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  1. tashiattack

    What's so great about the RAT?

    I agree. I've tried a bunch of different Rats, and in many cases I preferred the Rat 2. My main OD is now a Soothsayer, but I'd be fine with a Rat 2.
  2. tashiattack

    What's so great about the RAT?

    I've always thought the Rat into a Marshall is one of the best rock sounds ever. Rat's also do low-gain amazingly. For the longest time I avoided rats, but then figured out how to use them and now its my main OD.
  3. tashiattack

    Help with punk/indie pedal setup

    Rat can get you both good low gain and high gain, and even fuzz sounds. I would get a digital delay like a DL-8 or DD7 instead of a chorus for leads. But honestly, its better you invest in a good amp, perhaps a combo.
  4. tashiattack

    A Ratty Overdrive

    My favourite od/distortion pedal. Once I got this, I absolutely stopped the od/distortion chase.
  5. tashiattack

    black arts toneworks thread

    Everything Mark makes is gold. I had a Revelation Superbass and Superlead, a Pharaoh (which I regret selling), played an LSTR extensively, and currently own a witch burner. They are all really damn good. Based on what you're looking for, I think LSTR might be the best option - or even better...
  6. tashiattack

    ARC Soothsayer VS Modern ProCo Rat?

    Had both - still have the Soothsayer. The Soothsayer is much clearer sounding, more headroom, and lots of control options. That being said, the modern Rat is very good too, especially for a dis/od for less than $100
  7. tashiattack

    Who has downsized a pedal board and kept it small?

    Went from having 10-12 to 3-5 now. Couldn't be happier.
  8. tashiattack

    The Wet Reverb is magic or something

    Yeah Ive had the wet for years, and its one of my never sell pedals.
  9. tashiattack

    What are your top 3 favorite overdrive/distortion pedals?

    Rat (i like all sorts, my current fav is the Soothsayer) DAM Sonic Titan Timmy
  10. tashiattack

    Sold Tech 21 British

    Version 1, in great condition, comes with box and paperwork. Removed velcro on the back so theres a little bit of residue. $90 U.S, including shipping to anywhere in the US or Canada. For other places, please contact me. Paypal only. Gift preferred. :aok
  11. tashiattack

    Anyone else underwhelmed by your El Cap?

    Had one for almost four years, but I couldn't bond with it.
  12. tashiattack

    Revisting a classic - Catalinbread DLS v2.2

    I feel this way about the very first version. Need to get my hands on one again...
  13. tashiattack

    What are peoples thoughts on the Boss RT20?

    My bandmate has a RT20. Honestly, I don't like it when he uses it...
  14. tashiattack

    Gain boost for 80s metal

    You want a Rat.
  15. tashiattack

    Crazy Pro Co Rat Prices?

    I've been seeing old ones listed locally for ridiculous prices. Mid 90s Rat 2's for over 200$...what in the world.
  16. tashiattack

    Industrial type distortion pedal

    A solid state amp can also aide in that sound. Tommy Victory from Prong used a Marshall Valvestate throughout the 90s.
  17. tashiattack

    How many Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz/Boost pedals do you have?

    On board: BAT Witchburner Arc Soothsayer Off board: Timmy VidFx Jacob (Rams Head Clone) Boss HM-2 Fuzzrocious Cat King Little Bear R.Attack Little Bear MB2 (in coming)
  18. tashiattack

    Industrial type distortion pedal

    Rat. Rat is always the answer.
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