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  1. bbe_rev

    Wrap bridge intonation

    Greetings, I've been considering purchasing a guitar with a wrap bridge, no experience with that type of bridge. How do you set intonation, it looks like it has no moving parts, am I missing something? Does the guitar have to just be made perfect? Attached is an image. Thanks.
  2. bbe_rev

    Suhr Guitar replacement pots

    Greetings, I've got a few Suhr Guitars, and I want to change the electronics on one (add a push/pull Humbucker split), and replace a broken pot on another. Where do I get those parts, I've looked on Suhr's website under tools & parts, but nothing there. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers...
  3. bbe_rev

    Sold Thorpy Gunshot

    Thorpy Gunshot, great condition, lightly used, original box and packaging: $185 shipped / pp
  4. bbe_rev

    Anybody know how to adjust the truss rod on a Suhr?

    1 piece neck, adjustment screw is down where the neck adjoins the body. I can’t get the wrench in straight, seems it should be perpendicular or it might strip. I can get it in at a bit of an angle, but it seems wrong. Whats the proper procedure, take the neck off? Thx
  5. bbe_rev

    Looking for a way to sweetin up my clean sound

    I’ve been playing straight guitar-cable-amp for the past year, mainly because I’m lazy, and haven’t wanted to mess around with pedals. I’m happy with my dirty sound but I’m wanting to make my clean sound a little “fatter”, “juicer”, so I’m gonna craft up a small pedalboard. Is there a simple...
  6. bbe_rev

    Pickup configuration help

    I bought a Suhr guitar a while back, a 24 fret Tele HSH beast. Not really loving the neck humbucker. Pretty sure I’d prefer a single coil, can I just clip a wire or two to make it single coil? Or do I need to buy a proper push/pull pot mechinisim, and get that wired correctly? I’d like to just...
  7. bbe_rev

    General Amp Question - Friedman Smallbox

    I've got a Friedman Smallbox, probably 18 months old, I purchased it new. Works fine, sounds normal, but recently it's developed an odd noise. When the amp is on, and standby is off, (ready to play), guitar volume off, it makes a wooshing noise, sounds like wind blowing, it is intermittent, but...
  8. bbe_rev

    Sold Redplate Magica

    Redplate Magica. Excellent condition, as shown. Low hours on original tubes. Will ship in original shipping carton. Footswitch included. $1,850.00 shipped/pp CONUS
  9. bbe_rev

    I just wanted to say Thank You......I think!

    I found TGP a little over a year ago, my brother turned me onto it, it’s been a fun ride. Incredible support for my chronic G.A.S., and O.C.D., and a wealth of knowledge. Here's a before TGP shot, and 1 year later. Thank's for being there, couldn't have done it without you. Before: 13...
  10. bbe_rev

    Sold Bogner ATMA

    Bogner ATMA, like new, played very lightly. Super amp, very versatile, comes with footswitch. $1,150, shipped & PP in continental US.
  11. bbe_rev

    Sold 3rd Power British Dream MK II

    3rd Power British Dream MK II. In perfect condition, includes original foot switch. Very lightly used, never left my house. $1,650 shipped/PP in continental US.
  12. bbe_rev

    Marshall History Help

    I purchased a 100 watt Marshall head, brand new, from Guitar Center in San Francisco in the spring of 1980. I loved that amp, but sold it like an idiot 4 or 5 years later to buy pants or something. It had the two big rocker switches, and 2 vertical inputs, any idea what model it was? Thanks
  13. bbe_rev

    Sold Carol-Ann Tucana 3r

    Carol-Ann Tucana 3r. Purchased new in July of 2014. In perfect condition, includes original foot switch. Lightly used, never left my house. $2,350 shipped/PP in continental US.
  14. bbe_rev

    Friedman Small Box question

    I have a Friedman Small Box, and a Dirty Shirley. While playing the DS, when I roll the volume back on the guitar, it still sounds really good, all the way down to 3 or 4 on the guitar volume knob. Doing the same on the Small Box, at 9 and below on the guitar volume knob it seems all the high...
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