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  1. jdzialak

    Any Pearce amp fans? New pedal

    Suncoast G2XL is a Pearce preamp in a pedal. I posted clips here- https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/suncoast-g2xl-preamp-pedal-pearce.1936180/
  2. jdzialak

    Suncoast G2XL preamp pedal. Pearce

    This is a brand new pedal, based on the famous Pearce G2R preamp. I am uploading three other videos. So just look on my my YouTube page after you click on the link if you’d like to see the other examples. So far these are just iPhone videos but I will make some more soon.
  3. jdzialak

    Suhr Classic S love

    Back in January I got my latest Suhr. My first time ordering a non Floyd bridge. 510 2-post this time. Let me just say that it's exceeded my hopes in every way. It stays in tune perfectly, and sounds fantastic. Also, the SSC is amazing. Actually having real single coils that sound great, and...
  4. jdzialak

    Just got an Axe-Fx Ultra. Made a clip

    I recently got an AXE-FX ULTRA after months of debate. It's pretty cool. Seems like it may be the Ultimate Cover Gig Rig, for me. We'll see. Lots of requests for a clip. Disclaimer: Zoom Q3 video cam. No fancy recording, here. No direct sounds. Cab sims off. Power amp sims on. I've...
  5. jdzialak

    NGD! Suhr Classic S

    Alder- Vintage Yellow 1 piece maple 60's C Vintage Standard 10-14" Radius Heavy SS frets SSH+/ML/ML SSC 510 bent Saddle Tremol-No Sperzels My Suhr family Blue Drip Classic and Rootbeer Drip Standard:
  6. jdzialak

    Pics of my current guitars

    It seems in the last year or so my number of guitars has doubled... Thought I'd share some pics: Joe
  7. jdzialak

    guitar resale question

    When selling a guitar you have owned for quite a few years, is it better to revert it back to stock when selling, or leave on all of the upgrades you've done over the years? I ask because I have a lot of changes made to my guitar, specifically for my tastes/preferences, although some upgrades...
  8. jdzialak

    My new Suhr Classic T

    Just came today. It's killer! Vintage C Medium Neck Swamp Ash One piece maple neck, oil finish SS Frets Sperzels BFTS Body Contours Shoreline Gold Better pics and spec sheet soon... Joe
  9. jdzialak

    Duesenberg owners

    I just bought a used Starplayer DTV+. I have a question regarding the middle position. I've heard it described as twangy, chimey, stratty, etc.. I'm not getting that at all. It's as fat and thick as the P90 alone, and almost has a 1/2 cocked wah sound to it. I thought it would be brighter and...
  10. jdzialak

    speaker break-in

    How long does it take to break-in a new speaker? What can i expect to change in the sound after it's broken in? Is it the same for Ceramic and Alnico? Joe
  11. jdzialak

    Badger 30 video demo

    I did a little Badger 30 demo. the pedals and gear details are all in the video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C38zFnk3R2E Joe
  12. jdzialak

    can I use my mbox w/o PT on a Mac?

    I have a Macbook Pro. I have an mbox2. Can I use my mbox with Garageband or Logic? I bought the mbox back when I was on a PC, and never used it much. PC crashes, etc... Garageband looks soo easy to use. I wanna try it with my mbox2. Any known issues? Joe
  13. jdzialak

    Badger 30

    Got my Badger 30 last week, and gigged with it last night. You need to check one of these amps out! I love my Badger 18, but for more rock tones the 30 is better in every way. Fuller, punchier, tighter, crunchier. The cleans are huge and bold, but less chimey than the 18. The gain knob should...
  14. jdzialak

    Finally tried an SLO 100

    The one high gainer I've never had a chance to try before is the SLO 100. Last night, a friend of mine was kind enough to let me borrow his Snakeskin SLO for a gig. It's all stock. It was very impressive. I mean really, really great sounding. I've been using my DSL100 for quite a while with...
  15. jdzialak

    Badger Combo!!!

  16. jdzialak

    Live clips of my Suhr modded Marshall

    I had a show last Fri with my hard rock cover band that the FOH guy recorded. My amp rules. Suhr Classic Drip, Suhr modded 2203, CAE 2x12, E609 on Amp clamp, X2 wireless, GT-6 in loop for delay and phase. That's it. My van blew a tranny the day before so I couldn't fit my 4x12 or rack in...
  17. jdzialak

    My Humble Badger clip

    I've had my Badger for a week now, so I finally had a few minutes to lay something down. There are so many great Badger clips out there, I didn't really feel I needed to do one, but I think the amp is so versatile that everyones clips are different. Just a chord progression, with some amp...
  18. jdzialak

    My Egnater M4 Clips

    For everyone who asked. EBMM Axis into Egnater M4. A sprinkling of 2290, and into the Marshall 2203 power amp. E609 Silver via amp clamp in front of a GB in my Bogner 4x12. Pro tools on the laptop. No tweaking. Straight chords, and some utility pentatonic riffage. I'm doing my best to make...
  19. jdzialak

    Suhr Modded Marshall clips

    http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=134654 I just got a Suhr Modded 2203 a few weeks back and finally threw some stuff down. Suhr Classic into amp, mic'd with 609 Silver into Mbox. The top 3 clips on the link are the amp. Joe
  20. jdzialak

    Looking for suggestions for a gigging acoustic

    I have a Godin A6 that never feeds back, but sounds like a banjo. It came with electric 009's that I quickly ditched for acoustic 11's. It still sucks. I've tried it with Fishmans and LR Baggs DI's, too. I want to get something warkmer and fuller sounding that doesn't feedback with loud...
  21. jdzialak

    Clip of my Naylor

    http://www.evesappleband.com/jdzialak/Clips/Naylor.mp3 Finally got around to laying down some tracks.. Fender American Deluxe Strat(stock noiseless p ups)>Evidence Lyric HG>Naylor Duel 60>CAA 2X12 w/Governors>e609>Tascam US122>AcidPro 5 demo Joe
  22. jdzialak

    OD100 Clips

    So I finally had time to remember how to record with my laptop... I put a mic in front of a 4x12 GB cab and hit record. The levels are a bit low, sorry. No effects except for a little echo pro from my rig. Nothing added after recording. Next time I do this I'll try to get less heavier tones...
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