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  1. bearbike137

    Albums where all songs were awesome!!

    Big Star: Radio City, Third Richard and Linda Thompson: Shoot Out the Lights Lucinda Williams: Car Wheels on Gravel Road Matthew Sweet: Girlfriend Liz Phair: Exile in Guyville Michael Penn: March Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run The Harder They Come Soundtrack Fleetwood Mac: Rumors Rod Stewart...
  2. bearbike137

    Big Star strat sound

    The guitar in the photos I posted was a sunburst finish until it was refinished in white.
  3. bearbike137

    What is the greatest filmed piece of music ever?

    Patti Smith. Gloria. SNL.
  4. bearbike137

    Can you remember the first album you bought that ABSOLUTELY SUCKED ?

    I bought the Talking Heads "Remain in the Light" album after hearing "Once in a Lifetime". I hated the album.
  5. bearbike137

    new Greta Van Fleet

    This. I honestly like GVF until the singer opens his mouth.
  6. bearbike137

    I don't "get" the Big Muff

    I owned one in the mid-70's. A one-dimensional box of fizz.
  7. bearbike137

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    Barber GCX. Nothing else has ever come close.
  8. bearbike137

    Who has a Collings I-30 LC? Great guitar!!!

    Honestly, I really loved the guitar. I was very surprised to find a guitar (the I-35LC) that I liked even more! I think the Lollar P-90s on the I-30 LC are the best P90s out there. They are phenomenal. Sure, they have a bit more noise than a humbucker, but they are quieter than other P90s I have...
  9. bearbike137

    Who has a Collings I-30 LC? Great guitar!!!

    I had a Collings I-30 LC (10th one made) that I loved so much that it caused me to sell the Collings I-35 I had owned for a decade. I have only played one guitar that I loved more than that I-30 LC. It was a brand new Collings I-35LC that I happened upon at Chicago Music Exchange 16 months ago...
  10. bearbike137

    Soldering a braided pickup wire to the back of the pot

    It helps a lot to tin the braided wire first.
  11. bearbike137

    EVH hacking it up out of key "Sound of Silence"

    You're obviously new here...
  12. bearbike137

    Mick Ralphs is such a tasteful player

    I like Mick, but he sucks with a soldering iron. I bought a Historic LP from him where he had swapped the pups, and I have never seen a worse soldering job in my life! Lol. I think it may have added a 1/4 lb to the guitar's weight...
  13. bearbike137

    Sometimes the guitar community really pisses me off.

    It's OP's like GiorgioV that make life worth living.
  14. bearbike137

    Recordings with out of tune guitar?

    Thunder Road, studio version, Bruce's Tele. Once you hear it, you can't unhear it.
  15. bearbike137

    Concerts you wish you’d went to when you had the chance.

    Ramones - 1980 at the University of Illinois while I was a student there. They played a fairly small venue as well. Why? Why? Why?!!
  16. bearbike137

    NGD: Collings I-35 LC

    Lol. I could have written this post. Only I bought my blonde I-35LC with Throbaks at Chicago Music Exchange a year ago. Best guitar I have every played. Sold my I-30LC afterward because it just couldn't keep up with the I-35LC. Oh, mine has the aged finish as well which is really sweet.
  17. bearbike137

    Gibson trying to block Collings headstock trademark

    Too technical? I don't get that at all. How can a high production facility like Gibson be less technical than a lower volume boutique like Collings? The only way Gibson can achieve that kind of production volume is by prioritizing the technical process.
  18. bearbike137

    You can only buy one strat...is it USA Fender, PRS Silver Sky or Suhr Classic???

    I know that - theoretically - this makes no sense, but only Strats and Teles made by Fender sound and feel like Strats and Teles TO ME. I honestly tried many of the boutique versions out there over the past couple of decades - and some stuck for awhile - but ultimately there was always something...
  19. bearbike137

    New unreleased stones song

    1973. Left off of Goat's Head Soup, I believe.
  20. bearbike137

    Chris Bell - I Am the Cosmos

    Yeah - that song would have slotted nicely on the "#1 Hit Record" album - and is such a great specimen of that Bell/Chilton magic. Chris Bell's life story is fascinating. The last 6 years of his life is a story for the ages: from the heights - to the depths - to ultimate redemption. I love his...
  21. bearbike137

    I love strats but.......

    The Joyo American pedal is the best $40 I have spent in my life. It is one of my "always on" pedals and is a great tone shaper - especially when playing through a PA.
  22. bearbike137

    Name 1 worth the hype / 1 disappointment

    Worth it: Barber GCX. Ended my OD search forever. Not Worth It: Fender Blues Junior. I don't know that I would plug it in even if someone gave it to me.
  23. bearbike137

    Blues Junior - may the truth be told

    The Blues Junior - where low mids go to die.
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