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  1. ddbruni

    Sold Pre wired Lollar Tweed Strat Set and Harness

    Great set of Lollar Tweeds out of my Kingbee Strat. Was planning on a build but I’m on an amp fund raising mission so her we go.... $160 pp and shipped
  2. ddbruni

    Sold $ DROP! Killer MJT/All Parts Relic Tele with Lollar & Anderson PUPS

    MJT Body with an All Parts Neck. I do not have all the specs but it is a fatter profile but not a boat or D shape. Very manageable, fills the hand and is really fun to play and a great relic job that flows well through and to the neck and the beat up logo is cool as hell too IMO. tons of...
  3. ddbruni

    Sold 3 Monkeys Orangutan Jr #3(Custom Tolex)

    Looking to trade this magnificent specimen of an amp from 3 Monkeys. This particular one has a little story with it.... this one is #3 and legend has it it was made for the g player in Soul Asylum and then made its way into the secondary market ... friend of mine picked it up and had 3 Monkeys...
  4. ddbruni

    Sold 2016 Suhr Classic Pro SSS

    Took this in trade about a year ago and planned on flipping it but it has proven to be a great guitar to have a round.... the Suhr v70s have some spank and 70’s snarl... awesome trem and just a rock solid build and playable as ever... The Ssc ii system is installed under PG but not in line ...
  5. ddbruni

    Sold Ronin Songbird

    Need to part with this beautiful instrument to infuse some cash into the homestead. It’s been an honor and a privilege to own it the last few years. It’s really an amazing instrument. Super light and resonant with one of the best necks I’ve played, def has some “meat” to it but in all the right...
  6. ddbruni

    Sold Mule Resonator #103 W/hsc !pics Added!

    For sale is my Mule Resonator, biscuit bridge, single cone, no cutaway and no pickup in this one. Low 100’s serial no. I will get pics up in the next day or two but in the meantime it looks very similar to the link below, please message me here with an email if you want some pics emailed...
  7. ddbruni

    Sold $DROP Avatar 1x12 Cab

    112 Avatar Cube cab in black tolex with wheat grill loaded with an Eminence Wizard. Great shape and awesome full sounding 112. 8 ohm Pics in Reverb ad: $200 PayPal’d and Shipped https://reverb.com/item/5844421-avatar-1x12-cube-cab-black-with-wheat-grill
  8. ddbruni

    Sold 3 Monkeys Orangutan 112 Combo

    Just had to get a new guitar sooooo....Up for grabs is my 3 Monkeys Orangutang 112 Combo. Killer amp that can really go from clean to mean... Voxy Chime, Marshall Grit and Fender(ish) shades of clean with Reverb and 6 position Voice knob. 30-35 Watts with 4 6v6 but really is not your typical 6v6...
  9. ddbruni

    Sold MJT based Tele build/Rutters/Antiquities/Emerson

    up for sale is my MJT 60’s Relic style Telecaster build. This is made of all high end components and was luthier built and set up. Killer finish on this one and is set up to play... seriously gives up the goods and hangs with my Fender Custom Shops -MJT Aged body and All Parts TROC neck (also...
  10. ddbruni

    Sold Gibson SG Wired harness from Derek Trucks model SG

    selling the following parts recently taken off of a customers Gibson Derek Trucks SG... he did a bunch of “upgrades” but honestly the guitar ripped with this original stuff on it. - Pair of ‘57 Classsic Humbuckers $Sold -Set of Kluson Tuners $Sold -Lightweight stopbar and studs $Sold -Wired...
  11. ddbruni

    Sold $DROP! Carr Rambler 2x10 in rare custom colors (Fawn/Slub and Cocoa)

    For sale is my 2011 Carr Rambler Rare specimen for a few reasons, not a lot of the 2x10's have been made, the control plate is inverted white on black vs the normal black on white, oversized Carr center mounted logo, top bottom two tone. This one is a rare bird and sounds amazing and is super...
  12. ddbruni

    Sold $ALE $old TUESDAY ONLY Dr Z Remedy Head (Blonde/Current Version with Master Volume)

    Z Remedy for sale. Z's version of a 4 input Marshall Plexi with a master volume. Has two (Hi & Normal) volumes essentially "jumping" the inputs for you. Amp is super clean with no scuffs or scratches. 40 watts with half power switch.... handles a variety of clean and dirty assignments and...
  13. ddbruni

