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  1. Jeff Michael

    I know, I know, but...is there a source for Squier parts anywhere?

    I'm jonesing for an anodized gold aluminum pickguard that will fit a '54-'56 style P bass--the contoured-body single-coil version a la the Sting signature bass. Nobody makes one! Then I see these Squier Paranormal Jazz Bass '54s on the scene. Looks like that p/g might do the trick. So my...
  2. Jeff Michael

    Why do arena-touring bands still take PA gear along?

    Why not just get the stage sound right and tie it straight in to the stadium sound system? It's not like stadiums are still using the old WWII surplus rigs--last couple of times I was at a ball park I was impressed with the sound, to tell you the truth. So why drag around all that weight? JAM
  3. Jeff Michael

    Phantom power for active guitars--why not?

    How come nobody's using an XLR cable and phantom power for active electronics in guitars? Think about it: no more battery compartments, no more iffy power because you forgot to change your battery...no more changing batteries period. Just drop one of those cheap little ART tube preamps onto...
  4. Jeff Michael

    Help me ID this blues singer

    This is gonna be tough, I'm afraid. I saw her in the recent past on Comcast's Music Choice Blues channel. I liked the tune so I looked her up. And now I've forgotten everything: her name, the tune's name, the record's name, where she's from, everything. Here are the few clues I can remember...
  5. Jeff Michael

    You know what I miss?

    Those Precision Lytes Fender used to have in the catalog. Never owned one, but I always admired them for what they were. The ones I'd try out in music stores were always light and snappy and felt great. They had that oiled mahogany finish, and that tobacco burst with matching headstock? Man...
  6. Jeff Michael

    An unusual MF customer service story

    They did good. I ordered up a bunch of picks, and one set (actually a 1/2 gross) came in the wrong gauge. So I called thinking I'd get a RA number, and the guy I talked to re-entered an order for the right picks and said to keep the ones they sent in error. Couldn't ask for a better outcome...
  7. Jeff Michael

    Schecter Hellcat VI demo

    I lent my Hellcat VI to a fellow teacher who really loved it, and he put together the following demo. Nice piece of work, Joe! qgkphxezGV0 JAM
  8. Jeff Michael

    What's chord #2 in the bridge of Rain?

    I tried Fadd9 there and liked it. Caught Jimfog's act last night and he played Cadd9. Came home and checked my Beatles Complete Scores and found no joy--their answer (A, D, G, D) sounded less like it than either my or Jimmy's answer. So--what goes on? JAM
  9. Jeff Michael

    My stepson's a bona fide seasoned musician now!

    Yep... ...got his axe stolen out of a friend's car. Welcome to the bigs, kid! JAM
  10. Jeff Michael

    I'm drawing the line on cheap gigs and scheduling insanity

    Just sent this email out to all the cats I work for: "Howdy, bandleader! You're getting this email because you've hired me for bass work in the past, and I really appreciate that. But from this date forward, I have two requirements that I am absolutely sticking to. 1.) Any offers of work...
  11. Jeff Michael

    Re: Fender price increases...do we need more guitars?

    A serious question! How many has Fender made in their history? And then: where are they all? Surely the number of guitarists goes up as new players take it up...but also goes down as starters quit and/or veteran players die. But the number of guitars just keeps going up and up, minus I guess...
  12. Jeff Michael

    So I bought Chinese Democracy

    Just so I could say "I bought Chinese Democracy". So there. Mission accomplished. I'll return to this thread once I've actually listened to it once or twice. I'm tempted, though, to wait fifteen years. JAM
  13. Jeff Michael

    Gimme Shelter intro

    How do you play this? Do you make the C# chord minor? Do you raise the sus4 on the A chord? My answers have always been 'yes' and 'no', but other peers have brought these decisions into question. So how do you play it? JAM
  14. Jeff Michael

    What did Robert Johnson really sound like?

    Anybody ever checked out the theory that Robert Johnson's recordings are at about 120% of what the actual performances were? I converted some of the Complete Recordings m4a files to mp3 format and used GoldWave to reduce them to 90% speed. Sounds--different. Less unconventional, if you will...
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