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  1. Tito83

    Why always these tap tempo buttons?

    Having a dedicated tap button when you have 14 footswitches? Fine. Having it on a unit that has 3? I really don't get it.
  2. Tito83

    Are you primarily Clean Machine, Edge of Breakup or Chug-Chug?

    Problem is you'll never really know because you're seeing the valve amp there. I won't disagree those are some great tones, indeed... But you already know it's coming from a valve amp, thus you can't avoid having a biased opinion. Maybe if he had a modeler there you'd say "great tones, but not...
  3. Tito83

    Found something the Helix can't really do - Octavia into Fuzz Face

    It's low, just like the fuzz faces. But if that doesn't fix it, I don't know know what it might be. I always disliked how boosting overdriven amp models felt with Helix, i I'd always describe it like you're doing in relation to the fuzz face, "falling apart", but I don't have any idea if it...
  4. Tito83

    Found something the Helix can't really do - Octavia into Fuzz Face

    Actually they don't. The octavia has a higher input impedance. I've already questioned about it, they said it was the input impedancee of the pedal they modeled. I started looking for it and I found there are octavia style pedals from MXR that do have higher input impedance - true to vintage...
  5. Tito83

    Recording an album with modeler - Strymon Iridium

    Maybe consider something like the Boss TAE, Suhr reactive IR or the UA OX. A bit more expensive, but if you really like your amps that's a really great way to record at home.
  6. Tito83

    Strat -> Modeller -> Acoustic Guitar Amp???

    I've done quite a few gigs running Helix into a Boss Katana set to acoustic. Sounded pretty good. The fact it also had a working EQ was great to fine tune the sound to each venue.
  7. Tito83


    :agree:agree:agree:agree:agree:agree:agree:agree:agree:agree There's something to be said about self doubt... I was very happy with my tone when I ran valve amps into a load box and IR's. That made me switch to modelers, but I never was able to feel the same using digital amp models. Have...
  8. Tito83

    What does "sounds digital" mean to you?

    I don't know. All I know is that I was not always happy with my tone when I had valve amps nor I like every tone ever recorded with an all analog chain, and that's also true for digital... BUT, I've had way more happy tone days using analog, and I've also found my head turning a lot more for a...
  9. Tito83

    Amp sims that you went with the hype and now u regret it

    Pretty much everything else other than Mercuriall Euphoria/Reaxis and Softube. The Euphoria is my favorite amp sim right now. On the iPad those aren't available, but I'm happy with the tones I get from THU using Rig Libraries. Tried some of the amps and couldn't get anything out of them I was...
  10. Tito83

    Best Plugins

    The PT100 one is great, but it's basically just the amp. Also very light on the CPU, which is nice because you'll most certainly be adding stuff like reverb at the very least. If you need a few more stuff, I'd go for Mercuriall or Softube Amp Room. Softube's IMO is the easiest to get a good...
  11. Tito83

    Suhr PT100 VST plugin (Brainworx)

    OMG... I keep repeating I won't buy anymore plugins... Please, stop. And yeah... I got it... AND the Fuchs ODS. :bkw Really liking it. Clean channel is great. Having a blast with the Channel 2, not even touched the 3 yet. Enter the second link, the Plugin Alliance one.
  12. Tito83

    The Fractal Audio FM9 is here!

    I'm not from the US. In Brazil things are still a tad crazy. Also 100% import taxes and an FM3 new at the local dealer costs about $2500. Add that to reduced income and a very low currency value amounts to a VERY expensive FM9.
  13. Tito83

    The Fractal Audio FM9 is here!

    Feels good to know that I'm not alone ;D
  14. Tito83

    The Fractal Audio FM9 is here!

    Manual only stated 1M, Mr. Fractal corrected it :D So... How did you know? Someone got an early unit? ;) BUT OM, I'm excited... Can't say I need one right now, I'm doing ZERO gigs, can't even afford as things areat this point... But I want one lol
  15. Tito83

    The Fractal Audio FM9 is here!

    No variable input impedance? ...
  16. Tito83

    Headrush MX5

    Well, I asked for not 4, but 6 footswitches. And it's not me asking, it's more like me trying to figure out why this control layout is so popular, because I think more footswitches would just be more useful. Also the Gigboard is a tad more expensive... And it has 4 footswitches, not 6.
  17. Tito83

    Headrush MX5

    People really do like this control layout? 3 footswiches and expression pedal? To me that's totally nuts how popular it is. Ditch the expression and add 3 more footswitches, 4 presets + bank up/down... Doesn't it make more sense? Am I alone in this? :huh
  18. Tito83

    Two, No, Wait! Three Free IRs

    I'm confused beyond words. Have you read anything I said at all? :dunno
  19. Tito83

    Two, No, Wait! Three Free IRs

    I never said "everyone", I said "most", which I'll flat out do n it is indeed an assumption, but I don't think it's too far fetched to imagine the majority of guitar player have the recorded tones as their main reference. I never said it replicates it perfectly, but it's closer to that sound if...
  20. Tito83

    Two, No, Wait! Three Free IRs

    How boring and unoriginal of me to imagine anyone other than me would want to get close to the sounds I heard in the songs I grew up loving. Sorry.
  21. Tito83

    Two, No, Wait! Three Free IRs

    If that's what you want... And that's my point. If I want copy a recorded tone, or to want to go for the "recorded guitar" style tone, then it would be logical for me to go for an IR that replicates it. If I want that will make my monitor feel more like a guitar cab, than Jay's must be the way...
  22. Tito83

    Two, No, Wait! Three Free IRs

    I didn't say that either. I said: if not better, at least more familiar. Familiar doesn't mean better either, just familiar. But... Don't you agree that most guitar tones we love were recorded close mic'd? If one want to emulate what's been done for decades, don't you agree that going this...
  23. Tito83

    Two, No, Wait! Three Free IRs

    I said it "would work if not better, at least in more familiar way"... How did you get I said anything about something being the best from that?
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