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    Should I ask for Lap steel for 50th bday?

    Sure, go ahead! I'm getting myself a banjo, but a lap steel is on the list as well.
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    NGD: Ibanez RG550RF - why didn't I do this years ago?

    I love my Desert Yellow RG550 Genesis. After a revolving door of guitars, I finally found the one I'm most content with, and the one I always pick up to play. Rock steady and comfortable with a neck that fits my hands perfectly. While I do love looking at and trying other guitars, I have no...
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    Upgrade my RG570 Genesis, or spring for a new RG5170B

    Very nice, and great decision!
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    Does anyone else’s Guitar Center currently look like this?

    We have a rinky dink GC in my area and it looks exactly like the OP pics....very spartan.
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    Dang. Childhood dream Ibanez announced today.

    I love my Genesis RG550 (DY) and would love this as an addition to the mix---just got to decide on a color. I'm in my 40s and have finally found a neck profile that I'm comfortable with, so to each his own.
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    Dunlop JP Flow Plectra

    I'm always trying new picks and low the JP Flows as well as the jumbo. I had never played anything as fat as the jumbo and when I first held it I was laughing and saying this won't work...but it really worked well!! When I'm not using my standby Eric Johnson Jazz IIIs I reach for the Flows.
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    Stairway solo by "Frampton", "EVH" and Eric Johnson

    Liked them all but the EJ one was tops for me.
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    Maybe the best love song written about an object

    First thing that came to mind was Jackson Browne's Rosie.
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    Meatloaf, "I'd Do Anything for Love"

    I resent the fact the op called meatloaf nasty. I'm here to second the motion that the food meatloaf is delicious. Motion is approved. :) continue..
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    Any opinions on the new RG550's (I'm planning on buying my first 'real' guitar)

    I have a Genesis RG550 in yellow and I absolutely love it. I always wanted an RG550 back in the 90s (still have the old Ibanez catalogs) but never got a chance to buy an original one. Neck is comfortable for me, body shape perfect, tuning superb. I rotate it between my Prestige 652(same neck but...
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    Lyric snips that are incredibly powerful

    Agree with anything Paul Simon But, one out of many Jackson Browne songs/snippets that has always stayed with me is: You were turning 'round to see who was behind you And I took your childish laughter by surprise And at the moment that my camera happened to find you There was just a trace...
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    Anyone here - NOT - listen to guitarists?

    Aside from recommendations here on the forum, the only music I listen to is classical music in the car ---little to no commercials, no idiotic djs, music that's calming, exciting and more importantly different each day. I never find the need to change the station in the car now. If these modern...
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    What did meeting a ‘famous’ musician teach you?

    The Key is to never wash your hand after the handshake. :)
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    What did meeting a ‘famous’ musician teach you?

    Met Joshua Bell after a concert and he was done to earth and funny and took the time to have a small conversation with me and the family. I met Steve Morse, his wife and son and sat at the same table with him for dinner. Super sweet guy and had a great conversation about guitar, flying etc...
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    Neck profile is causing hand pain

    I had the opposite problem. Thicker necks were killing my hand and after switching to Ibanez Rg/Jem no more pain and my playing improved overall. I'm not a shredder (although I wouldn't mind having that skill) either.
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    Learning guitar - Lessons series (not for beginners)

    I am enjoying these lessons and appreciate your hard work delivering them to us! Thank You!
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    Long guitar solos

    I appreciate listening to extended solos as long as benefits the song and resonates with me (subjective). Could be some flash in there to show viruosic talent, but doesn't have to. For example, like most people here (I assume), I still enjoy Frampton Comes Alive, and when "Do You Feel Like We...
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    What If Marty Friedman Was Recruited For Metallica Instead?

    I would have preferred Marty or any of the others mentioned---don't care for KH or his playing. Useless bit of info: my old guitar teacher auditioned for the lead spot in Megadeth during the time I was taking lessons.
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    Fun ways to spice up your pentatonic playing

    Thanks for the licks! I'm enjoying getting them up to speed! Very cool.
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    Eddie Rabbit - On Second Thought

    Eddie was part of my youth and early musical beginnings. I still love his music and this takes me back in time to a period of fond memories. Thank you.
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    Why do 95% of current production guitars have thin necks?

    Get a Kotzen Tele, Paul Gilbert Ibanez, and a Buckethead LP and have all your bases covered.
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    Klinghoffer opens up about Peppers, and more

    If Will isn't available, how about Mike Portnoy with his Hello Kitty Drum set?
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