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  1. gearmeup

    What does it take to find the right people?

    What a beautiful thread, you remind me of myself at your age, usually with my experiance for a good band to form it just comes naturally with friends. This song comes to mind and actually wraps everything up nicely. "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you'll get...
  2. gearmeup

    Taking guitar lessons...advice needed???

    Drop that bastard like a bad habit, lessons are supposed to be engaging a back and forth rodeo of love.
  3. gearmeup

    Good Daw and interface

    Hey guys I'm in the market to get a new DAW and interface. The last time it was kinda a nightmare. I was using an Mbox and protools LE. There were a ton of glitches, static, freezing. It could have been the cheap PC I was using but then again many people on the Avid forums had the same issues...
  4. gearmeup

    Eb anyone?

    I love halfstep down although I am thinking about buying a pedal that does it for me.
  5. gearmeup

    Power chords- 1st & 3rd or pinky?

    I'd use the first third and the pinky if you can. A more skilled player will be able to tell THe difference in sound\ tone. And if you use all three,youre able to play riffs for some reason in between faster or more acuratly than just the two fingers for some reason. At least for me.
  6. gearmeup

    Guitar playing is so unfair

    That video was boring as hell. Who would want to cover a lame GNR song let alone watch some douch play it. Dabbel tabs and covers but then be INOVATIVE!
  7. gearmeup

    How to tune the guitar for singing while playing.

    I asked this in the sound lounge but it didn't get much traction or answers. I'd say I'm very knowledgable when it comes to the guitar and simple theory but I've never had a singer/ guitarist teacher. That being said I've always questioned what is the best way to tune the guitar when...
  8. gearmeup

    Best way to tune a guitar when singing?

    I've always wondered this and now that I've picked up a few singing lessons and want to start composing, which is the way to go and why? Standard? Half Step down? Capo?
  9. gearmeup

    Has anyone ever made a truly gig ready guitar?

    Almost all of them but acoustic
  10. gearmeup

    Question for guitar teachers... please help!

    Chords, then notes, then scales. There is no order but to help the student comprehend it the most I would use that order...... Are arpeggios important..... Perhaps.... but a little overrated... If you ask me especially if they are used just to be used.
  11. gearmeup

    Anyone use cheat sheets on stage?

    No! That's rediculous. You should use your memory
  12. gearmeup

    Taylor Swift vs. Spotify

    We need more people like her higher up willing to take a stand
  13. gearmeup

    Learning to shred: Any news on Cracking the Code?

    This is hilarious. Seems like every three months someone posts a thread about this. Either people know how to shred and just aren't saying or no one knows. Shhhhhhhhhhh it's the former.
  14. gearmeup

    Share about how you get the best out of your practice time you have avaliable

    By having in while doing it and doing it for hours
  15. gearmeup

    Robben Ford Shred

    This was pretty cool,not my style but I like the double stops and chords you threw in there. What scales were used? Sounds like the blues/ major but my ear isn't good enough to tell. Maybe I'll upload one
  16. gearmeup

    Paris Hilton made $2.7 million for 4 nights of DJing

    this is a great introspective post, especially for your 666th post :dude
  17. gearmeup

    Maybe the dumbest question ever asked in the history of TGP

    I was looking through the post your rig page. How do you guys get your petals so close together? Do you use special small cables? All my cables between pedals looks like "U's" or "n's".
  18. gearmeup

    Do you mingle.....?

    I think is guitarist arnt much for talking, it's usually the bass player who is the mingler
  19. gearmeup

    What are your guys thoughts on "bone" nuts?

    Can you buy human bone? Or do I have to dig up a grave....:dunno
  20. gearmeup

    What are your guys thoughts on "bone" nuts?

    Would bone be good for my Les Paul?
  21. gearmeup

    What are your guys thoughts on "bone" nuts?

    Sounds like bone is for tone!
  22. gearmeup

    Is there a pedal that will make my Hot Rod Deluxe sound like a Mesa?

    Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a Wampler Triple Rec! I wanted to try the Riot but I am very happy..... I've finally finally finally finally finally finally found the tone I was looking for I know it's the honeymoon phase but I think my GAS Is done and it's all thanks to you guys. After...
  23. gearmeup

    Is there a pedal that will make my Hot Rod Deluxe sound like a Mesa?

    I don't feel like people have much respect for them from all the reviews I've seen. There amps are a different story. I wouldn't put it pass them for making their pedals sound intentionally a little worse than the amp. Because then what would be the point of the 2500 or 3k on an amp. I...
  24. gearmeup

    Is there a pedal that will make my Hot Rod Deluxe sound like a Mesa?

    This is very true and they still give that Mesa beefy sound
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