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  1. tashiattack

    Sold Tech 21 British

    Version 1, in great condition, comes with box and paperwork. Removed velcro on the back so theres a little bit of residue. $90 U.S, including shipping to anywhere in the US or Canada. For other places, please contact me. Paypal only. Gift preferred. :aok
  2. tashiattack

    Sold Eventide Space

    Not using this guy enough to hold onto it anymore. No box unfortunately, but comes with the power supply. I'll also throw in a cable that can be used to power with a PP2+ if needed. No trades atm. $365 U.S shipped anywhere to the U.S or Canada.
  3. tashiattack

    Broken/Grounding Issue Metal Muff & CoPilot Fuzz - Need help

    Saw a listing for a pay what you can "broken" copilot fuzz and metal muff. Offered the seller 15$ (CAN) for both. He said he wasn’t sure why they stopped working, that it was all of a sudden, and that they were both missing the back plate. I thought no big deal, I'll try to fix it, and at worst...
  4. tashiattack

    Sold Abominable Electronics Don't Shred on Me Deluxe

    It pains me to sell this but I really need the money (sorry no trades!). Amazing rat clone. Basically brand new. Got it a couple of months ago and only used it maybe a few times. In great shape, comes with box and sticker. Asking 170$ U.S. Shipped anywhere in North America (Paypal Gift...
  5. tashiattack

    Sold Boss HM-2 (MIT)

    Made in Taiwan. Great condition for its age. Sounds great as well. Get your Entombed on ;). $90 U.S. Shipped anywhere in the U.S or Canada. Also into trades for other dirt pedals or delays. Try me?
  6. tashiattack

    Black Arts Toneworks Witch Burner discussion

    I've been interested in this pedal for some time now, and want to hear from those who use one or have used one. How do you use it? What do you like or not like about it? Etc
  7. tashiattack

    Sold EHX Deluxe Memory Man (Early 2000's reissue) PRICE DROP

    Early 2000's big box reissue with the external power supply. Sounds absolutely phenomenal. It's in amazing condition except the original owner (I'm #2) changed the knobs and marked his fav settings (not sure why). No velcro on back. $325 U.S shipped anywhere in Canada or the U.S. Paypal only...
  8. tashiattack

    Distortion Pedal that sounds like a cross between a Hiwatt and Marshall?

    I’m looking for a medium to high gain distortion pedal that sounds like a cross between a Hiwatt and Marshall. The clarity, punch and high headroom (or "openesss") of a hitwatt meets some saturation and sizzle of a Marshall. Mostly playing early-mid 90s style heavy rock. What distortion pedal...
  9. tashiattack

    Belle Epoch or El Capistan in front of slightly dirty amp?

    For those who have played or owned both, which do you prefer in front of a slightly dirty amp? I’ve had an El Capistan for a long time, and I’ve come across a NMV style superlead/plexi amp. I think the El Cap sounds okay in front of it, but I’m thinking whether its worth trying a Belle Epoch...
  10. tashiattack

    Suggest a boost or low-gain OD to stack into my DAM Sonic Titan Clone

    I have a really sweet DAM Sonic Titan clone that I've been using for a few years. However, I think it's based on one of the versions that doesn't have much gain. It's great to push my Laney AOR if its already dirty, but not enough gain or sustain in the clean/low output channel, and similarly my...
  11. tashiattack

    Sold Red Panda Context Reverb (v2 with trails option)

    SOLD! -------------- I have an excellent condition Red Panda Context Reverb. Sparkly blue, it's the second version that has the internal switch for trails. No velcro on back, and unfortunately no box. Keep in mind I'm located in Toronto. I'm looking to trade for the following: -GFI system...
  12. tashiattack

    OD's similar to DAM Sonic Titan

    I was curious what overdrives have a similar feel to the DAM sonic titan? Or, at least, overdrives that emulate power tube saturation, or use LM-386 chips. In terms of the latter, I only know that the fuzzrocious ram the manparts uses an LM-386.
  13. tashiattack

    Anyone use a Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi? Thoughts?

    I've been really gasing for a plexi style amp lately, and I don't think I'll be able to buy a marshall anytime soon. Anyone use a Tech 21 Hot-Rod Plexi? How do you use it? (Direct vs Clean Tube amps?)? The demos online seem amazing, and I can't seem to find too much info here...
  14. tashiattack

    Anyone using a Mesa F-100 (or F-50/30)? What pedals are you using to boost...

    How many folks here are using one of the Mesa F series amps? What boost or overdrive pedals are you using to goose the amp, and how are you using them/with which channel?
  15. tashiattack

    New Malekko 616 Dark (not the E600).

    I can't seem to find any threads (my apologies if there already is one) but this seems awesome! A darker version of the 616 MK II. Anyone try one yet? JFDrRQVokvU
  16. tashiattack

    Help me pick new speakers for my Twin Reverb!

    I just blew another set of speakers on my fender twin reverb combo (135watt ultra-linear transformer). I blew the original ones last year, and then it was replaced by my old amp tech with eminence Cannabis Rex, which just blew. Keep in mind, at this point last year I had no knowledge of amps and...
  17. tashiattack

    Recommend Practice Amps that will be decent with a Pedal Board

    Hello TGP nerds, I was wondering if you could recommend some cheap practice amps (under 150$) that would sound decent with a pedalboard. I don't need anything too fancy, its just for jamming in my apartment. My fender twin is too loud for this place ! Anyone have the Fender Mustang I or the...
  18. tashiattack

    Catalinbread DLS vs MK II

    I can't seem to find direct comparisons via search, so thats why I made a thread. Sorry in advance if this has already been discussed. I have the DLS v2, and its the only pedal that has never left my board. I was wondering if someone can make comparisons to the new MK II version (other than the...
  19. tashiattack

    JHV3 Line 6M9 "audio upgrade" mod

    Stumbled across this today. http://jhv3.squarespace.com/m9-mods/ Sorry for my ignorance, or if this is a repost, but does anyone know anything about this mod and company? I am very curious :)
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