    Sold *DEAL!*Mad Professor Mellow Yellow Trem Handwired

    Mad Proffesor Mellow Yellow Trem Hand Wired $150 pp and shipped CAST Engineering Pulse Drive/Trem mint in box with papers $OLD EHX Q Tron Plus $OLD EWS Fuzzy Drive $OLd Wampler Faux Analog Echo w/ box and papers $SOLD Boss DD-7 Digital Delay mint in box $OLD Thanks for checking the ad...
  14. ddbruni

    Sold Sale pending Category 5 Tsunami 1x12 Combo

    Mint closet condition Category 5 Tsunami 1x12 Combo. Vintage 18 watt Marshall side and classic Plexi Voiced side. This amp will keep up and cut through a mix no problem and all your classic blues and rock tones are in here. I will include the y splitter I use to run both channels simultaneously...
  15. ddbruni

    Sold 2016 Carr Lincoln

    You are checking out a 2016 Carr Lincoln. This amp is showroom clean with low hours on it and has only been out of the studio for 3 venues in a year. Amazing amp that can handle a variety of situations with its power and volume options. Comes with brand new Carr branded Studio Slips padded...
  16. ddbruni

    Sold Hughes and Kettner Tube Factor

    this peda is a monster, real Tube preamp.... mild to wild and the clean boost is a sleeper on this one .... Jimmy Herring in a box? Not possible but this is as close as it gets ... Come double boxed in original packaging. Pic on the Reverb ad...
  17. ddbruni

    Sold Keeley Supermod Workstation

    this one is new and in box ...piecing out my small board to fund a guitar deal... these stations are amazing This one I'm looking for $220 shipped and pp I have a pic on my Reverb ad but of course would prefer to sell TGP style ... click for the pic.. like new only cheaper...
  18. ddbruni

    Sold Keeley Delay Workstation

    like new in the box with all papers. $220 PayPal and shipped I have pic posted on my Reverb ad but happy to do the business here of course. https://reverb.com/item/4594401-keeley-delay-workstation-2016
  19. ddbruni

    Sold Gibson P90's From 2000 Custom Shop LP

    Up for grabs here is the original set of Gibson P90's out of my Gibson Custom Shop Historic 56 RI Les Paul (pictured) These are a great set of vintage wound p90's. I will also include the 500k original vol/tone pots and paper and oil tone caps $140 PayPal and shipped CONUS...
  20. ddbruni

    Sold 3rd Power Dream Solo 4 "68 Plexi"

    Super versitle head that can crank Marshall cleans, classic drive all the way through modded Plexi .... this amps got Jimi, Jimmy, Angus to Slash and every Marshall Plexi color you can think of all at any volume you want. This is is the most recent version of this head which has a stage/studio...
  21. ddbruni

    Sold Fender Classic Player Strat Sonic & Mint

    2008 Classic Player Strat. This series has been going strong for 10'years and has consistently produced some awesome Strats and not just "for the money". These are spec'd really nicely and have the Custonn 69 PUPs in them and this one will give an Am Std a run for its money. This one is pro...
  22. ddbruni

    Sold (SOLD!) Carr Impala (4 sale or) for your Carr Lincoln

    i have a mint condition two tone black and cream Impala 112 that I would like to sell or trade straight up for a Carr Lincoln combo. Impala is an simply amazing amp (like all Carr amps) but I'd really like to try em all and like most can't afford to collect all of them. Comes with padded...
  23. ddbruni

    Sold Rocketfire Total 60's Strat PUP Set

    Acquired these for a 60's Strat project build I was going to do but ended up getting an amp instead and scrapped the build so I have these left over. Send me a message with your email if you'd like to see pics ... They are in RF box and bubble wrapped still. $210 shipped and pp to CONUS
  24. ddbruni

    Sold Nolatone Road Hogg Lite Head

    Hello TGPrs, Selling some great amps to find some guitar upgrades I'm working on. This little amp is a tone monster and keeps up with my band mates 40 Watt Dr Z Remedy and has no issue driving a 2x12 and keeping up with a drummer and keys. Nolatone watts are NOT "normal" watts. All Nolatone...
  25. ddbruni

    Sold 1 Day Blowout Sale!! Nolatone Chimey Limey 15 (CL-15)

    Up for sale is the very rare Nolatone Chimey Limey CL-15 2x12 Combo Handwired ef86 based AC15 type circuit but really goes way beyond being an AC15 clone.... Really takes the best of those early 60's versions and builds off it for super Chimey cleans to some great dirt when cranked with the...
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