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  1. StratStringSlinger

    Sold Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection '60 Les Paul Special Double Cutaway Reissue TV Yellow

    Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection '60 Les Paul Special Double Cutaway Reissue TV Yellow Made 2005. Currently has a Tone Pro’s Tailpiece and the original tail piece is included. Sounds and plays amazing. All case candy and certificate of authenticity included. $2,195 plus shipping...
  2. StratStringSlinger

    FS Milkman Pedal Steel Mini 40-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo with Jupiter Ceramic Speaker - Price Drop!

    FS: Milkman Pedal Steel Mini 40-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo with Jupiter Ceramic Speaker. Sounds fabulous with both Strats and Humbucker type guitars and in mint condition. $1,950 plus shipping. Please contact me to determine actual shipping costs. Thanks. Please see reverb listing for...
  3. StratStringSlinger

    Petition to Move Switch on PRS McCarty 594

    I’m really interested in picking up a PRS McCarty 594. It seems awesome in every way except for where the three way switch is placed! It just doesn’t look right up on the upper horn on a double cut guitar. How do people here feel about having the switch by the four knobs like a Gibson SG or...
  4. StratStringSlinger

    Morgan AC20 Deluxe Discontinued?

    It says on the company website that the AC20 Deluxe is discontinued but sites like Humbucker Music have new ones for sale. Are they really discontinued? Also, is there any downsides to the Deluxe version compared to the regular AC20? I.e. does the extra tube/circuit/switching change the tone...
  5. StratStringSlinger

    Weber Mass Attenuator - Which One!?

    Weber makes a ton of different model Mass attenuators. They seem to be made for different wattages. I would be mainly using it for a JTM45 and Orange Rockerverb 50. So I was thinking of the Mass Lite 100w, Mass III 150w or Mass 200? Does it matter which one I get? Are you suppose to get the...
  6. StratStringSlinger

    Can a Line 6 Helix replicate a Boss OC-3 Octave in Drive Setting?

    Hello, I recently got a Line 6 HX Effects to replace my traditional pedal board. I got it setup to pretty much replace my tube screamer, ocd, chorus, delay and tuner. But I can't seem to find a effect/setting to replace my Boss OC-3 Octave yet. I can get it to replace the regular OC-3 setting...
  7. StratStringSlinger

    Help - I Need More Volume from my Orange Rockerverb

    Funny my last band was playing r&b, soul, funk, dance, etc music and I was doing just fine with a 20 watt combo. I started a new band playing 90's/2000's type music and so I got a 50 watt Orange Rockerverb MkII with an Orange PPC212V (partial open back with Celestion Neo Creambacks). I love...
  8. StratStringSlinger

    Just got my 3rd PRS Silver Sky!!!

    I just picked up my third PRS Silver Sky guitar yesterday and I'm probably going to keep them for life. I really think I've found my ultimate strat guitar, my number one except they are so consistent I have three number ones! I started playing electric about 30 years ago. My first guitar was...
  9. StratStringSlinger

    Did PRS Discontinue Red and Black Colored Silver Sky Guitars?

    Maybe it’s a website issue or problem with my mobile phone browser, I don’t see the red and black Silver Sky on their website. Are they discontinued? Does PRS discontinue colors often?
  10. StratStringSlinger

    Orange Amp PPC112 - Swapping out Vintage 30 for a Celestion G12M-65 Cream or Neo Creamback?

    I'm using a Orange Rockerverb MkII 50w with one or two Orange PP112 closed back cab. I would like to get both a good rich clean tone and good overdrive/distortion tones. I'm wondering if it might sound better, especially clean tones, if the Celestion Vintage 30 was swapped out for a Celestion...
  11. StratStringSlinger

    Best way to mount Boss pedals on pedalboard?

    What’s the best way or recommendations for mounting a Boss pedal on a pedal board? My board already has Velcro on there so preferably should use/work with Velcro. Does Velcro on top of the rubber pad hold up? Should one peel the rubber pad off before applying Velcro?
  12. StratStringSlinger

    Why is Reverb charging sales tax on an used amp in California?

    I just bought an used amp in California from a local person. When I went to go check out on Reverb.com I noticed they tacked on sales tax!? I wasn't aware that there is suppose to be sales tax on an used item. Does that sound right to you guys?
  13. StratStringSlinger

    Does Orange Amps Make a Small Channel Switching Amp?

