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    Do hot pickups suffer from tone suck more?

    You're just hearing the difference in the pickups voicing, eq.
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    JJ tubes...what's not to like?

    I meant to mention that too- your source is important too. I also buy mostly from dougs. Ive liked everything from his shop whereas a few times when I was in a hurry I got brands I was familiar w from gc, Sam ash, and even a guitar tech and hated them. The seller matters
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    Plexi tone but not a Plexi.

    Eh, that diesnt really sound like s plexi to me. honestly I thought that didn't sound good. The delay/ reverb was too much, poorly eqed, snd had too much gain (sounded like he was picking softly to compensate)for that type of sound- assuming they were going for plexi. Black stars have a ton of...
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    What Marshall amp for hard rock/metal for someone that has never owned a Marshall?

    You need to understand a lot of tgp people pretend master volume controls don't exist so they can rationalize owning a 1, 5, 20, 50, and 100 watt amp. All set clean being used to amplify 5 distortion pedals w no amp gain. Most master volume amps work great, you just might need to adjust eq at...
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    JJ tubes...what's not to like?

    Eh, it's all amp dependent. Anyone describing tube sound w no reference to an amp I automatically ignore their opinion bc they probably don't understand amp circuits v tube sound- you'll find most people fall in this category. Take it all e s grain of salt. My jet city sounds best w JJs but...
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    DAM Red Rooster.. Worth the extra money spent?

    The whole premise of that genre is to spit in the face of someone willing to spend $500 for $10 worth of components for the sake of bragging.
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    Hours and hours to create, minutes to destroy... escapades of a dumb@ss

    People that are precious w settings, assuming you ever move your rig or at different volumes, are just lazy and are compromising for the sake of not having to understand their tools. Starting point, sure.
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    Why arent retro valves more popular?

    Tubes are still being made and will likely still be made in the future. This product is an example of solving a problem that doesn't exist. One, imo, the only advantage is they don't have a short lifespan.
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    Mike Campbell signature pedal by JHS

    Yes, it's a jhs pedal.
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    Anyone accidentally sell their Bandit?

    The upgraded speaker is likely worth more than the bandit and would likely have even better w an amp that sounds good to start with. One pf my friends had one back in the 90s. It was probably 80% of what lead me tube amps. We both almost quit playing bc of our ss peaveys.
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    What are your thoughts on Premier Guitar's review?

    Better than other guitar mags, much more professional, but no review source is perfect. They do point out potential issues w gear. Pgs don't use picks and runs everything through an already distorted $3k amp and prymaxe uses that guy that makes every single pedal sound exactly the same while he...
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    Plum Crazy Squawk treble booster

    I was wondering the something- I own the naga viper. It's extremely noisy.its hard to get over the beano's price tag.
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    New Blackstar HT5R Head Day..........thoughts

    I bought one used for $150 and play it all the time. Hate the clean but love the dirt tones. Also walls of text are terrible to read on a forum.
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    New OD flavor?

    Haha! What type of music, what amp, whst guitar? Probably doesn't matter, though.
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    Help! No Sound Out of AC15

    If you had trouble getting them out or back in you may have damaged the sockets. It's very hard (almost impossible) to imagine one of the tubes died coincidentally after you put them in another amp and then moved them back to the Vox. Common sense would dictate you broke something. Good luck.
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    How are you running your amp?

    I don't know why people pretend master volumes don't exist. Most sound great, you just need to adjust your eq to suit whatever volume you're using. It's my opinion that in this era amps that only sound good at high volumes are the exception, not the rule. Sure ideally you could crank your...
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    Which attenuator for 15 watt rock amp

    Rather than losing your temper and name calling why not go buy a boat or sports car and never look back?
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    Brand Name Treble Boosters?

    My naga viper cuts bass and totally changes the amps tone, my understanding is that's the point. Treble boosters are organic sounding? Not to me. Yeah, I mean I like it- it's 'necessary' but I guess I meant when they were created it was in reaction to nmv amps and very few od/fuzzes. Were they...
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    Brand Name Treble Boosters?

    No, actually. Never thought about it but my guess is it's bc in this era of a billion distortions pedals they're not really necessary anymore. Plus they're misnamed and even people that own them sometimes think they're intended to be used with a clean amp, to boost treble.
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    What effect(s) do you think Jimi Hendrix would have loved had he lived longer?

    He'd be using state of the art stuff. The idea of using 30 yr old technology would be bizarre to someone like him.
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    ClinchFX EP-Pre

    I'm interested in this but I love the ep booster so much I'm afraid to/ resistant to spend money fixing something that's not broken. Still curious and would love to hear one in person, just not in a position to buy to try right now.
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    Why no EQ pedals on boards anymore?

    No one uses them anymore so they can chain together 5 distortion pedals and 2 boosts to cover up the sound of their Blues jr.
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    What Delay to match fat repeats of Cornish TES

    Isn't the Cornish a rehoused boss? Get that and save 2 k.
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    EHX Signal Pad has ground hum?

    Never had an issue w mine. Must be rig dependent, I also use mine in a tb loop.
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