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  1. MGT

    09's on a Les Paul vs 10's.

    I use 10's on everything (Gibson, PRS and Fenders)...I find them slinky enough and can't imagine playing 9's, especially on a LP. Whatever works for you!
  2. MGT

    NGD: Gibson SG 61 w/Maestro

    I don't use the Maestro and after a setup, it plays great & stays in tune!
  3. MGT

    NGD: Gibson SG 61 w/Maestro

    Bought the same guitar a couple of weeks ago and love it! I don't really care about dings so that depends on you. As for the setup, I had one done as soon as I got it...pretty typical for Gibsons to need some nut work, at least.
  4. MGT

    Does gigging when you're old even make sense?

    No idea what age has to do with it, unless you've had health problems or let yourself go!
  5. MGT

    Blackie, Trigger, Old Black, Lucille... Do you have a name for your guitar(s)?

    I don't have names for them but I associate them with feelings or even music/songs. My number one Les Paul feels like home.
  6. MGT

    Madison Cunningham. Wow.

    I "discovered" her a few months ago...such a creative approach to the instrument and great songwriter!
  7. MGT

    This is the One Year Anniversary of my last gig.

    What a depressing thread! It'll be a year the last weekend of February for me. Sigh...
  8. MGT

    2020-2021 Gibson SG 61 RI Opinions

    Just got one this past weekend (the one with the maestro bar even though I don't use it). The neck is amazing...no dive and it soundsSO good!
  9. MGT

    H.E.R - Amazing Rendition of "America The Beautiful" at the Super Bowl

    I despised it (but think she's great). That being said, I'm not American and think that the song is "tres fromage" anyway...but as someone else mentioned, there was too much Mariah going on. And don't get me started on the rendition of your anthem. Whew.
  10. MGT

    Do you want a hardshell case or a good quality gig bag?

    I have the Reunion Blues Continental Voyager bag for my 335. The bag has SO much protection - neck support, cushion and what looks like kevlar on the outside. The hard shell case has no real protection at all other than maybe cosmetic stuff. If the case fell over I'd be holding my breath when I...
  11. MGT

    (now NGD!!!) too many Fenders to choose from

    Except that they're different. One has jumbo frets, another has vintage radius & frets, some Mexican, American, etc. I rather like being able to get a guitar with the specs I want rather than what you might like.
  12. MGT

    I think I've found the best gig bag for reasonable amount of money (F-style guitars)

    I have a Reunion Blues Continental Voyager gig bag for my 335 - it's incredible and so much more protection that the basic Gibson hard shell case.
  13. MGT

    Gibson 2021 Signature models list leaked

    Which ones?
  14. MGT

    Phil Spector - Covid strikes again

    That's a cryin' shame...
  15. MGT

    Have you improved your technique at a later age?

    My technique is directly proportional to how much time I spend playing/practicing. I used to play & practice 6-8 hours a days for my first four years on the instrument but don't come close to that now.
  16. MGT

    If you had a tune you completely hated -- but it would certainly sell millions -- would you record it?

    We all (well, almost all of us) do things in our jobs that we don't like.
  17. MGT

    Anyone tried a American Professional II Tele Deluxe

    I have one of the first version ones (the one with the regular tele headstock).
  18. MGT

    I’m just going to say it. I thought the cure were supposed to be some sort of badass band...

    I started listening to them back in '83, I think. Don't remember anyone ever describing them as "bad ass"...just really good.
  19. MGT

    One of the best Rock an Roll songs of all time-Nazareth Hair of the Dog.

    I suppose - too repetitive for me! I preferred Razamanaz.
  20. MGT

    How many hours do you practice / play at home each day?

    1-2 hours most days (career, life, etc gets in the way). Between 16 and 20, though I played 6-8 hours a day. Shockingly, I made a lot of progress those years!
  21. MGT

    What that hell happened to Fender ?

    I have a strat with a roasted maple neck and a tele deluxe with a rosewood fretboard (both are American Professionals) and they're both very well made. Was very impressed by both.
  22. MGT

    Poll: So, what kind of neck do you prefer? Fat, medium or skinny?

    I used to love big necks but now I prefer the 59 (Gibson) shape or the deep C (which isn't very deep!) on my American Professionals...and I love the neck shape on my PRS S2 Custom 22! I can't handle wizard necks or the 60's shape on some Gibsons.
  23. MGT

    Did Anyone actually play a New Year's Eve gig?

    Was supposed to but the bars & restaurants are closed here (other than for takeout) due to Covid.
  24. MGT

    Strange question

    Strings are cheap - don't reinstall the old ones, just put on new ones!
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