    My nephew wants to learn guitar and I think a scaled down Rockerverb MkII would be perfect. Does Orange make a smaller/scalled down channel switching amp/head that has a nice Fendery clean channel and Marshally overdrive channel? Thanks
  14. StratStringSlinger

    Kemper Stomp / Effect Performance Mode Question

    I was wondering how to assign a new effect to an existing rig of a performances? I would appreciate it if someone can list out the steps. I have rehearsal tomorrow and want to add a delay to one of the rigs (one out of five sounds I have set up for a song) of a performance. I want the delay...
  15. StratStringSlinger

    Help. I need a Kemper Consultant! Lol

    I got a Kemper a few months ago. I got it basically working for my band/set list. However, I'm certain there is a lot more work todo in order to optimize it for my band/set list. I'm reading through the manual now and totally falling asleep. Is there a Kemper consultant out there; preferably...
  16. StratStringSlinger

    What's the replacement for the Yamaha DXR10?

    It seems the Yamaha DXR10 is no longer being made. I'm using one for my Kemper and wanted to get a second one. Does anyone know if Yamaha has already put out a replacement model and if so, what is it? P.S. I would prefer a Atomic CLR but it seems it's never available and the company doesn't...
  17. StratStringSlinger

    What's the best way to learn / master the Kemper?

    I was wondering what is the best way to learn how to operate and master the Kemper? i.e. read through whole dang instruction manual, YouTube videos, etc? If videos, which YT videos? Thanks!
  18. StratStringSlinger

    Rcf Nx 10-sma Or Nx 12-sma For Kemper?

    I just got a Kemper and heard that RCF is highly recommended for it. Which one is better for the most true guitar sound? RCF NX 10-SMA or NX 12-SMA? Volume is not important since we don’t play super loud and live there would be sound reinforcement. I read one post that said the 10” might...
  19. StratStringSlinger

    Best Guitar For A Cover Band

    Curious what you all think would be the best guitar for a cover band. This would be for pretty much every genre from the 60’s till current. I was thinking either a PRS Custom 24-08 or a Strat with a humbucker in the bridge position. Thoughts?
  20. StratStringSlinger

    PRS Silver Sky Private Stock

    Is it possible to order a PRS Silver Sky Private Stock? What is PRS’ policy for Private Stock builds? I was thinking it would be awesome to order a Silver Sky with dark smooth Brazilian Rosewood board and translucent white wash finish over a light ash body! If it was possible how would you...
  21. StratStringSlinger

    Sold Fryette Power Station 2 - New in Box / Price Drop!

    For Sale: Brand new Fryette Power Station 2 New in Box. I got on the waitlist a long time ago for the Fryette Power Station with two different authorized dealers. I got one already a couple weeks ago and today the second one shipped to me before I could cancel it. Giving a chance for a fellow...
  22. StratStringSlinger

    Is a buffer suppose to cure all tone suck/capacitance?

    I am wondering if a good buffer/pedal with buffer at the beginning is the pedal chain is suppose to cure all capacitance/tone suck problems? I thought it was but today I chained together 7 pedals of which two are old vintage pedals but at the beginning was a pedal with a buffer (klon) and still...
  23. StratStringSlinger

    Boss DD-2 Power Supply?

    I got a vintage 80’s Boss DD-2 and noticed it didn’t work with my 1Spot power supply. In fact no sound will even pass thru the pedal. The pedal works fine with a battery. On the label it says it needs a PSA 120 9v power supply. A google search shows conflicting info on what power supply will...
  24. StratStringSlinger

    Weird volume pot behavior on my PRS DGT

    After not using my DGT for a few months the volume pot for the lead pickup stop working. It would only allow a little volume regardless of where the pot was set. A tech recommended using Deoxit F5 to clean the pot since it might just be oxidation. So I bought some Deoxit F5 and sprayed it in...
  25. StratStringSlinger

    Marshall/Park NMV Plexi with Attenuator vs Plexi Master Volume/Extra Gain Stage/JCM800

    It’s been a long time since I owned a JCM800. Recently I was thinking of getting a modded Plexi type amp. Like a Martin Golub/LA Sound Design Crunch/Dookie mod amp. The mod pretty much turns a NMV Plexi into a JCM800; extra gain stage; master volume and maybe some voicing change. However, I...
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