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  1. Gridlock

    NAD '62 Fender Super

    Congratulations, I had a ‘62 Vibrolux. Great sounding amps.
  2. Gridlock

    Cabinet for my Super Sonic 22

    A beautiful job.
  3. Gridlock

    See if you can beat all the new awesome gear I got in August

    I bought a Les Paul R7, a Les a Paul Studio, a Marshall amp, and an OD pedal all in August.
  4. Gridlock

    The one pedal you would never part with and why

    My Greer Lightspeed, just sounds great for low gain with both my Marshall and Fender amps and does not color tone.
  5. Gridlock

    How to afford guitars you can’t afford?

    Sell, trade, and buy used.
  6. Gridlock

    The guitar/amp combo that is YOUR sound...

    Primary sound; Les Paul, Marshall (Astoria), Lightspeed and Dude OD pedals. Alternate sound; Stratocaster, vintage Fender Amp, elMo OD pedal.
  7. Gridlock

    Bought your dream guitar and you couldn't be happier

    My Gibson Les a Paul Custom 1957 RI Black Beauty. A definite dream guitar.
  8. Gridlock

    How desirable is a JCM800 2x12 4104 amp? is it the combo version of a specific head?

    I had an early ‘80’s vertical input 4104 with G12-65’s. it is the combo version of the 2204. Prices range from $1000 - $1500 in good to mint condition. My amp sold at the high end of that range. A really great sounding amp. A great rock band amp. Great tones at band volumes (hard to get a bad...
  9. Gridlock

    What was the WORST CONCERT you attended??

    Ted Nugent. He came on stage at least an hour late. Not impressed and not worth the wait. Plus, his opening band’s music, was not what people attending a rock concert wanted to hear.
  10. Gridlock

    I like to bitch about how much my Super Reverb weighs

    I own a ‘68 Super Reverb. Worth its weight in tone. Probably my favorite vintage Fender amp ever. The best cleans in my opinion are not from a Super but from a Twin Reverb. The weight is similar though, between a Super and a Twin. I also owna ‘70 Deluxe Reverb and a ‘73 Vibrolux Reverb. The...
  11. Gridlock

    How many do you really need?

    A total of seven Guitars: Three (3) Gibson Les Paul’s Two (2) Fender American Stratocaster’s One (1) Fender American Telecaster One (1) Breedlove Acoustic Three Les Pauls because they are my favorite, a R8, a Traditional, and a Deluxe Goldtop (must have a Goldtop). Two Stratocaster’s one...
  12. Gridlock

    I dont like orange amps

    Hi Al, You actually influenced me into purchasing a Boss 7-Band EQ when we met at a Gearfest a few years ago. I used the EQ with my Marshall 1974x and the EQ (set to a “V”) really opened up that amp, and added missing low-end and made that Marshall sound good, even at lower volumes. I really...
  13. Gridlock

    I dont like orange amps

    I’ve owned quite a few Orange amps, and all but one, I could not get rid of fast enough. Most recently a brand new Rocker 15. Very bright and raspy. I wanted to love it, but I could not get a sound out of it that I liked. My favorite was the old version Rocker 30 combo. It’s only fault was the...
  14. Gridlock

    Drives For A Twin Reverb

    I primarily use Tubescreamer type pedals into my Fender amps for drive. I often run my TS pedal’s into my Wampler Black ‘65. The Black ‘65 adds bass and fullness to the TS. To my ears, this sounds good at any volume. Right now I use a Ibanez TS808HW, an elMo, and a Full-Drive 2 with my Fender...
  15. Gridlock

    Homestead amps

    I always wanted to try/buy a Homestead amp. I’ve never seen or heard a Homestead amp in person. From what I’ve read, and seen in videos, a Homestead amp seems to be the perfect blend of Fender and Marshall tones that I love. I would want a 6L6 1x12 or 2x12 combo amp.
  16. Gridlock

    What's your favorite unplugged electric and why?

    My 2009 Gibson Les Paul R8. It sustains for days unplugged.
  17. Gridlock

    66 Vibrolux reverb Speakers TESTS

    Unfortunately, I sold the Vibrolux with the C10Q’s a few years ago and I have owned a Brown Vibrolux, two SF Vibrolux Reverbs, and two BF Vibrolux Reverbs since. My last two BF Vibrolux Reverbs both had the original C10N...(another code after the N, I don’t remember). That first ‘65 Vibrolux...
  18. Gridlock

    2021 purchase plans

    I already purchased a Breedlove Acoustic guitar in 2021. My first acoustic guitar in many years. I plan to buy another Gibson Les Paul R8 in 2021. I stupidly sold a R8 that I loved last year. Soon time to replace it. No other guitar or amp plans for this year, I am pretty happy with the rest...
  19. Gridlock

    Hello from the AZ desert

    Welcome, I love Arizona. A beautiful state.
  20. Gridlock

    2021 the year for acquisition

    I already purchased an amp and an acoustic guitar in 2021 (Jan 2nd). I also plan to replace an R8 that I sold last year with another R8 within the next few months.
  21. Gridlock

    What is the best Combo amp for all around gigging clubs

    I own a ‘62 Brown Fender Vibrolux (1x12 & 30 watts), a ‘70 SF Fender Deluxe Reverb (1x12 & 22 watts), and a Marshall Astoria Classic (1x12 & 30/5 watts). I consider all three of these combo amps great. My favorite is the Brown Vibrolux but I doubt that I would gig it, but my Astoria and...
  22. Gridlock

    Amp Lust for 2021

    I’m pretty set with amps, two Marshall’s and two vintage Fenders. Maybe an Orange Rocker 15 for a practice amp or a vintage Mesa Boogie Mark 1.
  23. Gridlock

    Do you use a overdrive pedal at home, or just use the amp? Whats your rig?

    I’ve succumb to using pedals with pretty good success. A good OD pedal makes playing for a mostly “at home” player, at reasonable volumes, much more satisfying. I use a Greer Lightspeed or a J-Rockets Dude pedal with my Les Pauls, Telecaster, and Marshall’s. I use a TS808HW, a Wampler...
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