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  1. Tito83

    What’s your favorite wah-wah pedal?

    Bonamassa wah. Needed a wah for a gig, found a shop that had quite a few, including vintage and boutique. I could afford any single one of them, still walked out with the bonamassa one. It just sounds exactly like the ideal wah in my head.
  2. Tito83

    Not really knowledgeable about wahs... Why do I like the Bonamassa wah so much?

    I've had quite a few over the years, including stuff like Fulltone Clyde, RMC3, but ended up seeling them eventually. I never really connected with any of them. I had no wah and decided to go to a store with a good selection and I tried about a duzen, most were boutique stuff... And I ended up...
  3. Tito83

    Your favorite Dumbly pedal? (OD, preamp, etc.)

    Never really dug the Zendrive. Had the original one and while it does sound nice doing the Robben Ford bridge pickup tone, on the neck I think it just sounds weird, especially with single coils. Tried quite a few Dumble style and my favorite was the Wampler Euphoria. Never tried the Gladio which...
  4. Tito83

    Which pedals were instant keepers for you, no drama, no doubts?

    I don't own any of then anymore for financial reasons, but these are the ones I instantly loved and the feeling never changed. Bonamassa wah Maxon OD820 and SD9 VL Sparkle Drive Fulltone SupaTrem, Octafuzz, 69 and 70 Pro Analog MKII Ibanez AD80 T-Rex Replica Boss OC2 Wilson Effects Haze Vibe...
  5. Tito83

    New Eric Johnson Pedalboard

    To be fair, pretty much everyone on this list could plug straight into an amp and kick ass. But yeah, it doesn't mean they have to though... Point is... There's no point, play whatever the hell you want.
  6. Tito83

    Need to go wireless but I love my FF... How can I convert low impedance signal to high impedance?

    I found out about it, but it seems that it loads the signal all the time, I'd have to change its setting every time I turned my fuzz on or off. If the reamp box thing work, it would be perfect.
  7. Tito83

    Need to go wireless but I love my FF... How can I convert low impedance signal to high impedance?

    https://www.radialeng.com/product/jcr This looks like it might help. I know Radial makes stuff that will load the signal before you go wireless, but that won't really help because I don't want the load there 100% of the time. Does anybody knows if it'll work? Any other suggestions?
  8. Tito83

    What ended your search for a great uni-vibe?

    Wilson Effects Haze. I don't like really how most vibe units wobble, it's like a heart beat, I like it to be more even, that's what the Wilson does. Love it!
  9. Tito83

    I finally got my 1st fuzz face. It sounds terrible.

    Yeah, they all *can* sound like that. You have to learn how to use a Fuzz Face, it's not like any other overdrive pedal. They can sound cool into a clean amp, but I think most users agree they work better going into an already overdriven tone. There's a sweet spot there, too little it may not...
  10. Tito83

    Need help w/ neck single coil sized pickup and 24 frets.

    I would consider modding the guitar if I was 100% sure about it, but I think I'll try the Satch Track first. Funny thing is that I've never really had an issue w/ neck HB's on 24 fretters. Yeah, they sound different, but I still like them. The Single Coil sized pickups, true singles and...
  11. Tito83

    Need help w/ neck single coil sized pickup and 24 frets.

    I have an Ibanez RG3xxv. The pickups were good for high gain/metal, but it's not what I mostly play, wanted something a little more organic. I changed the bridge pickup to an old Super Distortion which I quite like, but the neck pickups has been a struggle. Tried Fast Track 1, Chopper, Air...
  12. Tito83

    I really wish i could like fuzz pedals, just printed the return label, again.

    It doesn't really, but builders tend to go for lower gain transistors, it seems to be what people prefer. Before Mr. Tripps pretty much every Dunlop FF was really really gainy and compressed. Maybe the higher gain ones are cheaper/easier to find. But yeah, no direct correlation there.
  13. Tito83

    I really wish i could like fuzz pedals, just printed the return label, again.

    You have to be pushing the amp or adding an overdrive pedal to emulate an amp breaking up. Too little gain on the amp or OD pedal and the Fuzz Face will sound too out of place, too much and everything will sound way way overly compressed, so experiment a bit, IMO that's the most important part...
  14. Tito83

    I was about the pull the trigger on a Antiquity Set for my SG, but...

    A pair of Lollar Imperials showed up at the very same price. Low wind neck, regular bridge. I've played Antiquities, love them, how would they compare? Help!
  15. Tito83

    Is this an old DiMarzio Super Distortion?

    So, is this a real SD?
  16. Tito83

    Anyone w/ first hand experience w/ Duncan Antiquities and the Saturday Night sets?

    Trying to decide the replacement for the pickups in my PRS McCarty. I love Fralin's Pure PAFs, but it's hard to find where I live, importing is always a hassle, so I decided to go with Duncans, they are easier to come by. Played through Antiquities and quite liked them, I was about the pull the...
  17. Tito83

    Noise Gate/Supressor as a key part of the tone

    *back away if you're a vintage nut* Has anyone thought about it? It's been a while since I've ditched those, but recently I had a gig where I played mostly high gain stuff and I got back to using a noise supressor. Using it not only got rid of the noise, but it change the tone - mainly the feel...
  18. Tito83

    What are the minimum controls a good fuzz must have?

    Look for the Deep Trip stuff, pretty cool and much easier to get a good sound than your regular fuzz face. Edit: Ideally I'll use a face with both volume and drive on ten and use the volume knob on the guitar, so in theory I'd just need the on/off switch. Fuzz faces are pretty finicky though...
  19. Tito83

    Looking for auto wah

    The Boss sounds boring as hell IMO. I love the guyatone WR, the Q-tron is a cool one too. Wish I could try a 3 Leaf, looks nice.
  20. Tito83

    Best Digital Delay

    Sorry to say you're all wrong... T-rex Replica. :hide2
  21. Tito83

    Love/hate chorus pedals - mostly hate

    I used to hate chorus, but now I love it... I guess the old Landau stuff just got to me. I'm still looking for something that will give me the trichorus thing without making me go bankrupt at the same time though.
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