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  1. StuRdesign

    Another hot PAF pickup suggestions

    The two pickups in the Monkey SG are, as you've posted elsewhere, a recased and potted Gibson P90, and a John Birch "Superflux", which was John's take on the P90 but with nine pole screws to eliminate drop out while string bending, an early blade pickup if you like. The Superflux was John's...
  2. StuRdesign

    Albert Collins and Gary Moore

    Albert Collins was awesome. In 1991 I was in the depths of despair after a nasty divorce. Then came three days of Guitar legends on TV. Wow - did it open my eyes. Too many highlights to remember, buit this was one fo them, even if the video is mis-titled.....
  3. StuRdesign

    Noddy Holder Interview

    Its one of the more common condemnations of Slade's image, and is now known to have done them a lot of harm to their credibility. I saw Slade live 36 times over 10 years, met them many times and still do occasionally. The last ever concert they played here is on Youtube, and is a very grainy fan...
  4. StuRdesign

    Saddest songs ever

    The guitar solo off this moved me to tears, no idea why, it hits me every time I hear it. Never happened with any other song. by a pre Whitesnake Micky moody.
  5. StuRdesign

    Noel Gallagher is on par with either Lennon or McCartney

    "No Slade - no Oasis" Noel Gallagher 2017 Liam Gallagher borrowed everything he did, stage stance, dress, style from Ian Brown. By his own admission.
  6. StuRdesign

    Famous players with only 1 or 2 electric guitars, who ?

    He's been playing Peavey Cropper Teles since at least 1991. He's been using his current one for at least 12 years. He gave his Tele and amp from the early MGs recordings to the Smithsonian along with the white Tele from the Blues Brothers.
  7. StuRdesign

    Two x TBX pots in a Strat, why not??

    That sounds like the way I'd want to go. As per my OP, the pickups were described as "Full Range" and were experimental but didn't go anywhere due to the builders demise. I'm really interested in what he would describe as "full range" - in either direction. Thanks again for all replies!!
  8. StuRdesign

    Two x TBX pots in a Strat, why not??

    Apologies for the late response and thanks for your reply. Any ideas what will gain - or not - for going past the detent the other way? I'm so far planning a variation on standard Strat wiring by having the first tone pot cover the neck & middle pickup, and the lower tone pot for the bridge...
  9. StuRdesign

    Two x TBX pots in a Strat, why not??

    I was recently given a Strat copy at a charity gig. I've never owned a Strat before so this gives me chance to try out some pickups I was given 20+ years ago by UK luthier John Birch. They were experimental and as far as I know never went into production; he called them "Full Range". I plan on...
  10. StuRdesign

    "I've become increasingly skeptical that higher-output bridge pickups are necessarily a good thing!"

    In the Monkey SG Iommi had a rewound (at John Birch workshop) P90 and a custom John Birch pickup then called a Superflux, which featured 9 screwpoles to emulate a blade pickup effect of no dropout of signal when note bending. It was one of John's very earliest pickups that he made. As he later...
  11. StuRdesign

    A band I really enjoyed as a teenager.... Slade

    Hands up if you noticed that they missed out the second verse there, due to time constraints and it was a live show. Yup - I'm that retentive about Slade!!
  12. StuRdesign

    Worth asking? Who is the most "loved/respected" guitarist's guitarist?

    Why wasn't Cropper listed on at least the first page?
  13. StuRdesign

    Share a musical accomplishment/milestone that you're particularly proud of

    As I have posted previously but never tire of saying. :D I tried out Lemmy's twin signature Marshall stacks before even Lemmy himself did. It was at Marshall where they have a mini theatre where artists try out new gear. The amps were being shipped out to catch a Motorhead tour in Germany the...
  14. StuRdesign

    What was the best 'surprise' concert you've been to:

    Never saw them do less than a fantastic gig, great days - really great days.
  15. StuRdesign

    Which band have you seen live the most times?

    I saw Slade 36 times over 10 years, I also saw Motorhead 16 times and I've seen Steve Cropper in various line-ups 16 times too.
  16. StuRdesign

    Improving a budget guitar; how far to go?

    Thanks for all of your replies. I don't intend hanging it on a wall, nor reselling it. I had a bit of a try out with it last night. The machines "feel" weak but I'll see if they hold tune for a while. Most of it for me is appearance. I don't much like the pink with white parts look of it, the...
  17. StuRdesign

    Improving a budget guitar; how far to go?

    I was at a charity commemoration event in honour (UK spelling, don't think he made it far in the USA??) of 70s star "Alvin Stardust", previously known as "Shane Fenton". He died from Prostate Cancer four years ago, which was sudden to his friends as he kept his condition secret; all the proceeds...
  18. StuRdesign

    origins of glam rock

    .....along with Bo Diddley. Dave Hill of Slade, saw Marc Bolan on UK TV with a small glitter tear under his eye, around 1970. By his own admission Dave stole the idea and took it to extremes. This outfit was intended to be a glam Egyptian pharoah, but the rest of the band called it the...
  19. StuRdesign

    I don't get Kiss.

    No coincidence. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley attended a lot of Slade's US gigs when they first went over and in their words "took copious notes". They're still good friends with Slade's drummer Don Powell and name-checked him at a recent-ish gig in Denmark where Don now lives. The broken mirror...
  20. StuRdesign

    What was the best 'surprise' concert you've been to:

    Early 90's, I was about to be divorced and in the 18 months since that split had fallen for a nurse who had dumped me after a few weeks. (I changed my aftershave after that :D ). A buddy in the bar told me that he'd heard of a really good live band that was playing an open air gig in Edinburgh...
  21. StuRdesign

    RIP Matt Guitar Murphy

    So sad to hear about this; though 88 is a great innings. I thought he'd recovered well from his stroke, well enough to guest on the newest Blues Brothers Band album "Last Shade" last year.
  22. StuRdesign

    Steve Cropper confirming the music business really doesn't change much...

    Cropper was talking about way back when; but one place a musician will never be replaced is the live setting; which existed long before the music and recording industry did. That's where people like Cropper will never be replaced, no matter how much computers are developed.
  23. StuRdesign

    bands that have changed drastically throughout their career

    Slade in 1969 Slade in 1981 - strangely enough playing a 1969 song.....
  24. StuRdesign

    Why 70's glam rock was not popular in America while 80's glam(hair) metal was?

    The members of Slade are very well aware of what went wrong with their attempts to make it in the USA. I was talking with their drummer Don Powell about it just a few weeks ago & Dave Hill the lead guitarist around Xmas time. Apart from the music there were many other factors, some of which have...
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