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    Long shot but any High on Fire fans here?

    didn't he use Green Amplifiers almost exclusively back in the Sleep days?
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    Gritty overdrives

    telenordia ta-100. so badass...
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    looking for a mid-priced solid body guitar with either mini-humbuckers or p90s...

    i actually ended up getting an amazing deal on a Hofner Club 50 today. :) steal and a half.
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    looking for a mid-priced solid body guitar with either mini-humbuckers or p90s...

    i've been hearing a lot about these agile guitars lately... how are the pickups? are they good, or are they just good for a $300 guitar? personally, i like my pickups nice and hot...
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    looking for a mid-priced solid body guitar with either mini-humbuckers or p90s...

    hey there, friends! i'm looking for a mid-priced solid body guitar with either mini-humbuckers or p90s in it (les paul jr. stylez...). any recommendations?
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    Noise suppression pedals...your thoughts?

    i used to own am original ISP decimator, and i hated it. it literally sucked all the volume and feel out of my playing. i got a boss ns-2 because of the effects loop input, and it makes a world of difference. there's no difference at all in my tone, but it eliminates all the noise when i'm not...
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    Alt Country guys, teach me your tricks

    their live headier stuff is all based around jerry garcia style myxolidian riffs. he really likes playing two note chords based on all the different positions of the myxolidian mode. just pick up some of the riffs by ear and you'll quickly see they're all pretty similar in terms of his approach...
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    What are you using, head and cabs or a combo?

    both... ... i play a princeton reverb into a vibro king cab. it's awesome.
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    hot rod deluxe 1x12 extension cab speaker replacement question.

    hey all. i'm currently playing my princeton reverb through a hot rod deluxe 1x12 cab and it's not doing much for me tone-wise. the princeton by itself sings but, as we all know, isn't made for loud volume gigs. i bought the hot rod deluxe cab in hopes of giving the princeton a volume boost, but...
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    new semi-hollowbody guitar...

    i just tried out a viking and a viking deluxe tremar and was quite pleasantly surprised with both of them. they have super-thin neck that seem really stiff. they had a good weight to them and had really classy finishes. they sounded great too. i'm going to try out a few rivieras and sheratons...
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    new semi-hollowbody guitar...

    i guess the best way to describe the type of music i play is classic rock with an alt. country/southern rock edge to it. i guess somewhat similar to wilco in terms of musical stylings? i definitely use a fair bit of overdrive, so i guess the casino is kind of out of the question. can someone...
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    new semi-hollowbody guitar...

    yeah. i realize that i named the thread incorrectly. i am aware that the casino is in fact a true hollowbody guitar, but i'm still torn between the hagstrom and the casino. any insights?
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    new semi-hollowbody guitar...

    i'm debating between buying an epiphone casino or a hagstrom viking. i know there are quite a few differences between these two guitars, but i was wondering if anyone here had any insight for me about either of them that would help sway my decision. thoughts?
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    what are the best boost pedals?

    thanks so much for everyone's input so far. i think i'm actually looking mostly for a dirty boost. does that change anyone's mind about which direction i should go?
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    what are the best boost pedals?

    i was wondering if anyone could suggest any good moderately priced boost pedals. i've got my eye on the fulltone fat boost, but i was wondering if there are some others i should be considering. let me know.
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