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  1. Tito83

    Does anyone like 7.25" radius ?

    I had an old Squier SQ that I loved with 7.25 radius and vintage frets. Had it refretted and reshaped the fingerboard to 12 radius... I very much regretted that decision. I loved how that guitar felt to play and now it's gone. I don't really have a preference, I do have other guitars with that...
  2. Tito83

    This is why active pickups get a bad rap...

    That was me about ten years ago. I gave lessons in a store, they had a Lukather EMG Set since forever, the owner just gave it to me when he found out I was a Lukather fan. Installed it in my ESP Vintage Plus and it's been my number 1 since.
  3. Tito83

    New Suhr Limited Edition Standard Legacy

    I just want to say a single day hasn't gone by I haven't spent some time drooling looking at those pics... That's as close to my dream guitar as it gets. The blue one, OMG... Anyone really... But the blue one... O.M.G! :drool
  4. Tito83

    If you suddenly lost all your electric guitars, what is the first instrument you'd buy?

    But in reality I would never be able to afford it... Maybe if I also lost the wife... :idea
  5. Tito83

    Who doesn't have a signature guitar that should?

    With the Bartolini pickups obviously. I'd dig that. Edit: Yeah... Would totally dig that.
  6. Tito83

    Strat players, Do you like a hotter pickup in the bridge?

    I've only experienced great sounding middle+bridge position on guitars that has vintage style pickups (all 3 being the same and low output), higher output on the bridge would always would compromise this combination. YMMV
  7. Tito83

    Finally could afford your dream guitar and found out it was not that good

    I love how LPs look, just don't like how they play. Of course they can sound good and I've played some great sounding ones. Eventually I started trying other similar models, so I got an early PRS McCarty. All black, looked freaking great. Wanted to love that guitar so much. Tried replacing all...
  8. Tito83

    My OBSESSIVE Van Halen-themed pickup video

    The video changed my mind about this. The A2 is still my favorite for myself, but I swore by the A5s for the Van Halen thing and it was my least favorite bunch. The ceramic might not be it for every VH song/album but it just nails the VH tone I have in my mind if that makes sense. That really...
  9. Tito83

    Has your McCarty suppressed your “authentic” itch?

    Had a McCarty that was gorgeous and played great... But I didn't like the tone. Tried the Bonamassa Skinnerburst set, Lollar Pete Green and Seth Lovers, also changed the electronics trying to get the tone I wanted... Got an SG and after installing the Seth Lover set I had the tone I was trying...
  10. Tito83

    Your ALL-TIME FAVORITE set of strat pickups

    Fullerton Black Bottom that are on my JV. They are microphonic, which prevents me from using gainier tones at volume, but they are definitely the best sounding ones I’ve tried so far.
  11. Tito83

    Best Guitar For A Cover Band

    A good few years back I had just bought an SG Jr. Loved the guitar, but at the time I was only playing covers doing many different styles, so I'd never bring the SG. One day I decided to take it and play the more Rock part of the show just for kicks... The universe had different plans though. We...
  12. Tito83

    Very low output PAF style humbuckers - what do they sound like?

    I guess they have come to the conclusion that this is the sweet spot for most players. You always have some room for adjustment using height and the screws, so it's not like there's only one sound on the pickup. I don't remember ever trying a humbucker on the 6k range, but if it's clarity you...
  13. Tito83

    How often do you use your bridge pup of your strat?

    Yes, a lot. Sometimes with the tone rolled off, but wide open most often. Using standard vintage style pickups, all three being basically the same. I get, it's a bit thinner... But it's not like it's a bad thin either.
  14. Tito83

    Humbucker clearer than DiMarzio 36th Anniversary

    If you haven't tried that I'd still give adjusting the height a try, even if it hasn't worked for you in other instances. To me this can make it or break it some pickups. If that doesn't work, my favorite PAF's are Fralin Pure Pafs. Just magic. Seth Lovers are a solid option easy to come...
  15. Tito83

    ThroBak vintage pickups

    If clarity is what you want, I can’t recommend Fralin’s Pure PAF’s enough. When I got an SG I tried a few sets, among others I tried the Lollar Peter Green, SD Bonamassa Skinnerburst and your run of the mill Seth Lover. Seth Lovers was my favorite, no doubt about it. I’d also take a look at...
  16. Tito83

    Do I not like SG's?

    For many years I despised SG’s. Eventually I got around it, thanks to Derek Trucks. Never owned an SG, found a good deal on an SG JR and just loved it. After that I spent a long time for a good LP, none felt that great. Got a PRS McCarty thinking it would solve the problem, but I always...
  17. Tito83

    sold a guitar and really regret it

    Happened two times. An ESP Vintage Plus and a Gibson SG Jr. Not anything rare or special in a particular way, I just loved both. Fortunately could get both back :).
  18. Tito83

    2 Same Guitars. Same Everything. Identical. Different Tension?

    In my experience slight adjustments to the string height at the bridge and the truss rod can make a pretty significant change in feel while being hard to measure with a ruler. Actually earlier today I got myself wanting a little more tension on the heavier strings, so I gave a 1/16 of a turn on...
  19. Tito83

    My own personal Gibson x PRS dilemma

    What I meant was that the issue with the Gibson is that it is not the PRS. Get it? I just want to love the PRS, I just don't. The SG just fits me in every way possible... But it is not I want to like. Does it make sense? lol Believe me, it's not that I don't love diversity... My main thing is...
  20. Tito83

    My own personal Gibson x PRS dilemma

    Every time I compare both, the Gibson wins flat out. It sounds better, plays better, the feel of the neck is awesome... The issue is that it's not the PRS. I've always loved the idea of PRS, Paul seems like a gain truly in it for the love of guitars and he always seem to want to improve. Gibson...
  21. Tito83

    The rule of 2: Could you do it?

    ESP Vintage Plus w/ Lukather EMG set Gibson SG Jr. I could, but... No, thanks :)
  22. Tito83

    Looking for Junior/Melody Maker style with a humbucker

    Not mentioned it, but I'd like to keep things as close to the JR as possible, like the bridge and the single pu, vol/tone configuration. Would like a more classic look, that if I can find one that might work! I thought about putting like a noiseless p90, I know there are some winders that do...
  23. Tito83

    Looking for Junior/Melody Maker style with a humbucker

    I have an SG jr that I love it. Tone is great, the single pickup thing makes me think less if that makes sense, I feel more comfortable on stage. But the P90 is giving me some problems with higher gain stuff that I need for a few gigs and sometimes the background noise is too noticeable on some...
  24. Tito83

    It works better for me now, but I feel dirty...

    Lol Sorry, thought it would be clear what the mood it was, but yes, I made the controls one master volume and a master tone. I though about it, but to actually physically remove the pots was easy and would guarantee I would not make any mistakes. Great tip! I actually had changed the volume...
  25. Tito83

    It works better for me now, but I feel dirty...

    Photo from gig this past Sunday: I had this idea for while, but it just felt wrong... A few hours before the gig I just did it. Gig was great, no more thinking about the controls while playing! Still feels somewhat wrong though lol Has anyone done any mods that make you feel weird about it?
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