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  1. He_Ma

    NGD! Bilt Relevator LS

    Hi, once again I post NGD a bit late from the day I got it. I usually want to wait at least couple days or more to get to know new guitar. On tuesday this week I traded my old trysty Fano GF6 to this Bilt Relevator LS. For a long time the Fano shared #1 place with my custom Jazzmaster/strat...
  2. He_Ma

    NGD, Novo Serus J

    This NGD is few weeks late, due to me being lazy to take pics of it. I have never been good at typing long posts about every detail there is, so just ask if you want to know somethin more I got this Novo serus J-HH few weeks ago, HH just meaning dual humbuckers. Besides Lollar Imperials, SS...
  3. He_Ma

    Best electric guitars for down tuned fingerpicking?

    I'm looking electric guitar for down tuned finger picking (electric played almost like acoustic). I would like to have max 25,5 inch scale length so no actual baritones. Tunings maybe from DADGAD to CGCFGC. I'd assume Pickups with tight low end probably help to keep things clear. What people...
  4. He_Ma

    What would you do?

    I have following problem. I would like to have Benson preamp to my board, but it just don't fit. To have it on board, I would have to sacrifice Timeline versatility for more of one trick pony El Capistan (great trick though) to get that extra space and that's where it gets hard for me. I have...
  5. He_Ma

    Amp recommendations

    Hi, I'm looking for amp recommendations. I've been not looking amps at all after getting my Black Cat 30r in 2015 or so.. So I would like to get amp with following features: -40-50W (maybe EL34, but this is not a must) -2-channels that could both be dialed to edge of breakup or more, but still...
  6. He_Ma

    Any idea about Fano news?

    They teased on their fb page about something new 1/13/2020. The pic showed part of the headstock with 3+3 config. Let the speculation begin! My quess is maybe bigger fully hollow gretsch style or 335 style with 24,75 scale length instead of GF6 Fender scale.
  7. He_Ma

    What is this guitar that Mark ronson uses here?

    So what is it? Any details about these? Looks really cool:
  8. He_Ma

    Novo serus questions

    Ladies and gentleman! I need your help with few Novo guitars questions I have. I tried to ask the same questions in bigger Novo thread, but got no answers. I live in Finland and we have only one Novo dealer that is like 4-5 hour drive away. Every time they get new Novos those usually sell out...
  9. He_Ma

    Budget friendly attenuators

    Hi! Im looking for cheap attenuators to use at home with my bad cat black cat. I need it only to knock off maybe 5 dB or something close to have the amp breakup characteristics i want with little less volume. My ears are bit damaged and I have some frequencies that I start to hear at 20 db...
  10. He_Ma

    Dual OD recommendation

    Guys I need dual OD recommendation! I asked yesterday this question at P&W pedalboard thread, but only got one answer so far. Im looking to get dual OD to work with my Black Cat 30r. Im looking boost/OD side Other drive will be Voodoolab Sparkle which is basically tube screamer with clean...
  11. He_Ma

    NGD Fano GF6

    So I acquired new Fano GF6 few weeks ago. I wanted to play it a little before this post.. So the story goes like this. Before making order for this and even considering Fano, I made myself a list of things I like in guitars and then started to check if the guitar with similiar specs exist. My...
  12. He_Ma

    New MXR reverb

    I found out this nice demo of MXR reverb. Mod and Pad setting seems to have some Strymon Blue sky/Big Sky vibe. I have been thinking of getting blue sky, but this seems nice option tonewise and it takes less room in my board.
  13. He_Ma

    Attack in your sound: Guitar Vs Amp

    So I had a chance to try out really nice Fano GF6 with Lollar imperials yesterday and I played it through Supro 1622RT Tremo-Verb. I really liked how the combination sounded and attack even in the neck position was somehow quite sharp in a really good way and it had some single coil style snap...
  14. He_Ma

    Fano GF6 vs Bilt Volare

    Hi every Fano alt de Facto and Bilt owner! I recently asked info about Bilt Volare in offsetguitarsforum but couldn't find any users. After that I found out that Fano makes quite similiar guitar (Alt de facto model GF6) I'm interested to hear user experiences about Fanos and Bilts generally now...
  15. He_Ma

    Slanted 1x12 cabinets

    Hi! Im considering slanted 1x12 cab (Mojotone Slammins is the only one I know) as cab to play in church. Now I play 100W 2x12 Koch multione combo there which is a little bit too loud for the soundguy and I need to have it at certain level to hear myself properly. I think that slanted cab could...
  16. He_Ma

    Dr Z antidote experiences

    Hi! Asking about experiences about Dr Z antidote because I have serious GAS for one. And I have watched all the videos about it at least twice. So my guestions for anyone who have played these: How is the clean headroom in these things? How you use those channel volumes? (meaning that Do you...
  17. He_Ma

    Bad Cat Black Cat 30R Vs Hot Cat 30/50 VS Matchless Independence

    Hi! I got Black Cat 30R head and 2x12 few months ago and I really like it. This model has new K-master volume and it helps getting nice tones with reasonable volumes, but I'm wondering if there's difference in clean headroom and overall volume between this new Black Cat (with K-master volume)...
  18. He_Ma

    NAD (Nad Cat Black Cat 30R and 2x12 cab)

    So based on this thread: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/suggest-me-the-amp.1554198/page-2 and suggestions made by you I decided to go with Black Cat 30. I tried 2014 model which unfortunataly was not for sale and decided to order 2015 model with new K-master volume. I...
  19. He_Ma

    Delay in the loop vs in front of amp?

    Hi! I'm currently running my timeline in the effects loop. I run my '72 reissue thinline telecaster to Koch multitone 2x12 openback combo and have delay in the loop. With this setup I really like delay sounds in the loop. I use some dBucket, digital, dual and Ice-mode delays from the timeline...
  20. He_Ma

    Suggest me THE amp

    Hi! Im looking for amp that could probably be with me for good. Im looking something leaning to Matchless/Divided by 13/Bad Cat.. Here are some things I'm looking for in my new amp: -Head and 2x12 cab to make it easier to carry -effects loop (If there is one, I prefer common effects loop for...
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