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  1. J

    High res media players for a Mac

    Hi - I’m new to this so thought I’d ask - I’ve got a Linn hifi in living room for the Turntable —- I’ve also got a Mac in my studio for digital listening - I have been thinking about downloading a hi res media player and ordering some 24/192 music on it. What’s the best media player to...
  2. J

    Integrated amp with minimal inputs

    Currently looking to replace my aging Linn pretek/Powertek combo -(sounds congested and weak - doesn’t like busy music ) I would like an amp with an awesome phono stage and 1/2 line inputs - real minimalist amp - I use a Rega p1 TT and Kef q300 speakers - listen to hard rock predominantly
  3. J

    Marshall 2555 jubilee channel 1 problem

    Question for Jube owners or techs of Marshall ---- I have a black 2555 Marshall jubilee -the overdrive channel sounds phenomenal but when I click on the clean channel it only sometimes sounds like it should - most of the time the clean is flat and a tad fizzy -defiantly not its normal self --...
  4. J

    Taking guitar on delta airlines international

    I'm goin to England in April and bringing a Gibson les Paul back with me from my house-- my question is - if I put it in a gig bag will it fit above in the compartment -- I'm allowed 45 linear inches for the compartment (105 l" for carry on -where they take it)-or how safe is it if I hand it in...
  5. J

    OLD Dunlop 535 replacement switch--

    Finally after 20 yrs my original Dunlop 535 wah on off switch is making a huge crackle and thud when I engage it---I've been trying to find a replacement and I've been failing to see this part online---it's a on off switch with a green circuit board attached to its bottom and the wires from the...
  6. J

    EMG wiring question

    Hi...... I recently acquired a Guitar with a EMG loaded pickguard -3 SA's -- they work perfectly fine except the previous owner changed the wiring to suit him and it's kinda funky--- I can't find any wiring diagrams to hook this specific set up back together stock --- it's the bottom pot that's...
  7. J

    Excellent refret in Ohio?

    I have a tele that I'd like jumbos put onto--I live in the NW corner of Ohio so that means I could also drive to Indiana as well-----who would be the very best to take the guitar to in this area??? What would be a ball park price on this job also? Thank you
  8. J

    Beginer TAB books???

    Hi.....I was jus wondering if there was an affordable beginer guitar TAB book series available--something similar to the HAL Lenard series of books but not so old fashioned ---the Hal Lenard books are all notation and are full of old sing along songs and 1 note at a time melodys----I'm looking...
  9. J

    fender MIM nocaster telecaster Exist?

    friend of mine sais he has a mexican nocaster tele for sale....no telecaster name on headstock!!!!...hes gona bring it over at the wkend---so in the mean time im trying to google it & youtube it & theres nothing on a mim nocaste...does it exist? he wants $500 for it
  10. J

    ROSE MORRIS AC30'S ? help needed

    i live in the usa & my mother in the UK..... she wants all my gear moved out of her house asap...amongst the gear is a rose morris era 1979 80 81 82 -AC30--its in 7/10 condition ect. Problem is that we know nothing about it or its value & i have to sell it....im under the understanding that...
  11. J

    DUNLOP UNIVIBE UV1SC major tone sucker!!! help!

    i bought this pedal in 1997 ( DUNLOP UNIVIBE UV1SC stereo chorus ) & i realy want to keep it for my univibe but i have 2 issues with it......when its OFF it seems to cause a tone Load that i dont dig & when its on it kinda is muffly (horrible for clean) BUT i like its vibe sound.its thick...
  12. J

    what is MY vox ac30?

    this is an AC30 of mine i know nothing about....its sitting in my mums house in the UK & she wants it moved & i live in USA.... do i rid it -keep it/ship it?...value?.....................alls i remember about the speakers that there was no label on em.....& this is tube ..maybe late 70's? any...
  13. J

    humbucker size single coil for my peavy steve cropper?

    love my cropper but im missing that twang bang--im looking for my closest alternative to a Fat ''Percussive'' tele bridge pickup in one of these humbucker sized single coils.............using a Vox Ac30 --playing a Style of rock using o.d boxes sometimes- whats my best choices?
  14. J

    country rig needed but havnt got a clue

    i Got offered what i consider a good paying gig in a country rock outfit..they are also very busy....ive never played this music before but they have seen me play before & say that i would have show together in no time so im going to need an amp ...something obviously clean & percussive &...
  15. J

    issue with an even string sound from bass

    i own a 90's fender precision with active electronics... a Pbass in centre and a humbucker in rear. the issue im having is that my Low E string is that much louder and bassier than the rest of the strings.... it booms...when i take the bass controls down to the right level then that leaves the...
  16. J

    bought a mesa boogie bass 400+

    last sunday i purchased a bass 400+ all tube amp w/ Anvil case... i have it running through a mesa 2x10 diesel bass cab loaded with Eden speakers... anybody else running one of these and u got any trix of the trade with using them? i realy would like to know,....... its a gorgeous amp
  17. J

    todays value on a mint Marshall SLX?

    thinking about having one of these for a while... ive seen the GC has 2 in store used for $799 7/10 condition does that sound right? ... whats the usual value of a mint SLX 100w ?
  18. J

    free online software instruments??????

    just bought an M-audio 88 key keyboard midi controller to use w/ garageband... i need some more strings and wondered if there was any ''good'' software instruments to download out there that some of you have come across and have been using.
  19. J

    guitar building DVD? the best one's?

    hi.....ive just acquired an interest in guitar building...would like to do it at home as a hobby of love.... i searched the internet for schools and they generally require me to be there all week and for months at a time and are too far away from my location n/w Ohio im currently trying to work...
  20. J

    Lespaul/Soldano guys...what bridge pickup?

    currently with my 57 classic in my LP custom shop standard...love it but it needs a bit more juice for pinched harmonics when needed and a bit more Low Mid and most impotantly it needs to be Clearer sounding......the 57 smears notes/runs into unidentifiable ones....playing all types of rock...
  21. J

    small bass cabs with most Low end?

    thinking of ordering a markbass F500 and im currently trying to whittle my choices down by online reviews but im unable to test most of the gear due to where i live... im looking for either a 2x10 or 1x15 cab thats fairly light and portable,easily fits in my trunk or backseat (3 series) with...
  22. J

    DELAY only unit for Soldano SLO

    i need a single space rack delay unit ...hi quality thats 0 problematic w/ the SLO loop.... im looking for delay only not a 1000 preset programme marathon unit.. cheers j
  23. J

    most robust floor tuner available

    ive been through several boss floor tuners this year...its either the jacks or some internal issue.... now im at the point to buy yet another and im open to the alternatives out there but i want a more ROBUST floor tuner..... something with a similar function as the boss tuner---- NO STROBE as...
  24. J

    sending AAC files via email...garageband

    im recording songs with a guy via online....i do all the music and i send a high quality mp3 to him to sing onto and master..so far so good.... SO how do i send an even higher quality file the AAC one? so far its too large to send as an attachment....how do u guys do it? he wants me to send...
  25. J

    IK multimedia plug ins

    im interested in buying their stuff for the Soldano model ....im currently running a Line6 UX1 would i need to use a IK interface or could i run it through the UX1>?? and how? or even run it using a Apogee duet? cheers
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