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    Birth year guitar advice

    I was born in 1985 and I'm thinking about buying a guitar of that year before it gets too old. I was also in the market for a Gibson scale. I don't think a super strat is going to replace my Suhrs. Can't really afford a prs of that year either. Right now I'm leaning towards an Es335. Not sure...
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    All 594s good or just mine?

    Growing up I loved prs for how they looked and who played them. When I graduated college I was gonna get a cu24 but it didn't speak to me and I went with an ebmm jp6. I've owned a few ces over the years via trade but never liked those. Recently I got a 594 and it's insane. I thought I would...
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    nitro Suhr not antiqued?

    Does anybody have one of these kinds of guitars? I love the feel of my modern antique and while I dont mind the stress cracks and aging, I think I'd rather do them myself so I was wondering if anyone has a nitro Suhr that isnt aged.
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    Vintage tone with modern features?

    I've been a Suhr player for about a decade. With that, I've grown very fond of stainless frets and locking tuners (to a lesser extent compound radius, and whatever keeps them in tune so well). Recently I've been looking at things that do the more vintage vibe but I don't know if it's worth...
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    Value in Gibson custom shop

    I'm just looking for a high quality les Paul. I'm not concerned with any sort of authenticity in any other way than that les Paul tone. Is there a black sheep to the guitars in the custom shop that will be built to high standards but just don't have the fan boys ?Thanks in advance .
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    Trusted guitar repair in Orange county, CA

    Pretty self explanatory. I'm getting some pinging in the nut of my charvel Govan. Thinking about replacing the bone (iirc) with a tusq that I know and love in both my suhr. I've had work done on older guitars and was not satisfied so I'm hesitant to even fix it. Anybody you trust with your...
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    New Suhr Day

    I think I happened to find another keeper in this Suhr T. The mahogany/maple gold top T really compliments basswood/maple modern on a bunch of levels. From the more subdued and familiar yet different looks, to the chunkier neck and smaller frets creating a much different feel under the fingers...
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    r8 vs g0

    sorry for one of what must be a hundred similar threads. i am just curious to see what people think about the value of these guitars. im pretty familiar with the differences in necks and tops and all that jazz. im more concerned with what these things are going for at the moment and which might...
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    New vs Old Charvel Govan Quality

    I used to have an older version GG and loved the guitar and should have never sold it. Now I am in a position to buy another but it is a newer one with the lower street price. I was just wondering if there have been any quality drops or anything else to be concerned with. Or do you think I will...
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    1980 les paul standard

    I have an opportunity to trade my charvel govan for a black one of these things and i just have no idea what its worth. I imagine the charvel is a better guitar (especially since I'm a strat guy) but I have a bunch of Suhr and Strandbergs and K lines so its a little redundant and having at least...
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    Trade my early suhr classic for grosh electrajet?

    Basically the title says it all. I have an old suhr classic that doesn't get much use since my charvel govan gets close enough to a strat. I also still have a suhr modern so I don't think I'll miss the name. The one thing I might miss are the stainless frets but I'll be getting $300 on top of...
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    Kiesel vader multiscale

    Has anyone seen one of these things? I've always wanted one and that might be what it takes to get me to bite. Then again a conventional suhr build is a safe route for me. At a couple times the price of should be tough..
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    Tell me about Claas Guitars

    I just found a quick youtube video on these things and am wondering if anyone has anything to say about them. Good, bad or just anecdotal, Im just curious is all. Thanks.
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    Are Strandberg guitars worth it?

    I have to admit that I really like them but it is hard to pull the trigger knowing that I could have a custom Suhr for the price of a japanese model or a pro series for the price of a mik guitar. Whats the scoop?
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    Any input on a martin d15m?

    I'm getting the itch for an acoustic guitar and I just missed an opportunity for a larrivee d09 for 850. I think I'm gonna settle for a martin d15 for 640 but I was just wondering if you guys had an opinion on that at all. Thanks in advance
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    Suhr modern satin for Victoria 35310

    I have an opportunity to make a straight trade for an amp. I don't use my modern anymore but I was just wondering if it would be a wise financial decision. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Pre NGD

    So I got the desire to pick up a telecaster some way or another. There was a local Nash but then I figured if I was going to spend real money I would do real research. First I thought about Danocaster but I didn't know if I wanted a guitar that was that expensive. Then I found Kirn and shortly...
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    ngd. weird suhr

    so a long time ago i decided to get a new custom suhr modern. i dont know what i expected when i asked for this color combo but i think it turned out better than i expected (about half way through i changed my mind but it was painted so..)
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    ryan knight and his ibanez

    im pretty much over floyds and the super metal guitars but i think that would all go away if ibanez would make this one of their signature guitars available to the public. http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_964745&feature=iv&src_vid=Bjx8trkn1hw&v=KudIHVWP4To
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    suhr color preferences

    im about to pull the trigger on a custom modern with a baked maple finger board. i was thinking of going with a faded trans green flame top and a lavender back but that a bit extreme. before i drop the money, i was just wondering if you guys have any fancy color options and jazz like that. thanks.
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    room for another suhr modern?

    im just here looking for a little justification on buying anothe modern. i already have an alder hss classic and i have a fixed bridge basswood/maple modern hh on the way. i recently found a killer deal on a mahogany/maple modern in hsh configuration with a blower switch and floating trem...
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    What is the midtown standard for?

    I do not really need any more guitars. I have a jp6, s470, and suhr classic with a modern on the way. I am just really attracted to the pricing of the usa gibsons right now. The problem is that I am really new to the whole gibson thing. I dont know if the midtown is going to cover enough new...
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    recommend me some string gauges

    in standard tuning i use ddarrio 10-46 on a 25.5" scale. with my newest guitar i plan to tune down a whole step. i think im torn between going with 11s or 12s but i think im leaning towards 12s . i really want to maintain the same level of string tension. does anybody have any suggestions...
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    best tone wood for down tuning (1-2 steps)

    Pretty much just looking for suggestions. I was thinking of going with a basswood back with a maple top, neck and fingerboard. I have considered using alder or maybe ash but i dont know too much about how things will work out when tuned down and with that much maple. Any suggestions would be...
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    so whats the scoop on the anderson atom?

    im looking to get another guitar to kind of split my time with a suhr classic. the atom seems to be unique enough while still retaining some les paulishness. i think the humbucking, mahogany and short scale are kinda neat (especially the scale length...never veered from 25.5 for more than a...
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