of fan praising the line 6 helix and bashing on any other modeler out there but I have yet to hear why the Headrush pedal board or gigboard is bad product. Is it all about tone or about the interface ? Please enlighten me.
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    bye bye PRS CE 24...hello....

    I decided today to let go of my PRS Ce 24. Since I got a McCarty already, it was being redundant so I traded it to day for a Gibson ES-335 Dot vintage burst. I feel in love instantly with it. It was the sound I was missing in my arsenal. It was manufactured on 08/21/2020 according to the...
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    Took my LP out of the case after 1 year

    and I remember why I almost never play it anymore. I love the sound of it but it's impossible to keep it in tune for half a song. Than I swap with my Agile AL-3000, a cheap 500 $ guitar and It stay in tunes for days. I play a lot of blues with bending and the LP kluson tuner are just garbage...
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    Do you have a guitar that is way above your playing capability ?

    I have PRS 2015 MCCARTY BLACK GOLD BURST and this it way too much guitar for me. I don't think I can ever do justice to it. It should probably be in the hand of a capable, touring or studio musician. Instead it landed on a hacking noodling player who pretends he can play a few licks. I also...
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    So I finally found THE Strat I was looking for all my life

    It was a PRS John Mayer SilverSky in Orion green. Sorry Fender. From the fret radius I didn't know I need , to the neck profile and the amazing pickup, this thing is blowing my mind and I am not a strat guy. I just spend the last 90 minutes play until my finger hurts and then I played a bit...
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    PRS CE 24 : Surprised by how good it is.

    I own a PRS McCarty and recently acquire a PRS CE 24. My PRS CE 24 sounds and play as good as my McCarty even of the 2x price difference. It's probably one of the best PRS I have ever played. It's not as flashy but it's a real player. I feel a lot more comfortable going out of the house with...
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    NGD : PRS McCarty inside

    This is brand new PRS McCarty 2016 with the 58/15 pickups in Black Gold burst. It plays as good as it looks. One of the best guitar I ever lay my poorly skilled hands on.
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    Don't underestimate the power of a real professional guitar setup

    I'm not talking about the type of setup you get at your big chain music store. I'm talking about a fret dressing/polishing, setup a real luthier does. I bought this older LTD EC-1000FR and it was setup ok but the neck had a little bow and the floyd had to be setup higher than usual to play. It...
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    Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR vs ESP LTD MH-1000FR

    I need a metal head shredding guitar. It's the only thing missing in my collection. As you might have read this week, the Ibanez Jem JR was disappointing to say the least. I've up my budget. First guitar is : http://www.schecterguitars.com/international/guitars/hellraiser-c-1-fr-detail 2nd...
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    So I spent the weekend with an 2015 Ibanez Jem JR

    I always wanted a JEM Guitar but I can't afford or justify buying the MIJ version so I picked up the Indonesian JEM JR. What a piece of sh*t this guitar turns out to be. Even after tweaking the setup (which was way off from factory), the guitar buzzes like you wouldn't believe. The tremolo...
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    Meet my unique Ron Kirn Telecaster

    I was going through old picture this morning and I remembered that a few years ago I ordered a custom Ron Kirn Telecaster guitar. That alone is unique but it's not all. Turns out, Ron use re-claimed wood from an 100 years old building and this is the first picture Ron sent me during the build...
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    Found this gem at my local music store

    It's an 2005 LP Classic. The original owner has replace the TOM with a bigbsy and a rolling bridge. It's stay perfectly in tune and has a much sustain as my 2013 Standard. The pickups are a mystery to me. I don't know if they are original or not but they are on the hot side a little. I love it...
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    I own an PRS Custom 24 10-top 25th Anniversary, Carvin CT624 and a PRS S2 Mira

    I know what a great instrument feel and sounds like. The PRS S2 Mira is a great workhorse instrument. It sounds great, it feels great and plays great. It's one of my guilty pleasure. It is equal to an Custom 24 with 57/08 ? No but its about 2k less for being about 95% there. If you ever...
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