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    What makes Nash guitars to special?

    These days you have no choice in neck profile, radius, fretwire, inlay etc. Just maple or rosewood. For bodies it's just color and binding. Everything is pre-fabbed bodies and necks ordered in bulk, pretty lame if you ask me but I'm glad you have enjoyed the good one that you got!
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    What makes Nash guitars to special?

    All the Nash guitars I've played had horrible fret sprout, have you noticed that at all? Maybe it's the dry Denver air but all my guitars are fine... Remember: Nash guitars are prefabbed bodies and necks, they spray them, then remove most of what they sprayed and add dents, and finally do a...
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    What is your best guitar polish?

    Toothpaste, really. It's also great for polishing frets when they get grimey. Otherwise I never really polish mine, mild soapy water is better than anything to get said grime off the finish of my black american tele. I love the smell of Smith's Pro polish but it leaves residue which is annoying.
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    Seeking communication from Tommy at Electric Majik

    That color is stunning isn't it? After all this wait I'm most disappointed that I didn't get my deep shiny metallic purple pedal :mad: I'll do my best to get some sound clips up after the product rush wears off (as if there were any at this point) and I have the time to really dig into it...
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    Seeking communication from Tommy at Electric Majik

    Got my JFET overdrive on Saturday, played it in rehearsal on Sunday but didn't have the chance to play with it before hand so I was going on the fly but it was still sounding great. The only problem other than it being 10 weeks late was the fact that I ordered it in Plum Crazy and it arrived in...
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    Seeking communication from Tommy at Electric Majik

    Heads up everyone, my JFET overdrive now has an in-transit status as of a few minutes ago. I'll let you all know how it goes, still no word from Tommy but at least it's a development in the story (for me). Hopefully we hear form him soon and get the mud cleared up to help us all rest a bit...
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    Seeking communication from Tommy at Electric Majik

    He does apparently have the time to post holiday sales though, I bought mine on a memorial day sale, and noticed he posted a 4th of July sale too. It sucks he is willing to post that but nothing regarding the delay in shipment that is guaranteed at this point.
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    Seeking communication from Tommy at Electric Majik

    I've been waiting 9 weeks for my JFET overdrive, just got tracking info a week ago and it only says "pre-shipment" every time I check. I've always been attracted to his product line and now my first purchase experience has been a nightmare, absolutely zero communication on his part the whole...
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    Looks like the new Gibsons have landed

    I didnt see a single LP over 10lbs... Im not saying heavier is always better but i feel like there a lot of VERY good guitars out there that weigh a bit and you could be missing out if you dont give them a fair chance
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    Are Les Pauls too heavy? Not for this 14-year-old GIRL

    Ive been listening to metallica for years, im only 23 but i have been listening for a decade. Im no drummer but i can never predict what Lars is gonna do in songs ive been hearing for so long. This girl nails it so the (for this song) to me kinda means (for every song). This video just makes...
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    My guitar is too bright! Advice please...

    if all else really fails, try nylon saddles maybe
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    Replacement bar for Fender Tremolo

    The Callaham block itself will save your trem arms, it has the nylon bushing that bears all the load and spreads it over a larger area. The 'wobble' mentioned by many is due to the fact that the bar is actually pivoting on a single thread, It doesnt take much repeated loading to significantly...
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    Help finding the right SG

    I have never owned one with a maestro, only played a few with one. The spring design isnt very good on the maestros, bigsbys certainly have a better design. Bigsby or maestro equipped SGs are going to struggle with sustain and tuning stability, but as always a good setup and stretched-in...
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    Is Fret Doctor really that good?

    This. The wood is dried for a reason, so it wont rot and so it doesn't need to be 'maintained'. If you really want to use something on it, I wouldn't do it more than once a year.
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    Help finding the right SG

    The SG standard is exactly what you're looking for, despite it being sans maestro... I know this is very important to you but you can get every single other attribute you mentioned from a standard. They are great guitars, and if a custom shop $4k guitar is out of the question you might not end...
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    11's or 12's on Gibson SG's

    This is funny to me, it may be true for vintage instruments, but if its an SG with the modern joint you have nothing to worry about. Wood is an remarkably strong material (and glued joints are stronger than a neck through design) and the tension in the strings isn't anywhere near enough to...
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    Almost every genre of music you can think of interactive map

    clicks on 'hard rock' and hears "I dont wanna miss a thing" lol :facepalm. its pretty cool though, I dont understand the axes and they seemed pretty desperate on distinguishing different genres.
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    One string a "different" gauge from the set?

    This isnt weird, so many companies make prepackaged "custom" sets to meet this demand. Read or watch interviews with Page and he will tell you all those guys back then used banjo strings for their high E so they could get those big bends easier, use what sounds good or meets your needs!
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    I've Become a TGP Heretic! I'm an EMG Convert

    What I don't like is the volume knob is just that, it only controls the volume. 10 sounds just like 6 only louder. Passive pickup volume is really just another tone knob if you think about it, im sure many people dont wanna give that up. At full chat however, I would bet most guys could enjoy...
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    How does a Floyd Rose affect tone?

    yeah pretty much this. If you must get the floyd make sure it has a good steel block
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    I Know It's Petty...

    me too. Petty can really write but wow Mike is the most underrated guitar god of all time. My Strat doesn't have that nice sticker but it does have an MZ serial number back there :boxer
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    What's your favorite high output, passive, humbucker?

    I really liked my Dirty Fingers but looks like im the only one... :/
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    How does one find replacement parts for Gibson guitars with VOS finish!?

    google directions for aging parts with vinegar or muriatic acid and just buy new nickel parts and take the shine off yourself!
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    Double NGD !!! "Back in Black"

    I plan to get a nice double bound tele in black to go with my suit in the near future... you should invest in a tux now! I must admit I was hoping to see a nice CS SG in black but these two are still gorgeous :BluesBros
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    Mexican Strat bridge replacement options. Opinions..

    I have the Callaham, great bridge that I probably did over-spend on but I was feeling saucy I guess. What you want is a steel block and stamped steel saddles, they affect your tone the most. The callaham block is really nice with the bushing that bears the all the loading from the bar. Make...
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