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  1. Rob 62

    Acoustic Luthier in Chicago

    Well - my first post in nearly three years, and it immediately went south. Thanks for reminding me of why I quit visiting the Gear Page.
  2. Rob 62

    Acoustic Luthier in Chicago

    You should talk to Geoff Benge, too.
  3. Rob 62

    Famous musicians or bands that use (or used) a Fender Esquire guitar

    Jeff Beck Steve Cropper BB King
  4. Rob 62

    Sold Victoria 35115

    Love it, and a super deal.
  5. Rob 62

    A Blackface and a Tweed

    The thread continues: today, I traded my 6L6 Victoriette for a 1968 Super Reverb. Totally different response, and not as warm as the Victoriette - but when cranked up, that fat, chewy Super Reverb sound we all know and love. Lower volumes, still sounds good. A super-clean example, a classic...
  6. Rob 62

    Share ONE song you love listening to in the car!

    Chuck Berry's "Promised Land" . . .
  7. Rob 62

    Is Buddy Guy the last man standing?

    Giants walked the earth. BB King. Ray Charles. James Brown. John Lee Hooker. I don't think we'll see their like anymore. I mean - these people were tough acts to follow! Everybody (even Buddy Guy) pales a little by comparison. That said - good musicianship, charisma, and prolific...
  8. Rob 62

    1968 Fender Twin Reverb - Too Big for Gigging?

    I owned a '68 Twin Reverb for 26 years, I guess. Great amplifier. I took it out to play in the Bop Shop (long gone) one time - FFTT said it: use the tilt-back legs. I did NOT use the tilt-back legs, and in those days, I liked a trebly tone. I didn't know what I was doing: I had the...
  9. Rob 62

    A Blackface and a Tweed

    Imola: I live one block from Patrick McKeever's shop. He is a great guy, and has done repair work on my Victoria. I am sorely tempted to follow StratStringSlinger's advice and ask Pat to build me four amps: high and low-powered blackface and high and low-powered tweed. He could do it all...
  10. Rob 62

    A Blackface and a Tweed

    Thanks for all the replies. I liked the idea of the Pro Reverb mods - they are great amps, but if I went 2x12 again, it would be a tweed Twin. Liked the Silver Sonic idea, and they rip. Sound a lot bigger than 20 watts. The RedPlates sound good, but I would have to research them...
  11. Rob 62

    A Blackface and a Tweed

    Oof - already sold the Twin. It was kind of like selling an old friend, but I really wasn't using it much, and I always liked the sound/feel of the Super Reverb a little more. If I could have affected a straight trade with somebody - my '68 Twin for their '68 or '69 Super, I would have done...
  12. Rob 62

    A Blackface and a Tweed

    As much as I have liked playing a lot of different Fender (or Fender-style) amps, I'm thinking that I would like to end up with just two amps: a "muscle" amp, and a lower wattage, easy to carry smaller amp. But which way to go? Muscle tweed, and smaller blackface, or vice versa? Super...
  13. Rob 62

    Who else likes higher powered amps...

    My only amp, for years, was a '68 Twin Reverb. I wasn't gigging or recording, so it was my at home/practice amp. Became my reference tone - I compared everything to that sound, and eventually found sounds I liked better. Like - the Super Reverb, which is a quiet, lightweight, and easily...
  14. Rob 62

    Gibson Country Western or J-200?

    Gold Grovers? Nice. Mine is natural, but I have always liked the bursts. Swank guitar. Enjoy it!
  15. Rob 62

    Gibson Country Western or J-200?

    I have a J200 that I bought new in 1998. Love it, and cannot imagine not keeping it - and, yes, being able to give it to my son some day. Top-end cut, and big bottom end, and a scooped mid-range = a strident tone that some will say lacks warmth. I sort of agree. It is easier to get warm...
  16. Rob 62

    Push/Pull Pot uses

    Lots of fun to be had here, and lots to learn, too. That said, the push/pull out-of-phase mod I described on my Telecaster? Long gone, and not missed. Set up standard with a nice RS kit, and I have not looked back. Also - another famous cure for overly dark or wooly humbuckers: mini...
  17. Rob 62

    Push/Pull Pot uses

    Hmm - I once had a push/pull pot on a Telecaster, and I used it to put the pickups out of phase. Gave a really nasal, honky sound (like James Burton on some Ricky Nelson records), but it really attenuated the volume when in use. I wonder if you would be able to do something like that, for a...
  18. Rob 62

    Buffalo Brothers seek donations

    I had a bad situation with them as early as 2010. I was glad to get out of it with the losses I took, and tried to just forget about it, afterward. If anybody had asked me, I would have said that their business practices were, at least, inept. But it seemed worse than that. I know the rules...
  19. Rob 62

    Fender vs G&L....convince me

    Owned a G&L ASAT Classic - liked it a lot, but over time, the slinky neck made my hand cramp. When I discovered that, I had to let it go. The MFD pick-ups are not at all like a Telecaster PU. More output, more mids, rounder, and more saturated-sounding. I also have a nice Nocaster. The...
  20. Rob 62

    Best Band Frontman Ever?

    Howlin' Wolf. 09j6vMdKi3E
  21. Rob 62

    How to play reggae?

    Closely akin to American soul music and R&B, with much of the same vocabulary: sliding sixths, thirds, fourths, double-stops, etc. There are Bob Marley songs that directly quote Al Green, or the Impressions. Try listening to (and playing) a lot of that music, as well as reggae...
  22. Rob 62

    60th Aniv Fender Strat (American vintage)

    OK - I went into CME and played their lone 60th Anniversary '54 Stratocaster. It felt very good, it looked great, and the action was good. The neck is a full C all the way up and down. No hint of a V in the lower end of the neck, like the '56 Strats. Plugged into a Princeton Reverb RI, the...
  23. Rob 62

    60th Aniv Fender Strat (American vintage)

    "Pitiful" and "hideous" headstock? Overstating the case, I think. I compared photos of the headstocks on both the '54 and '56 Stratocasters, and they were not that different. A bigger problem for me: why is the '54 automatically $200. more expensive? The limited number factor, I suppose...
  24. Rob 62

    Goodwill Guitar worth anything?

    Leave the guitar. Take the bowling shoes.
  25. Rob 62

    The Alt. Country Club:23 (Sounds good to me...)

    Your Twin Reverb and that Sho-Bud are a match made in heaven. I more or less have hung on to my '68 Twin Reverb, just in case I resume my interest in the pedal steel. At the time I was playing the Fender steel guitar, I had more than one pedal steel player telling me that it would be easier to...
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