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    Need Reverb Tank for Bogner Shiva

    I bought a head box to convert my Shiva EL34 Reverb combo into a head. The head box does not have a reverb tank. Does anyone know of a supplier that could provide a reverb tank? Has anyone else done this? Thanks in advance
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    What did you do with your CD collection post-digitization?

    I recently completed the long process of digitizing my CD collection and they now rest peacefully in a box. Did you sell them or keep them? If sold, did you do it in bulk or one by one? Thanks!
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    Custom Effects Loop Cable Help Needed

    Hi, Does any anyone know of a manufacturer who makes a send/return cable that can be used with an effects loop out to a pedalboard? I guess I am looking for a mini-pedalsnake (but I don't need all the other stuff). Just need one cable with two jacks on either end: send and return. I...
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    Pedalboard Power Supply with DC and AC

    I have a VoodooLabs pedal power with a CLYDE Wah, Tone Press, Choralflange, and Strobostomp. Everything was great until I bought I Digitech Whammy pedal which requires AC! I tried plugging the wall wart into the convenience outlet on the Pedal Power and that introduced a stampede of noise...
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